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  • Season 13
    • Timothy West
      Timothy West
      Episode 6
      Actor Timothy West joins Piers Morgan to look back on his five-decade long career. The former EastEnders star speaks candidly about his 52-year marriage to Fawlty Towers actress Prunella Scales, and how her battle with dementia has changed their lives. He reveals the trauma of his first wife's mental health problems, and how he finally made peace with his daughter after years of estrangement. Timothy reflects on his role at the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, and the time he toured the set of Coronation Street disguised as former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev.moreless
    • Raquel Welch
      Raquel Welch
      Episode 4
      Piers Morgan chats with the Hollywood sex symbol, most famous for her portrayal of the bikini-clad cave girl in the 1966 film One Million Years BC, as she reflects on her life and career. Raquel, who celebrated her 75th birthday this year, opens up about her tempestuous relationship with her father who once forced her head under a tap and made her cut her hair to stop her from looking too pretty. She looks back at her struggle to juggle her burgeoning career with life as a single mother of two young children and talks about her refusal to appear nude. Piers also probes Raquel about the men in her life, including fellow Hollywood icons Warren Beatty and Steve McQueen.moreless
    • John Lydon
      John Lydon
      Episode 3
      Piers Morgan chats to John Lydon - aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols - about his remarkable life and career. The punk icon looks back on his controversial rise to fame and notoriety in the band that sent shock waves through the music industry and beyond. He reveals how childhood meningitis affected his memory so severely he was left unable even to recognise his own parents and reflects on the death of bandmate Sid Vicious. Still performing with his band PiL and living in LA, John talks about life, love and, with his 60th birthday on the horizon, whether or not he has mellowed with age.moreless
    • Warwick Davis
      Warwick Davis
      Episode 3
      Piers Morgan has a candid chat with Warwick Davis, the star of stage and screen who stands at just 3'6" due to an extremely rare bone condition. Reflecting on his varied career - which includes starring roles in both the Harry Potter and Star Wars films - Davis looks back on his iconic leading roles alongside Jennifer Aniston, Val Kilmer and his work with comedian Ricky Gervais. But, revealing that his life has also been struck by tragedy, Davis opens up about the death of his first son Lloyd who passed away when he was just nine days old. He also gives an entertaining and insightful account of some of the everyday realities of life as a little person, including the challenges of supermarket shopping and airline travel.moreless
    • Mo Farah
      Mo Farah
      Episode 2
      Piers Morgan chats candidly with double Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah, who has become the most successful British male track athlete in history. Mo talks to Piers about performance-enhancing drugs, maintaining that he has always competed clean, and opens up about the pain he felt at being separated from his twin brother Hassan, who stayed in Somalia when Mo emigrated to Britain as a child. Mo also recalls how, during the London 2012 Olympics, his wife planned to keep the birth of their twin daughters a secret - not just from the public, but from Mo himself!moreless
    • Lionel Richie
      Lionel Richie
      Episode 1
      Lionel Richie talks to Piers Morgan about his lengthy and successful career. The music legend, who recently topped the album charts after appearing at Glastonbury, reveals why he took a stand against rapper Kanye West for using the 'n' word. He talks about growing up in Alabama against a background of racial segregation and his meteoric rise to jaw-dropping wealth after a string of massive hits. He also opens up about his two failed marriages and adopting daughter Nicole, who he supported through drugs rehabilitation.moreless
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