Picket Fences - Season 3

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • The Song of Rome
    The Song of Rome
    Episode 22

    When a youth shoots Father Barrett during confession so they can rob the church, Judge Bone has problems trying to be objective with the youth responsible. Meanwhile when the mayor announces her decision to continue planning the spring pageant it causes problems with some of the townsfolk.

  • Upbringings
    Episode 21

    Jimmy's father visits and causes problems in the Brock household when he announces that he wants Jimmy to take over his law practice. But the generous offer angers Jimmy and a troubled relationship resurfaces.

  • Saint Zach
    Saint Zach
    Episode 20
    When a religious experience causes the stigmata appear on Zach's hands it creates a huge uproar in the town of Rome. Meanwhile Brock makes a revelation about his own personal beliefs during the incident with Zach.
  • Final Judgement
    Final Judgement
    Episode 19
    While Jill awaits sentencing in the aftermath of her trial, her lawyers ask Judge Bone to put the euthanasia law on trial. Kenny and Carter investigate an attack on swans in a local pond.
  • Without Mercy
    Without Mercy
    Episode 18
    When a cancer patient dies of a morphine overdose, Brock's newfound commitment to police work leads him to believe that the morphine could not have been self-administered. This causes Jimmy to look in Jill's direction.
  • Changing of the Guard
    Jimmy goes outside of his department to get the help me needs to find Lawson who is wanted for murder. Meanwhile the town launches its own search to find Lawson, and Kenny and Max are caught kissing on the job.
  • Heroes and Villains
    Heroes and Villains
    Episode 16
    The Dancing Bandit returns to Rome to help Zack celebrate his birthday but finds federal agents waiting for her.
  • When in Rome
    When in Rome
    Episode 15
    When a child molester moves to Rome after spending 26 years in prison it causes big problems for the local residents especially with Jill and Jimmy, who are struggling to reconcile parental concerns with their professional duties.
  • Close Encounters
    Close Encounters
    Episode 14
    Littleton copes with his attraction to an 18-year-old assistant, Aiesha. Max and Kenny decide to put an end to their sexual tension. And Carter has a close encounter with a very special woman.
  • Mr. Seed Goes to Town
    Jimmy is faced with a surprise visit by his ex-wife Lydia who causes problems in the Brock household when she tells him that he wants to use his frozen sperm so she can have another child, despite a complicating genetic deficiency that could cause problems for the child.
  • Frogman Returns
    Frogman Returns
    Episode 12
    The frogman's son tries of his father and goes to court for emancipation. Meanwhile Zach is injured in a terrible accident and Jill over reacts and strikes Matthew for accidentally hurting Zach.
  • Freezer Burn
    Freezer Burn
    Episode 11
    Brock investigates a strange case, when a message therapist is found dead in a freezer. But when Brock investigates further into the case he uncovers a scandal among his women clientèle whom he appears to have been very popular with.
  • Away in the Manger
    Away in the Manger
    Episode 10
    Jimmy investigates cows that are suspected to have been injected with alien DNA, but the Sheriff's department soon finds that the truth is even stranger than fiction and that the cows are being used to help breed human babies.
  • For Whom the Wind Blows
    When Jimmy experiences a mid-life crisis on his 51st birthday, it causes him to question his resolve as sheriff. Meanwhile Max and Kenny re-open the Latham case while Wambaugh hopes that his client's conviction can be overturned.

  • May It Please the Court
    Wambaugh and Littleton argue their case concerning Latham in the Supreme Court. Back in Rome, Pike's quest for fatherhood causes controversy when he hires a surrogate mother to have his child.
  • Rebels with Causes
    Rebels with Causes
    Episode 7
    Jill and Wambaugh travel to Chicago for specialized treatment, but she keeps with arguing with Geiger over how to practice medicine. Meanwhile there is a surprise announcement by Kimberly and Kenny, but it really angers Jimmy.
  • Elective Conduct
    Elective Conduct
    Episode 6
    Racial tensions escalate as the mayoral campaign progresses. While Zach pens a report that gets him suspended from school and hurts Jill's mayoral campaign just before a crucial debate and the election. Meanwhile Kimberly gives Aisha a vote of confidence when the teen is mocked for getting good grades.
  • Cold Spell
    Cold Spell
    Episode 5
    Brock investigates the home life of a girl who spray-painted a pentacle on a school wall. A custody trial ensues when her mother, a practicing Wiccan, is charged with being an unfit mother because of her religion. Max and Kenny are horrified to find Ginny, frozen to death after falling into her freezer.moreless
  • Enemy Lines (2)
    Enemy Lines (2)
    Episode 4
    Jill and Judge Nance have a heated face-to-face meeting which results in Jill being jailed for interfering with the busing order. Kimberly has a run-in with a newly arrived student and also Littleton asks Max out on a date but she takes time to consider.
  • The Bus Stops Here (1)
    As temporary co-mayor, Jill copes with racial tensions from a judge's decision to bus tough black students from Green Bay to Rome's schools.
  • Systematic Abuse
    Systematic Abuse
    Episode 2
    DA Littleton prepares for a showdown with Wambaugh as the case against suspected murderer Brian Latham goes to trial. Littleton feels Brock's department is hampering the investigation of a girl's murder as there is a lack of hard evidence.
  • Survival of the Fittest
    Sheriff Brock fears the worst when a local teenager disappears and he is forced to convict the prime suspect as community pressure mounts. Meanwhile, members of the community are concerned that a school teacher may be advocating creationism in the class room.