Picket Fences

Season 1 Episode 18

Fetal Attraction

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 1993 on CBS

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  • An patient of Jill's has advanced Parkinson's disease, leaving him unable to walk and now to speak. In frustration, she decides to contact the leading neurosurgeon in the country. He also turns out to be an ex-fiance.

    Bill McGrath is now unable to speak after his Parkinson disease has taken a turn for the worse. Jill decides it is time to call her ex-fiance, Dr David Williams played by Jamey Sheridan, who happens to be a master on the subject. He has been called the "cowboy", since he has performed procedures in China that involve putting cells from aborted fetuses directly into the brain. When he informs Jill that this may be their only solution, she tries to get the local hospital to allow them the use of their operating room. When the head of the hospital declines, Bill and his wife take the case to court. During the trial, Jill kisses David after they had been out to dinner. Jimmy sees this and is taken aback. Jill tells him that the kiss happened because she wanted to "regret something I did, instead of regretting what I didn't". To this, Jimmy understands in a way and comments that "No matter how strong we get, we still stay so fragile." Judge Bone rules that there is no law that says a hospital must relent to such a procedure. In response, Jill's ex-fiance trumps up a fake aneurysm in Bill in order to get him to the OR where a fetus is waiting. He and Jill perform the procedure without any problems, but are held in contempt for a week.

    After the previous episodes storyline of mystery/action, it was fun to go back to the courtroom. The superb acting of both Wambaugh and Bone make watching this so much fun. The writers are also good at evoking feels for both sides of the case. They eloquently make Bone's ruling sound, though it might not be what the audience truly wants. I also like how this episode shows that real-life relationships can become incredibly strained. Even though they make up, Jill and Jimmy have problems from this episode and previous episodes, and I believe this makes the show more believable. Again, the show does not shy away from the controversy, especially for its time. That's what makes this show a wonder to watch.