Pie in the Sky - Season 3

BBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Coddled Eggs
    Coddled Eggs
    Episode 6
    Car crime is on the rise, with most of the vehicles being stolen from the car park at the railway station. Henry's problems mount as he not only has to deal with two separate sets of thieves, but also with a hostile new female Superintendent. Things come to a head when Fisher's car is nicked at the station right under his nose. Back at the restaurant Gary and Margaret are being given a hard time by an over-zealous food inspector. Will she do as she is threatening and close the restaurant down?moreless
  • This Other Eden
    This Other Eden
    Episode 5
    Di Crabbe and DS Cambridge are assigned to investigate a spate of garden thefts carried out while the owners are away for a few days. It's not just a few plants that are being stolen – whole gardens are being stripped. The only person appearing to benefit is landscape designer Alan Wellbeloved, who becomes the prime suspect for the robberies. Returning home, Henry is horrified to discover that Margaret has hired Wellbeloved to redesign the restaurant's back garden to provide an outdoor dining area.moreless
  • Doggett's Coat and Badge
    DCI Doggett calls at the Pie in the Sky in pursuit of a regular diner over an alleged theft.
  • Irish Stew
    Irish Stew
    Episode 3
    The Pie in the Sky hosts a wedding banquet. Crabbe investigates a series of thefts at the couple's hotel. Maggie recognises the groom as an old boyfriend.
  • Game Pie
    Game Pie
    Episode 2
    Crabbe is catering a pheasant shoot when ACC Fisher is accused of shooting a beater.
  • Money Talks
    Money Talks
    Episode 1
    The restaurant is heavily in debt, and the Crabbe's new bank manager is unsympathetic. Steve and John have left for pastures new, and an agency chef is unsatisfactory. Crabbe learns that Dudley Hooperman is dead, and resurrects his hopes of early retirement. Meanwhile there is a surveillance operation to be run on a dodgy pizza delivery business.moreless