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  • Couldn't believe my eyes!!

    Crickett- My first rifle commercial. Was I the only one who witnessed the actor who played i'm guessing the mother point the rifle directly at the young boy's head? we are suppose to listen to these numskulls about their opinions on background checks and gun regulations? Don't make me laugh. Utter stupidity at its finest. I don't know if or how to get this on the air but someone needs to point this out on live tv to show the world that if we can't expect to be shown correct gun safety from the gung ho gun ho activists then they don't deserve a vote in congress.
  • Rick Santorum on show on 3/13/2013 re new pope

    His comments are disgusting! He avoids the questions by saying it's the church's job to save souls when asked about using condoms to help prevent AIDS. Unless he meant the church shouldn't be in the birth control business? I think he should tell the world what form of birth control he and his wife use. Keep him off the show!
  • British gun control egotist Piers Morgan should read Thomas Jefferson

    Wow, Piers Morgan interview style is shut up and let me talk, because your opinion does not matter. What an arrogant opinionated egotist. I was disgusted with his rude and smug attitude toward his guests on gun control. I had mixed viewpoints, but after watching his program I was prompted to do more research. That led to a complete reversal on gun control. I now am against almost any gun control. Thomas Jefferson said " No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms" He also said " The strongest reason for people to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. This man wrote our BILL OF Rights and was major in the writing of the Constitution of The United States. Apparently we would still be under English tyranny if it was up to Piers Morgan!
  • piers in gun country

    Like most of your audience, i was hugely impressed with the interviewing style you showed in taking over the reigns from larry king . As a relatively inknown interviewer, i was riveted by your extremely fair and entertaining discourse with your guests . What happened? You have morphed into an anti-piers that has fixated on your personal misguided views on guns. Not gun control-guns. You now rudely talk over your guests whom are desperately trying to get a word in edgewise to answer your questions. One segment to air your views was more than enough. Weeks on end is exactly why i turn off talk shows- self professed "experts" trying to overtalk each other. Can't turn you off fast enough. Sad end to such a promising start
  • Which character can you relate to?

    I recently watched Django Unchained and got me thinking of what character you can relate to in a movie. Lincoln, Jamie Fox, Leonardo di Caprio? We are all Lincolns, but what about the squeezed middle? What about the German guy.
  • Piers you are very miss informed on Semi-Auto vs Full Auto weapons (Get it write) so you don't look stupid

    You see, this is the problem Unformed host's of shows..... Assault rifles have been outlawed in the USA since around 1920 and the days of prohibition. What everyone is calling assault guns today in the US are simply semi-automatic rifles that happen to look like a military weapon, they are not assault rifles at all.

    It would be as if the govt. said you can't purchase a Ferrari because it looks as if it could go 200 miles per hour. Semi Automatic rifles and shotguns have been around for more than 100 years and some are very expensive works of art that are engraved and checkered and used for target shooting, plinking and hunting.

    There are only a few models available that happen to look like an M-16 or AR-15, but they are not automatic they are semi-automatic . One pull of the trigger = one shot. With assault rifles like the AK-47 or the M-16 ... one pull of the trigger = multiple shots ... depending on how long you hold the trigger. BTW - Most of the rest of the world civilians all seem to have FULL AUTOMATIC AK-47s and plenty of ammo to boot, those are real assault weapons and where do these seemingly poor people get them and the expensive ammo?

    That is why the 1994 Assault FULL AUTOMATIC Weapon Ban was a feel good legislation farce that they let lapse. Those very weapons had already been outlawed since the days of prohibition and the original Tommy Gun. Therein lies the problem, our elected lawmakers can not spend the time to do their homework. 90% of what you are seeing and hearing on TV is simply not true ... from the powerful 10 millimeter pistols to the Bushmasters ... none of that is accurate the 10 millimeter pistol is ballisticly far inferior to the Colt .45 that was introduced in 1873.

    This is what our elected officials do not know and simply do not care to learn. Most of them are too busy pretending to be an authority on firearms.

    The original Colt .45 single action revolvers first introduced in 1873 is still more powerful than 95% of today's revolver and pistol ammunition. And there lies problem number two, our elected officials do not know nor understand ballistics ... they have no idea what is too much power ... as a matter of fact the .223 cartridge that is used in the Bushmaster is not even allowed for deer hunting in most states because it is only a .22 caliber rifle firing a 55 grain projectile and is simply not powerful enough to humanely harvest a deer sized animal. To compare ... the rest of the world is using the AK-47 that is .30 caliber and about a 170 grain projectile ... about 3 times more powerful. I could write a book about all the details regarding our gun laws that simply do not make any sense at all and perhaps contribute to the confusion and proliferation of weapons in this country.

    BTW - What the NRA via Wayne LaPierre said today is disgraceful and may cause many more members to abandon the NRA.

    We have the two extremes ... those who simply do not know and are making the laws and those who really do not understand the intent of our Founding Fathers like the NRA and Wayne LaPierre.

    There is a center ground that could make this country safer and that is simply ammunition control, better gun safety training tests and permits, and the complete ban of high capacity magazines.

    With this all being said. Mental Health issues is also a large problem when most Mental Health Facilities have been closed down in this country and these sick people have been placed into homes in our neighborhoods without our knowledge.

    The other thing that must be addressed is the stress the US people have with paying the high taxes that contribute in defending and aiding other countries against their, earth quakes, storms. floods, wars, etc,etc. The US people are tired and abused by the other nation that just suck the life out of us and that why we have 300 million with guns. We are not the aggressor's, we are the defenders. As the Britts know !!
  • Gun Violence

    I dont know if you will be brave enough to touch this,but I must speak on this. I have a young child and am horrified by the devistation to the parents and families associated with this crime. I also must speak out on the very definate fact that, hundres of thousand of black children have been murdered by gun violence since the early 80's and 90's. A group of white children are murdered and NOW the nation is enraged. It goes to show the extreme levels of racism here in America. When one child black or white was killed by guns in gang violence or inner city insanity, this same outrage should have been displayed. And I sincerely believe the events of last Friday would have had no chance of happeneing. No matter how gun laws are altered it will not stop a citizen who passed all the background checks from being robbed of their guns. The only clear solution is the fingerprint operated gun to be standard issue on all guns.
  • Global Warming and Disasters

    Great Waves Of Change by Marshall Vian Summers, gives us a look into the future of what our planet and humanity will experience. It is worth reading. It was written as a warning, a preparation and a protection for the Human Family.
  • Zimmerman interview

    As expected, sophist Piers Morgan was obtuse and confused his suppositions as fact. Until this interview, I hadn't realized that Piers was walking that evening with playful Trayvon Martin - which explains why Piers knew so well what was in the mind of Trayvon. I'm sure Piers will be impressed [when the medical reports are made public] that Trayvon was able to "swung" one on George Zimmerman after being shot dead. Piers - check out the data on how many blacks whack white folks each year compared to whites whacking blacks. It may give you glimpse as to why Martin just may have initiated the attack. In reality, we will only know after the trial. In the meantime, Piers, take a deep breath and lower your excitation as to what you perceive happened that sad night.
  • Zimmerman-Martin Case


    A comment on your show this evening.... Nobody in the USA cares about British law or influencing the subject case with British law. If you are more comfortable with it, go back to the UK. Sad as it is that a young man lost his life, it is the media (as always) that is spinning this case way out of context - you nor I were there and it is the U.S. law that should try the case - not the media. CNN thrives on travesty and tragedy whether it is natural disaster or a case such as this, disgusting.