Pie in the Sky - Season 1

BBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Endangered Species
    Endangered Species
    Episode 10
    Crabbe is called on to arrest the ringleader of a group of conservationists protesting at the site of a proposed new road. The protestors include his vegetable supplier and his own wife, Margaret.
  • Who Only Stand and Wait
    The body of a French girl is discovered, forcing the reopening of a twenty-year-old murder case originally investigated by Crabbe and Fisher.
  • A Matter of Taste
    A Matter of Taste
    Episode 8
    Crabbe, plagued by a planning officer, investigates a ram-raid at a wine merchant's warehouse.
  • Passion Fruit Fool
    Passion Fruit Fool
    Episode 7
    Crabbe takes time out from developing the perfect fruit sorbet to look into the disappearance of the local laundryman's girlfriend. Meanwhile a face from Steve's crooked past turns up.
  • Undesirable Elements
    Crabbe is sent off on a research project for ACC Fisher to evaluate police services. The first case to be evaluated is ostensibly the accidental death of an Asian businessman. Neither the local chief superintendent nor a businessman who met the man on the day he died are very forthcoming, and Crabbe soon suspects a racial element. Back at the restaurant, Steve solves the mystery of the disappearing knives.moreless
  • A Shot in the Dark
    A Shot in the Dark
    Episode 5
    A partner in a small air-taxi firm exporting snails to France is murdered after a break-in at the aerodrome. The dead man's girlfriend claims that he thought his partner was cheating him, and Crabbe finds him uncooperative. The trail leads to a reformed drugs trafficker, who is now a successful snail-breeder. ACC Fisher is convinced that there is a drugs connection, but Crabbe has doubts.moreless
  • Once a Copper
    Once a Copper
    Episode 4
    Crabbe is preparing for an important function when he recognizes Vincent Palmer, a robber who supposedly died in a car accident in Morocco, and is soon side-tracked into finding out the truth about this case.
  • An Innocent Man
    An Innocent Man
    Episode 3
    A surveillance team is moving into the Pie in the Sky to spy on millionaire entrepreneur Duncan Spellar. The Fraud Squad suspect that he is about to bribe an MP to help secure a railway franchise, but Crabbe suspects a set-up.
  • The Truth Will Out
    The Truth Will Out
    Episode 2
    DI Henry Crabbe is about to open his new restaurant, the Pie in the Sky, when he is called in to track down a missing police officer who has some sensitive information about the proceeds of a bullion robbery.
  • The Best of Both Worlds
    After 25 years in the police force, DI Henry Crabbe dreams of retiring to open a restaurant, but neither his accountant wife nor his Chief Constable are enthusiastic about the idea.