Picket Fences

Season 1 Episode 12

High Tidings

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 1992 on CBS

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  • The Brock family catches Kim in bed with her boyfriend, leading to an arrest and the cancellation of Christmas in the household. At the Sheriff Station, Max and Ginny are held hostage at gunpoint by an elderly man dressed as Santa Claus.

    Another episode where the main story is center around the Brock family dramas. This time, it is because Kim was caught having sex with a nineteen year old boy when Jill, Jimmy and the boys bust into her room to sing her Christmas carols. Jimmy trumps this around, demanding statutory rape, and this leads Kim to call on her real mother, Lydia.

    I can only imagine the pain that Jimmy is going through seeing his only daughter in such a position. His reaction is to raise hell as the sheriff and he does a good job doing so. Tom Skerrit really shines in this episode due to the emotion he is meant to convey, especially during the waning moments. Also, the acting of Holly Marie Combs and Cristine Rose as Lydia were really well done. The conversations between Lydia and Jill were particularly interesting. In this episode, you can see Jill shying away from her usual calm demeanor while still adding a touch of humor, such as using Matt's device to hear Kim and Lydia's conversation. Very good and well acted storyline by the main characters.

    The other storyline involves a man convinced he is Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, and has been giving out stolen goods on Christmas Eve. The storyline goes south after his daughter arrives at the Sheriff's station to pick him up, mentioning her father blames himself for a car accident that killed his wife and son. While distraught and trying to overcome his delusion, the Santa Claus takes Maxine and Ginny hostage. Eventually, Jimmy replaces them and finishes the standoff. While this is a lighthearted story to begin with, it takes a turn for the worse and ups the dramatic ante just a hair more. I found this storyline more interesting after we find out that the man was facing severe mental issues. This was a very good episode and furthered the relationship between Jimmy and Kim while showing/explaining some of the history with Jimmy's first wife. Another good ending for this type of show where no one is the enemy at the end and no one is truly at fault more than another.