Pig City

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Pig City

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You know the story of "The Three Little Pigs",right? Now step into the more modern Story about a pig named Mikey, a humble and cool fifteen year old country pig who goes to live with cousins Martha and Reggie.That's right,something like the story. Martha and Reggie are two city slackers, living the life in a little townhouse in the middle of Pork City. Martha, worried about her looks and spending time at the mall to attract Boyfriends for the big Hog Wallow Dance. Now meet Rocker Reggie convincing Principal Hamhocks that he does not need to ruin his summer vacation with summer school. Pig City will get laughing and enjoying the show with this well,strange family!For the ones who did not see Pig City, one thing's for sure, it's better than "The Three Little Pigs". Enjoy! The End Main Characters*Picture Left To Right -Mikey is a Country "Pig" who came into the city to live with cousins Martha And Reggie. He does good in school and has won alot of new friends and major enemy, Martha, who is jealous of his popularity. So Mikey, let's say he's a normal pig. -Martha is a selfish big mouth an jealous of Mikey's popularity and before Mikey entered the scene,she always was the last word around the house.She is worried about her looks and spends lots of time at the mall. -Reggie is a "Rocker Pig" in a band called "Reggie And The Rashers".He is Martha's brother and he just hates her big mouth and let's not talk about school... Your Editor I Am Rock Guy,Your Pig City Editor. I Am Also The Editor for Creepschool And Potatoes And Dragons Updates -Episode Synopsis -Complete Crew List Show Times On Teletoon Appears On Teletoon @ 4:00 AM Dailymoreless

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  • This show is terrible and Im embarrased for even waching that

    Ok,this show is basicly another teenage booper exept the characters are pigs.The 3 main teenage pigs live in a pig city,and they go to school and do stuff.Wow.Original plot.You sure dont want to miss that.Animation stinks and characters look ugly and all the same.The characters are annoying and forgetable.There is a girl pig who is a total b**** and cant keep her ugly mouth shut,a metal opsessed pig guy who is dumb as a rock,and another one,who isnt so annoying as the rest,but still forgetable.The episodes are stupid and nothing special happens.The first episode I saw was about a giant ball of crap(Im not kidding,it was really crap)fell in schoolyard and everyone tought it was a meteore from space.Ewwwwww,do they really consider stuff like that funny.And the humor is toilet and very disgusting.Really,there is no reason to wach this show.Its very unpopular and it will be canceled soon,to save everbody the misery.So do something usefull with youre spare time and dont wach this steaming pile of crapmoreless
  • A terrible and unpopular show, unsurprisingly, oin the verge of cancellation.

    A city inhabited by pigs. O-kay...A city inhabited by pigs with a lot of teenagers. A city inhabited by pigs with a lot of teenagers who got to school and seriously need to get a life!

    Who in their right mind would create such a retarded and pointless show?! Although it airs early in the morning, I hope TeleTOON will rethink their choice of airing it. You're fortunate the only way you can see it is the time when you're sleeping; it's unlikely that you'll see it.moreless
  • Better then what I expected. There should of been a DvD release though.

    One of the best shows Teletoon aired back in the day was Pig city. Put your favourite hogs in an urban like setting and what do you get. Hillarity. The plotlines where one of the best I've ever seen and really this show was good. The animation was flawless. Clear enough you can see. Had some catchy tunes to. I was never disappointed with a single episode. That's how good this was. They manage to sneak in some hidden jokes all though they did get censored. Ah t.v back in the day. What has happend with modern society. People are like doing it for the money rather then entertaining us Audiences. But if you ever manage to see this on T.V record it.moreless
  • Nice show on Pro7

    The show is not bad . I have watched 2-3 episodes on pro7 ( " Die Shweine Bande " or something like that ... ), they were TOTALLY CRAZY !

    The rating is too low maybe because it hasn' t been shown on CRAPPY and cheap tv programs like Cartoon Network . I Say Again - Cartoon Network SUCKS !