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  • In need of Pimp My Ride

    Hi. My husband and I have a 1993 GMC 2500 Vandura only because we could not afford a "new" vehicle.

    You see, my husband and I have three former preemie babies with the oldest of three who is 4 years old. She was born at 25 weeks 1 pound and 11 ounce. Each pregnancy I was out of work for three months so I borrow money to pay for bills. Our youngest is almost 6 months so what we needed was a vehicle with BIG room.

    We had a single cab Ford Ranger but with all the chaos of having our babies early my husband had an accident with the Ford Ranger and it was total while I was at the hosptial 3 hundred miles away with our youngest baby.

    Everyday we keep faith and as long as our kids are well we are happy and hoping for something good. We have relatives and friends who did minor repairs here in there, like replace the water heater, fixing the heater. We barely had money to replace the tires two at a time because we were told the van needs special tires and they come $100 something a tire.

    Between Diapers, formula, food and everyday basic needs we probably would have about $40 between us to pay for gas until next payday.

    I work at a school as a security officer and as I walk around I try to motivate our students to finish school and go on to higher education or work to be a good citizen. At times it becomes difficult but just seeing the kids happy and looking forward to tomorrow is rewarding. There are kids who are not even related in any way but call me "Mommy". I'm there to help "My kids" and support them to make better choice in life. But In the last four years I did not get a chance to see "My kids" graduate but when I see them I get overwhelmed with joy to hear they have "move on" with their lives.

    The kids I work with I treat with the same respect I give my older kids I raised and are working and moving on to higher education. I tell them to spread their wings and they will take them a long ways. My daughter hears it so much from the students that she also calls me "Mommy Nora" LOL Thank you so much. "Mommy" Nora

  • in need of a makeover

    xzibit, does your company come to haverhill, massachusetts? was wondering my fiancee is in need of a makeover he has spent 11 years in prison and now trying to get on his feet he works part time and still cant get by . we are struggling so hard we have 12 children he has 8 of his own and trying to make ends meet and was looking into this to see what can ahppen he loves the incrediable hulk and his dream was to make his truck look 3d with the hulks fist on the sides and his horn to sound like the hulk when he is mad. if you can help please get abck to me and let me know it would be his dream for this to come true.....
  • tired of liveing paycheck to paycheck

    my fiance is disabled n i lost my jod the only ride we have needs major work done to it and we cant afford it. it needs engine work done along with body work can yall please help us out
  • Vietnam Vets American Dream...

    My Best friend is in need of a Harley davidson Trike kit makeover, he's sang with Elvis, Richard Burton, had a car repair and restoration shop at one time, untill his health started declining.. he's served our country well, and due to major disabilities from serving in Agent Orange, which has taken a major part of his vitality from him; hasnt deterred his hopes and its his wish to be able to ride his Harley once again to enjoy his American God given freedom for the time lhe has left; disabilities have greatly affected his health, but his dreams are to restore a few more vehicles on his land and enjoy the outdoors; Agent Orange has caused many mobility problems, but his indomitable spirit still soars, and he is a well liked kinda guy who will have you rolling with laughter, an experience not soon forgotten,... Not to mention; the man had a great singing voice; one song he wrote is in the Rock a Billy Hall Of fame; its about Elvis's passing... I heard it on the radio a few times myself.. its a great song... Please can you help make my Dearest Friends Dreams come true...???? Lynn :)
  • car show girl

    I do the local car shows with my custom 1999 chevy silverado. I have managed a lot of work on it but I have ran out of money. I have big plans like filling the bed of the truck with speakers. I would love to redo the interior. I now have to get the custom paint fixed because my children's trampoline hit the hood and driver side of my truck. I am a girl playing in the boys world. I use the car shows as an escape of my disease. I would love any and all help that I could get to finish my dream ride.
  • my babe girl is deployed : (

    my daughter is deployed over seas for another 5-6 months she was deployed at x-mas time last year. .she is a single mother of two kids.

    it would mean so much to me if you would be able to help me fix it up her truck before she returns to the states.to show her how much i love her and for what she is doing for our country....thank you....nanna
  • The Broke College Girl

    Hey my names Kara! Im from Massachusetts and go to school down in Texas. I drive my grandfathers old 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It may have been a great car when he was driving it but now it needs some work. It has a strong smell of fuel even when the engine isn't running, the air conditioning is completely broken, the radio connection isn't too great, and the brakes are ready to go soon as well. Soon the paint will be rusting off more in certain spots and I don't see it at all possible to get me back and forth from Massachusetts to Texas. Please help this broke and struggling college student and PIMP MY RIDE!!?! Thank you!
  • Really great show if you like cars.

    My father's really old car, Nissan 240-SX (first generation) could use an improvement, and if these guys can improve my father's car, we'll give em some bucks. REALLY.

    Concept: A people in team led by Xzibit and Mad Mike, goes randomly into towns to turn some cheap looking cars to a masterpiece. These guys are a whiz when it comes to car improvement.

    Casts: I liked the casts, they are nice at their jokes, they really know anything about car mechanics.

