Pie in the Sky - Season 2

BBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Lemon Twist
    Lemon Twist
    Episode 10
    Crabbe has to join ACC Fisher and DS Cambridge on a management development seminar, but Fisher is having a crisis of confidence in the job, and after a rave review, the restaurant has customers queuing at the door. Could this be Crabbe's chance to leave the force and concentrate on cooking?moreless
  • The Mystery of Pikey
    There's a spate of burglaries, the local police station's closed down and the great and good of Middleton, headed by Mr. Chukky Chicken' Barry Wilkes, want Crabbe to catch the thief, popularly believed to be teenager Karl Elves or 'Pikey'. To their dismay, Crabbe is much more interested in pike than 'Pikey'.moreless
  • The Mild Bunch
    The Mild Bunch
    Episode 8
    The man who shot PC Ian Lefebvre is due for release so Fisher wants to keep Lefebvre busy. What better than sending him off with Crabbe in search of two OAP con-women and the perfect bread and butter pudding?
  • Swan in His Pride
    Swan in His Pride
    Episode 7
    Fisher drags Crabbe down to the West Country to investigate the apparent murder of an undercover woman police officer. While Henry is away a burst pipe causes havoc in the restaurant's kitchen.
  • Black Pudding
    Black Pudding
    Episode 6
    In a moment of weakness famous cookery writer Hilary Smallwood has given her unscrupulous nephew Colin a Power of Attorney. He has sold her house and put her into a retirement home; now he is trying to steal her recently written memoirs. Hilary calls on Henry Crabbe and her lifelong friend Seymour to help. Meantime there is friction behind the scenes in the restaurant between Steve and John.moreless
  • Dead Right
    Dead Right
    Episode 5
    Medium Faith Revelle has received a number of threatening letters and seeks police help. Freddy Fisher, having once sought advice from her in solving a case, wants the whole matter dealt with quietly, but someone has alerted the press. Henry Crabbe and Sgt. Cambridge are assigned to guard Miss Revelle.
  • The One That Got Away
    Bill Pritchard, an old friend of Henry's and the supplier of fish to the restaurant, is accused of murder when his girl friend's car is found abandoned and the ashes in his smokehouse show traces of human remains. Henry investigates and uncovers an amazing plot to frame Bill and steal the profits from the subsequent sale of his business.moreless
  • The Policeman's Daughter
    Fisher's younger daughter has left home after a row and thrown in her lot with a group of squatters. He asks Crabbe to find the girl and try and persuade her to return home. Henderson has bought a new field to add to his market garden, but is horrified to find that it has been invaded by travellers. He appeals to Henry for help, whereupon Henry finds that the two cases have a common thread.moreless
  • Brown Bread
    Brown Bread
    Episode 2
    A diner collapses and dies in the restaurant's toilet, but when the police arrive the body has disappeared. Soon on the scene are two detectives from the Crime Squad, who have a long standing interest in the dead man, and in his missing car. Crabbe tracks down the car before they do and finds a huge sum of money in the boot.moreless
  • Hard Cheese
    Hard Cheese
    Episode 1
    Crabbe's restaurant is a great success, but he is still being blocked from taking early retirement from the police. Freddy Fisher asks him to deal with a prowler who is stealing women's underwear, peering through windows and making obscene phone calls. Crabbe suspects his cheese merchant.