Picket Fences

CBS (ended 1996)



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  • Great dramedy

    I just finished all 4 seasons of this. I think I watched them all in under 2 weeks. It's reminiscent of Northern Exposure for me, in the sense that you get to know the characters very well, and that they deal with some crazy surreal problems. It's a feel good show, for the most part, but still filled with drama. But the comedy outweighs all that to me. All in all, it's a fun and very insightful show to watch.
  • Strange But Awesome

    Only David E Kelly Could Come Up With Comething As Wacky As Picket Fences. The Storylines Are A Little Crazy But Brilliant! Favourite Person I'd Definitely Say Kimberly... Holly Marie Combs Is Freakin Awesome! Most Of The People In Picket Fences Are Made Out To Be Crazy At Some Point... Like When The Mom Had That Crisis At Zachary's 13th Party And Threw His Cake Or When Kenny Was Dating Those Twins... Douglas Wombaugh Needs No Explanation... Or When The Character Played By Lauren Holly Hit On The Pope... Or When Kimberly Kissed Kenny... What Was She Thinking?!!

    Well You Know What They Say... When In Rome...

  • what a place picket fences.

    i dont care want anybody says about this show {negative views}. i think this was a great show. i loved all the things about it. it was a town with crazy mayors, with a depty who was in love with kenny. a town sherrif whos married to the town doctor. a crazy lawyer, a kind hearted but sometime hard judge, and a priest who like to wear woman shoes. it showed us funny things and sometime very sad and moving things. i would of loved to live in a town like that. im just glad i got to see it where i live in austraila.
  • awesome

    this was a great show. it brought us our first look at holly marie combs. it was a quirky family show. a little bit comedy, a little bit suspensful mystery show. i have always liked tom skeritt. i wish he would make a retun to television. maybe in a return to picket fences tv movie. worse things have been made.
  • Although this series is indeed enjoyable and well written there is far too much reference to christianity, this is offensive and wrong.

    picket fences is a great show and I do enjoy watching it, but it seems that the jews and christians are running the show, far too much, spiritual satanists have as much a place as any others and there are far more of us than you wuld think, please refer to www.joyofsatan.com.
    I don't mind the occasional show like where the priest regains the respect and trust of the town after the incident of his fettish, these shows show you the strength of a community, that people can pull together to do good, the way it should be, but aswel in the messages of the show of what is wrong is exactly what is being done to us, we have no real freedom, people who claim to turn the other cheek make daily attacks and offences on our kind, their religion perscribes hatred as a resort to the existence of others who do not follow them, the amount of christian shows need to be reduced, or they need to show the true side of other religions, peaceful religions and stop pushing their values on others through any window, TV, Radio and so on.

    Hail Satan!
  • The multiple Emmy winner took on everything from the ridiculous to the the serious. Focusing on a small town sheriff and his doctor wife, the show focused on small town crisis that were microcosms of the country as a whole.

    The best show on television. More than anything, no matter what these people were going through, you cared deeply for them. The show showed all sides of grey areas - legal, medical, ethical, moral, religious, pragmatic etc. The clever poltlines, like the deaf mute bank robber who only stole 100K because she new it was federally insured to the potato man and the green bay chopper. To dating twins and using cows as surroges (cows don't sue to get their children back later). Simply an amazing show that should be released on DVD asap!
  • Drama at its best, PF is one worth watching

    Although only surviving four seasons, Picket Fences was a great show that didnt get the attention it deserved. It had a good mix of crime, family, mystery, romance...you name it. The cast did a fantastic job of bringing the show to life, each actor portrayed their character perfectly. Each episode was as intruiging as the last, one to keep you wanting more.
    If you ever see it on cable, or on dvd, give it a try, its a great show and worth the watch
  • Oddly addictive

    Picket Fences was so good. Watching it you felt like you were in that small town with some crazy characters. You just never knew what was going to happen. The surrogate cows were a bit much, but it was still believable thanks to the top-notch writing and acting. Tom Skerritt and Kathy Baker kept things grounded when some of the lunacy was going on. Ray Walston, Fyvush Finkel, Leigh Taylor-Young and every single member of the cast contributed something unique to the show. I think it could have gone one or two more seasons, but a four season run is pretty good.
  • One of the best

    This program has to be the best written and performed series ever produced. Though some of the episodes seem to go out in left field sometimes, each show is tied up at the end. The moral values and real to life situations are something just about everyone can relate too. I wish they would put these on DVD soon.
  • A truly awesome show, even when Cows gave birth to human babies.

    Picket Fences was an awesome show, it was strange but I think that’s what made it such a good show, it was a cop show, but had family values thrown in as well. It even won several Emmys and I think ended way too soon. The show was addictive see one episode and you’d have to keep watching. I loved the paring of Kenny and Max and it was great to see them get married in the series Finale
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