    Show value: All of the facts from these show are real. You can learn new something from the cars. Plus it's entertaining to watch cars being improved, and looks good to ride-on.

    Overall: 9. I wish they're still up.

  • really need some help

    Hi i have a 1978 Chevy Scotsdale. The pick up belonged to my brother but he past away 2 years ago while i was serving in iraq. my did just couldnt handle it sittin in his yard anymore. he dosnt want me to get rid of it but i wanna give it to my nefue one day he was born a few months after his dad passed away. the speedomiter, fule gadge, left side fule tank , and the deadle to tell me what gear im in do not work on my way back to El Paso from my dads the passanger front hub blew out on me so i cant even move it right now i had to have it towed the last 250mi to ft bliss please help me fix my brothers pick up it just really herts seein it parked n not getting used.
  • Convert Jeep to All Electric Vehicle

    My 2000 Classic Jeep Cherokee fits my lifestyle perfectly except for one big flaw. I am a sustainability consultant and my clients expect me to drive an eco-mobile. The problem is that the vehicle I need does not exist. So I would like help converting my Jeep to an eco-mobile. What is more sustainable than powering an existing vehicle with the sun. Power source would be through PV panels. The reason existing eco vehicles do not work for me include: they are too small and do not fit my lifestyle. I need a Jeep sized vehicle for my work and also to haul my large dogs and sports equipment after hours. Also, I totaled my 1976 Toyota Celica hatchback when I was in college and I have not been able to drive a small car that is low to the ground since. Even racing video games give me a panic attach. One last incentive, we are located in Hawaii and thought you might like to take the show on the road to the Aloha state.

    Hi Guys, my parents made a promise to my big sister that they would buy her a car when she graduated high school , a few years later she graduated but my parents lost their jobs and they never forfilled their promise. My sister bought her own car but shes done a great job wreaking it. To this day she has dropped out of college and still says to my parents that they have broken their promise. So I'm hopping you can pimp her ride which will probually encourage her to go back to college and start fresh ! THANK YOU :)
  • pimpmyride

    i drive a 1987 ford f150 that has no clutch the radio is so out dated it won't ever make good sound it needs help with seats & any other help u could do to it would be great put it this way my husband to be is disabled & this pickup is the only means of transportation we have & it is not running right now unless u like going 5 miles an hour in the mountains please help.
  • My ride after pimp

    Hi guys ,

    this is my ride after pimp...Hope you like it

  • Pimp my rv

    I love this show, I want to know a contact on this show and or companies who will pimp out my rv. I am in Florida and have taken my last $2000 to buy a 1978 Chevy rv. I need to turn it inot a mobile salon. I need help with this, I know I can make this business work , but I have no funds and this is my last hope of having a business for my self, I want this mobile salon to be the best Idea and the hottest rv ever. Can anyone help me PLEASE

    Sincerely, Diane (772) 631-0014
  • Help my friend

    My friend has a 2002 sun fire and this car is about to fall apart she has to deal with 5 different boys and she is 16 and goes to school then straight to work to pay bills and she never has time to work on her poor car she desperately need y'all to pimp her ride please!!!!!( I am tired of hearing her complain we would be so happy if you would) we need it BADLY
  • Please stop my nagging wife

    My wife thought she would buy a celica convertible 91 model 4WS i must admit she did great

    with haggling down the price but what she didnt say was it needed restoring, I have done a fair bit to the car but to be honest i cant finish it as trying to find the time is an impossibility with trying to work to get jobs finished and my wife nagging to go visiting not to mention the nagging of her car to be finished i would love to finish this beautiful car i just dont have the time nor the strenth as being diagnosed with osteo arthritis throughout my body makes some things hard to do, i do love my wife very much but this nagging is getting beyond the joke please help
  • 4x4 of the year and pimp my ride did it .

    The review is so like me always being the no..1 at every thing i do may i say no more.
  • 1998 honda city

    need a pimp>>>>
  • please help dad

    my dad worked hard to give my brothers and I what we needed and now hes in a crunch and Iwant to get his truck pimped hes the best gives to the community donates to charity but cant fix his baby its a 1983 f250 pickup can u help please
  • mommy need car

    im a single mom and always haveing prombles with my 1993 pontiac bonnville cant affored a new car can yall pimp my ride thank yall very much and god bless
  • 2001 Dodge Pick up Needs Help

    My boyfriend has done everything for me since we started dating he helped me get my life back, he helped me get my kids and has been there for me through thick and thin! I asked him what he wanted for valentines day and he wants his truck pimped out becuase it has a huge dent in the side of the drivers side door and it blows black smoke everywhere. It's a diesel by the way. I dont have much money so i thought maybe if i reached out to you guys maybe just maybe you would be able to help.
  • 1987 monte carlo ss aerocoupe T-top needs your help

