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  • This was a very good show, and everyone can still remember the theme.

    I was just writing about another Cosby show, amd then this one came to mind. This was another one that was fun and entertaining, as well as educational. This was more for the younger kids if I remember right. I have that theme in my head right now, which is funny, yet it's starting to annoy me. I remember watching this when I was little, and enjoying the show. That is part of the reason why I listed this one as a classic also, just like I did with Fat Albert. This show was good to help kids learn, and keep them entertained in school and at home.
  • I remember watching PICTURE PAGES back in the mid to late 80's. It was a learning-educational show staring Bill Cosby and his pen.(I can't remember his name) Bill would draw, color, and write letters and numbers as the kids at home would follow him. A g

    If I remember correctly, the theme song goes somthing like this:

    Picture Pages Picture Pages
    Time To Do Some Picture Pages
    Time To Find Your Crayons And Your PENCILS Picturs Pages Picture Pages
    Open Up Your Picture Pages
    Time To Watch Bill Cosby Do A Picture Page With You.

    A great show that I wish my kids could see.