Pimp My Ride

Season 5 Episode 2

Erin's Volkswagen Thing

Aired Unknown Jun 22, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Ride Owner: Erin, 21 year old female. Owner's Ride: 1973 Volkswagen Thing. The 73' Volkswagen Thing is Erin's passion. She's a groomer for small animals and she loves snakes. She bought "The Thing" for $5,000 by selling 3 pigs. Only Xzibit and the guys at GAS can help her now.moreless
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  • Totally awsome.it was so cool where they did the green paint with snakeskin.with the four comp.things in the door and the thing to put on top that was a tent tv in the back,the cool wheels and a terarium for her snake with a rock and 2in.tv in it.moreless

    Totally awsome.I loved where where they did the green paint with snakeskin rips.with the four computer like things in the door and this one thing to put on top that was a tent there was a tv in the back to play video games with ,then cool wheels and a terarium for her snake with a rock and 2in.tv in it.there was also sake and Alligator skin seats sewn together the one guy was like,"your thing's the only place where snakes and alligators get along."the car was so cool when they finished.I wish I had that car,Oh well.Hope you enjoy/enjoyed this episode.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Erin's assertion that the VW Thing was designed by Adolf Hitler is based on the urban legend that he designed the original Beetle. It is believed that Hitler gave a rough sketch of what the Beetle should look like to its credited designer, a man named Porsche. While Hitler may have been responsible for the Beetle's unique design, the idea for the Thing was not conceived until the 1960s, 20 years after Hitler's death. He could not have designed this particular car.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • In reruns, several outtakes are shown during the credits. One of which is of Erin thanking Xzibit and "the crew at West..." she stops herself before saying "Coast Customs." Xzibit and the GAS crew respond by laughing hysterically.

    • Additions & Improvements:
      -Atomic green paint with snakeskin tear graphics.
      -15" Weld Racing rims with off road tires.
      -New turbo charged engine that pumps over 200 horses.
      -4 Tablet PC's for each door of the car.
      -Kenwood CD player and MTX mids and highs.
      -Seats have snakeskin in the center and crocodile skin on the edges.
      -Snake terrarium with a 2" tv embedded in a rock in the back of the car.
      -Brush guard in front of the car that holds a couch that comes from the back seats.
      -Safari Lounge includes a 30" Audiovox plasma tv on a diamond plated background under the hood and a playstation 2 with 2 wireless controllers.
      -Gift from Xzibit: a tent.

    • Erin claims the car was designed by Adolf Hitler.