Pim and Pimba

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  • Season 1
    • Pim & Pimba Play With a Shoe
      Pim & Pimba find a new toy today; A shoe! Pim & Pimba imagine how they can play with the shoe. Pim imagines using the shoe as a bumper car. Pimba uses the shoelace as a jump rope. What will the two do?
    • Pim & Pimba Discover a Drum / Pim & Pimba Play With Glasses
      The bell on the fishing rod is calling Pim & Pimba…The two pull on the rod and discover a set of drums. Pim wants to star in the Olympic Games using the drums. Pimba, on the other hand, wants to use the drum sticks to become a butterfly… And somehow they end up together at the circus. / What would you do with a pair of broken glasses…? Pim goes on a lovely bike ride turning the frames into a bicycle. Pimba fancies a picnic, so she uses the two lenses as plates. On such a lovely day, how about both a bike ride and a picnic…?moreless
    • Pim & Pimba and the Toy Car / Pim & Pimba Play With Bubbles
      Pim & Pimba found a new toy today! A toy car. When they fight over who should play with the car, the car’s wheels fall apart. Pim has an idea… He turns the wheels into balloons and uses them to fly high up in the sky. Pimba thinks the car will make a lovely bed. The two disagree, but in the end they come up with a very creative solution…Can you guess what it is…? / Wow! Pim & Pimba fished up soap bubbles! Pim thinks that if he waters the plastic container, that soap bubbles will blossom. Pimba, however, wants to water the handle so that it becomes a flower. After a bit of arguing, the two find a lovely way to combine both ideas.moreless