Pie in the Sky - Season 5

BBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Smelling of Roses
    Smelling of Roses
    Episode 8
    ACC Fisher is excited by the prospect of a royal visit. He assigns Crabbe to shadow a suspect tyre wholesaler. Gary contemplates leaving the Pie in the Sky. Crabbe loses his sense of smell, and considers his future.
  • In the Smoke
    In the Smoke
    Episode 7
    The Crabbes plan to use a friend's London flat, but he disappears. Back at the Pie in the Sky, Gary and Sally have to deal with difficult agency staff.
  • The Apprentice
    The Apprentice
    Episode 6
    A juvenile delinquent steals the restaurant's takings.
  • Return Match
    Return Match
    Episode 5
    A local security firm helps solve a series of lorry thefts, and Crabbe suspects that a mole within the force has been passing them information. He is then tasked with looking after the force's star football player in advance of a match against the security company.
  • Cutting the Mustard
    Crabbe investigates the assault of the son of a police commander and uncovers drug dealing in a local boarding school. Gary creates an exciting new mustard.
  • Pork Pies
    Pork Pies
    Episode 3
    Crabbe is protecting a sausage factory from attack by an extremist animal rights group, but soon becomes suspicious about the contents of the company's celebrated sausages. Margaret is concerned when an old friend is persuaded to invest heavily in her new boyfriend's business venture.
  • Ugly Customers
    Ugly Customers
    Episode 2
    Henry Crabbe is posted to guard a jury deliberating in a fraud case, who have been sequestered in a ghastly hotel. Crabbe has to find out who is intimidating the jurors, and how the villain is getting to them. Meanwhile, he comes to the aid of the hotel's talented cook, who is cruelly oppressed by the jobsworth manager. Back at Crabbe's restaurant an obnoxious customer is giving new waitress Sally a hard time.moreless
  • Squashed Tomatoes
    Squashed Tomatoes
    Episode 1
    DI Crabbe's first job with his new team of PC Guthrie and WPC Morton is to guard a new housing development which has been subjected to vandalism. Nearby villagers claim that one of the houses is built in the path of a centuries old right of way. Henderson is in trouble for growing and selling varieties of tomatoes not approved by the E.E.C. And the new waitress in the restaurant gets the cold shoulder from Gary, who is missing the recently departed Nicola.moreless