    ***Hi, My name is LaDawn***.Tommy is my husband. I have a **1987**? Monte Carlo SS coupe.It has T- top and a bouble back window,all black with red pin stripes.It only had 54000 miles on the origional engine. My dad left me this car when he passed away in 2006.He always wanted to put it in car shows, but never had a chance. So my husband has been working on her and has put her in a few car shows for my dad. (He has all the receipts of everything he has baught to fix her up,he hadnt gotten around to fixing the old electrical work yet)But this past thursday (Jan.6th,2012) he was driving and after picking up our daughter from school, The car started smoking and then started on fire.He said it was an electrical fire. Tommy grabed our daughter from the back seat,and jumped over the guard rail.They are ok Thankfully. He just filled up the tank before he picked my girl up form school. I have been told that if he would have waited and the gas tank was empty the car could have blown up due to the fumes in the gas tank.The whole front of the car is burnt. It was an old school car so it was made of metal. But there is alot of damage. Please pimp out my old school MC.This car is the only thing I have from my dad.Thank you Please, e-mail me. ladawnsparrow@yahoo.com
  • i need help

    hi I got a jeep Cherokee and it was a piece of crap the water pump and radiator where going out and then went out on the 2 mile drive home and i had to stop several times and fill it back up i got those fixed after doing some summer mowing jobs then after 20 cans of spray paint it looks only a little better my dad was going to help me when i got my first car and we had talked about what it would look like but he got cancer and passed so he never got to help me so please pimp my ride will you help me

  • ride share aerodynamic minivan from pimp my ride

    Hi Man xzibit Marcel here like you to do the best aerodynamic for the minivan I used it for share ride a lot so if my ride would be top of rhe line fuel economic then every bodie ride for less so less carbon footprint for my driving people around the state and canada ride share help's pour people hoo can't aford the bus grayhound ect... that my way to help people hoo need to go but cna't afforde like not anouf money to take the bus hi deed make allready people happy to share ride to Vancouver and back to Nelson B.C once hi had 6 people in the van so lot less polution ok by by Marcel email marsme2008@hotmail.com
  • DAUGHTERS FATHERS DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am 13 years old and my dad has this acura that he got for 200 dollars, and not only do I love but he loves it. The seatbelts are automatic so everytime you hit the slitest bump they go foward so my dad is desperate for money so he said that if someone offered him 1000 bucks he take it, even though he is dyiing inside about it. My dad works on airplanes and love the color blue and he is nonstop working i dont know the last time me and my dad had a daddy, daughter day at the range!!! PLEASE PIMP MY DADS RIDE!!!! SOON TO BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PLZ Help me fix up my husbands car

    I was wanting to see if u can pimp my husbands ride. He has been working two jobs and me one and we just cant catch a break. We have things going wrong with our house and we had to get rid of one car now we have 1997 ply neon and it rides bad it even drags on the gas tank . My husband deserves to have something he can depend on and not worry when i drive it or when my teenagers are in the car its just not a family car Thank You very much
  • Son's Dream

    Dear Pimp My Ride, I am writing to you because I think my son deserves help in fixing his ride. Two years ago his father gave him a Ford F150 pick up for them to refinish together. Just two months after he got the ride our house burnt down and his dad passed away. He has held on to this turck because of the memories that it has, but yet it is a rolling disaster. I wish for him and the memories that he has of his dad that you could pimp his ride. Thanks for the time.
  • i am a 31 year old female with a 14 month old little boy. i bought a 99 olds. alero that only lasted 2 months. i need your help.

    i am a 31 year old female with a 14 month old little boy. i bought a 99 olds. alero that only lasted 2 months. i need your help. it has a blown head and needs interior work along with a paint job. but most of all i need a dependable ride that is safe to take my little boy to the doctor and get me back and forth to work. i don't know what else to do. if you can't help i don't know what i will do. please, please, please, please, help, help, help, help, help, help, help.
  • I am a 26 year old college student, studying to get my BA in english. I have four beautiful children, and I am still driving my first car a classic '86 Cadillac cimmaron. She runs well but could really use some cosmetic work.

    I have worked really hard to get where I am today I have obtained my AAS in Medical Assisting and I am currently working with students struggling in English, Computer Applications and Medical Courses, I am a tutor/librarian. I have a very positive outlook on life and I pull off the Cadi well but I would love to have it pimped. It will be a while until I am able to purchase a new vechicle and since I have to drive "cinnamon" everyday I believe she should relfect me. Im thinking PINK! I think what you guys do to cars is straight up pimp! I hope that you will take another look at this message and consider me. Respectfully, Belle
  • this is the best show on mtv

    this show is crazy as hell. how could you not wach it? i dont understand. unless youre some rich kid with an already really nice car or someone selfish who doesnt care about seeing good thigns happen to other people, you gotta give this show its propz ! i read someones review and he just goin off on how the show follows a certain format so to speak but you know what ? alot of shows do so back off. okay ? xzibit has to show up at the house to get the car. of course the lucky people are gonna go crazy. they\'re meetin xzibit and hes about to have their ride pimped out. they show the ride gettin pimped out cuz thats what the show is. then they have to show the reaction when the person gets their car back cuz that\'s what makes all the trouble worth it. if youre hatin on this show, youre selfish and need to go sit in a corner somewhere and keep your thoughts to yourself.
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