Picket Fences

Season 1 Episode 13

Frog Man

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 1993 on CBS

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  • The town is in the grip of a crime wave by a figure the police have called the Frog Man. After Kenny gets shot by the Frog Man during a break in, the police believe they have their perp. Things don't go as plan, however.

    I am starting to see a bit of a pattern in the way episodes are presented. It seems that when one episode is family drama-centric with perhaps a crime/mystery secondary story the next episode seems to flip flop this. After last episodes dramatic story of Kim and her place in the Brock household, we have a main story that revolves around a mystery assailant and the subsequent actions.

    In the main storyline, a person being called the Frog Man has been robbing stores and leaving frogs behind as a type of calling card. One night, Maxine and Kenny respond to a call at a jewelry store. Kenny gets shot by the Frog Man, who is wearing a mask, and almost dies at the hospital. Maxine then pursues Mr. LeBeck, played by the wonderful Broadway star Michael Jeter, who is an avid fan of frogs. However, because of technicalities, the man is left off even though he confessed to the crimes. However, it is in the closing moments that we find out that the man had actually been covering for his son.

    This didn't catch me off guard at all, since the old who's the enemy switheroo is common, at least in my eyes. However, the acting by Jeter is what makes it more than the run of the mill scenario. The other storyline that surrounds the main one is the fact that Kenny can't deal with having been shot and blames Maxine. The friendship is being tested, since they are both right and wrong in different ways. It is good to see that tension, because it is readily apparent in most friendships and can sometimes rip them apart.

    I enjoyed this episode even though I know where the resolution would be. It seems like they could have played a bit more on what made the kid do it; I am still wondering if it was because he was getting picked on or if it was in fact because he was embarrassed by his father or maybe a combination of both. Thanks to the acting by the guest stars, this was a good episode.