Picket Fences

Season 2 Episode 22

Howard's End

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 13, 1994 on CBS

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  • Kevin Buss takes drastic action when he is unable to watch his father suffer a slow humiliating death from Alzheimer's disease. He is later put on trial for his actions. Jill also may loss her hospital privilages.

    I love this show. Most episodes are enjoyable. I have disagreed with some of the episodes but that is life. However I could barely stomach this episode. I love the character of Howard. But when is it okay to kill people for being sick? I felt sympthy for his family. In a way I understood why they might want to end his suffering but the law does not work that way. No one has the right to pay God. Kevin should have gone to prison and Jill should have been fired. Everyone who celebrate when Kevin was found not-guilt of shooting his father in the back. What is wrong with these people?
  • good bye howard

    this is one of the most moving episode of this season. we see howard becoming more sick and his family are taking it hard. every time i see this episode i must amite that it brought tears to my eyes. at the end they all gather at the church for howards furneal in which we see every body there. doug and carter are arguing who is going to speak. then the jughe stands up and tells them to seat down. he making a very moving speach. at the end we see every one stand up and knock on the coffin. this is one of my favourite episodes.
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