Pig City

Daily 10:30 AM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • This show is terrible and Im embarrased for even waching that

    Ok,this show is basicly another teenage booper exept the characters are pigs.The 3 main teenage pigs live in a pig city,and they go to school and do stuff.Wow.Original plot.You sure dont want to miss that.Animation stinks and characters look ugly and all the same.The characters are annoying and forgetable.There is a girl pig who is a total b**** and cant keep her ugly mouth shut,a metal opsessed pig guy who is dumb as a rock,and another one,who isnt so annoying as the rest,but still forgetable.The episodes are stupid and nothing special happens.The first episode I saw was about a giant ball of crap(Im not kidding,it was really crap)fell in schoolyard and everyone tought it was a meteore from space.Ewwwwww,do they really consider stuff like that funny.And the humor is toilet and very disgusting.Really,there is no reason to wach this show.Its very unpopular and it will be canceled soon,to save everbody the misery.So do something usefull with youre spare time and dont wach this steaming pile of crap