Pimp My Ride

Season 5 Episode 10

Ellyn's Ford Contour

Aired Unknown Aug 17, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Ride Owner: Ellyn. 22 year old female. Owner's Ride: 1996 Ford Contour.
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  • Exciting but GAS missed the mark (door handles, bear defense, and space).

    This is one way cool episode where a bear got caught inside the car. The out of doors and a bear's visit are the theme GAS uses. The paint and the interior really excel and make the theme out of sight, as always. Their latest usage of car computers is cool and encourages this viewer to add one of the Stargate Mobiles to his car.

    My disappointment comes from the hammock and bear defense system. What Ellyn needs is space for camping gear, a cool sound system, and increased safety in all directions.

    The bear defense system has at least two issues. The direction and height of the cannons don't lend themselves to defending against a bear. My concerns come from assuming the bear will attack from back and how low the cannons are to the ground. If ground clutter is in the way it is possible the fish particles will come back onto Ellyn or her guests (as occurred during the demonstration to Ellyn). I'm not sure how one would fix these problems. (Does having the hammock out affect this defense system?)

    One bear defense idea is to use the sound system. I found several Internet sites recommending loud sounds (e.g. compressed air horn) as a great defense to bears and other wild animals. Why not give Ellyn an emergency remote control switch to a very loud sound. The sound system via an external speaker or a compressed air horn could be the sound generating system. These two methods would provide an omni-directional effect on bears or other attackers. The sound might also alert others nearby to the trouble.

    As for the hammock, wouldn't the trunk space be of better use for her camping supplies and the inside seats for passengers and/or more supplies? Plus, if bears or other attackers are a possibility isn't lying out on the hammock problematic?

    Bottom line, GAS missed the mark both on what they provided and on some cool possible directions.

    Oh, last but not least! What about the door handles? Adding a biometric entry system with powered doors would solve the problem, fun to install, and be very interesting to the viewers. (Yeah, viewing the installation of this baby would be cooler than a satellite phone.)moreless
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