Pimp My Ride

Season 5 Episode 5

Jason's Toyota T100

Aired Unknown Jul 13, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Ride Owner: Jason. Male. Owner's Ride: 1994 Toyota T100.
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  • Jason gets a street legal recon unit with deployable unit, but will people strip it again?

    Thieves stripped Jason's truck down to the frame (even the battery). He replaced enough of it to be street legal in CA, so Xzibit didn't get picked up this time, though, he felt he would. Jason's insurance company laughed at him when he reported the theft. I don't know why they laughed, but if its because he didn't have enough coverage the least they could have done is cry with him. If he was paying for the theft coverage and they just didn't want to pay, well, Jason needs a gift certificate to a great law firm.

    GAS did an outstanding paint job! The Black, Purple, White glamoflauge is outstanding. GAS is the place for original paint jobs!

    The weather proof monitor on top is a great idea. At first I thought it should rotate because of the glare, but one could move the truck. Having it rotate to either side would have been hot for parties along the side of the truck.

    The ATV is a wonderful addition. Way to go GAS I'm sure Jason will love being able to ATV with is DVD. The ramp is a wonderful addition for loading/unloading stuff or the ATV!

    The Doppler radar is just plain sick and works with the military theme! I'd love to know more about the product and where it gets its information. Pimp my ride should provide us with more information on the items put into the GAS creations.

    The GPS system is a great choice and is by the same company as mine. It uses a miniature hard drive (20GB for mine) and feature rich software. I hope they got Jason the USB connector (its non-standard) and the external power supply so he can update his unit. There are free programming updates once in awhile and a yearly (for about $100) update of the program and maps. Keeping it up to date is worth the dollars.

    The Kenwood DVD player looks hot! I want to get one for my car.

    The seats are radical and Jason cant get shot in the back while driving with those Kevlar seats! I love them and how they relate to Jason's military experience. Way to go GAS!

    Now for the stuff I don't understand, disliked, or expected, but didn't see on the truck.

    I don't like the aluminum covering for the truck bed sides. It just doesn't go with the really hot glamoflauge. I wish GAS had some how painted it to go with the rest of the truck. One thought would be Black or Purple for the aluminum sides.

    I like the concept of the pottery wheel and its location, but the execution falls short. My Mother was a professional artist and I grew up with potter wheels and a kiln in our home. While I'm not an artist, I do know one needs the ability to vary the speed of the potter wheel. There are times to go real slow and other times to go real fast. GAS missed the mark on this for not including a variable speed foot switch on the motor and a splash guard to protect the wonderful truck interior.

    Considering the rough terrain ATVs attack, I'm wondering how long the front monitor will last. Only time will tell this tale.

    I noticed the truck bed is open (on top) with a 50" Dell TV in it. Are Dell televisions weather proof? I hope Jason moved the TV into his house! Without other party supplies surrounding the TV and a satellite system, it makes more sense to connect it to a cable system and for it to be close to a refrigerator. Broadcast (NTSC or HDTV) reception doesnt do a TV of that size justice.

    As always I wonder about the security on pimped out rides. Thieves already stripped his truck once and what prevents them from doing it again? As part of the theme, GAS should have put together an elaborate security system to notice if someone is stripping the car. Sensors everywhere connecting back to a redundant security system would make this truck state of the art!

    As an added benefit, Jason needs someone to pay for theft insurance with a company that wouldn't laugh at him.

    The night vision camera is an outstanding addition based upon the military theme! My concern is the truck hood and how it can be hot. I don't know which technology the camera uses but I'm wondering how well it work in the real word considering where they mounted it. Maybe mounting the night vision camera up by the weather proof monitor would make more sense. It would have a higher view and be away from a possible heat source. I know this raises questions about it being out of position or blinded when the monitor is up and in use. I doubt someone inside the truck would be using it while a party is going on outside or if they were they shouldnt be snooping on the love birds.moreless
  • We love the guys at GAS, they\\\'re awesome and did a good job. We love our truck, HATE THE INSURANCE!

    There were so many things in the show that we weren\\\'t expecting. We thought for sure this was going to be the worst they ever saw and it was. There are some really great out takes on overdrive on MTV. The truck is definately an eye catcher too. They really put a lot of thought and love into it for the both of us. It\\\'s funny to see of what was taped, what they used and how they used it. Glad they didn\\\'t get me crying... But it was really an awesome experience, and awesome show! NO DOUBT! WHOO hooO!moreless

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