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My husband's Jeep Wrangler

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    My husband's father bought him a 1994(I think)Jeep Wrangler when he was in highschool. He took it on a few road trips across country but always took great care of it and did all the routine maintenance. He did all the work himself and was/is very meticulous about his work. Unfortunately his father passed away unexpectedly when he was in college and it was difficult for my husband because they were very close. He has held on to this Jeep because it has a sentimental value to him since his Dad gave it to him. However the Jeep needs a lot of work done. It sat in his Mom's garage for about 5 years and did not run, but recently he had a local garage do some work and he also did some work. The Jeep is back on the road again, but it is definitely still in need of some tender loving care. The engine has over 200,000 miles on it and the electrical system needs help. My husband has bought a new windshield, new seats, and was looking for some new doors as well. He has great intentions of pimping out his Jeep himself, but we don't have a garage and all of his tools are in storage. We just celebrated our first year anniversary and I can't think of anything that he would appreciate more than for his Jeep to be pimped out. Please help me make this dream of his come true.

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