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  • Pimp My Ride looks interesting on the outside, but it just doesn't keep you interested.

    Pimp My Ride is hosted by Xzibit. He comes to the door and says he is about to pimp your ride. And that is about all he does. He then takes the car to "Gas" a garage that will be pimping your car. The mechanics there then rip apart your call and make it all pretty by putting TVs and all these other electronic devices. And give the car a new shiny paint job. But during the show you can't help the show feels staged and put together. Aside from how the person is all happy and jumpy. It doesn't seem real, enough.
  • only watch it when there is nothing else and i am really bored

    what i most dont like in the show is the increased level of screaming they all do i mean come on i watched like 10 episodes and each time the person opening the door does the same movements and scream " oh my god ......................" it is impossible that everyone always scream the same line which is obviously fake and it becomes really annoying . then moving to the car the level of cars they bring are too damaged to be true i mean dont push it too hard .
    the only reason that sometimes i watch this show is the things they put in the car like a jacuzzi or plasma screens other than that it s too fake to watch
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  • Everyone's dreams...

    This shows truely rocks...
    I remember the first time watching this show :) Ohh my gosh...
    After seeing pimped car and standing with open mouth :)
    Amazing, truely breat taking work. WEST COAST boys, i love them, everyone of them...I really would like to kneel down for their work. Wheels, elkectronics, body shop...Turning every crap cars to a unbelievable master pieces and watching the owners jumping and shouting :):):) Like the owners couldn't find a words to describe how they feel, i really couldn't find exact words, i'm really addicte dto electronics and music. The most beautiful part for me the electronic part...LCD's, music systems...Perfect...
    Keep up the work Xzibit and West Coast boys...
  • Good or bad?

    This is a really bad, good show. I don't really know what to say for this one other than it is really good yet really bad. Well the whole show I guess is good but it sounds so ghetto which isn't that great in a show. Half the people on the show don't really deserve to have their ride "pimped" because you always hear in the news about someones "ride" getting stolen. I like this show though because the people who make the cars are awesome and the cars turn out to be really cool and awesome to look at! These cars are awesome! they have everything to TV's, great speakers, awesome rims, and just great everything!
  • pimp my ride

    please come one time in belgium for pimp my ride if you give me your accord i give you my adress thousand thanks i have no more words to say.........i hope..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t tt t t t t t t t tt t t tt t
  • Since the first time I saw this show, I thought it was the great.

    I really thought this show was very unique. Every one either has a messed up car or knows some with one, and it's just like a dream come true to open your door and have some one standing in front of you ready to take your car away and make it over. I wish they travled around the US, and gave people from different states a chance to get their ride pimped!
  • It's amazing what they can do with cars these days.

    This show just makes me think about the impressive things they can do with old beat up cars. They found about 8 rats once in an old ice cream truck. They make cars that look like they're ready to go to the junkyard look cool! I wish I had these cars! They once made an ice cream truck dispense ice cream to kids via a robot arm. They also once put a juicer in a vegitarian's car trunk. I've heard the people who got their old cars pimped out are selling the cars on eBay for A LOT of money.
  • This is a fantastic show about how the people of Westcoast pimping a ride.

    Fabulous. X-Zibit is too cool. The ride of that person goes from ugly to fantastic. It's fantastic how it goes. The garage of Westcoat-Customs, the pimping, the people, the result.. AMAZING!!!!!!!! Oh, I'd love to see more of these shows, i't's great. Don't you think it's great? I think it's great. And if you don't think it's great, you're wrong... Because it's fabulous.... COOL >>>><<< COOL>>><<<COOL>>> Chill, hippie, kut... fun, junkiebunkie, saai, okselboksel en zo kan ik nog VEEEEEEL meer woorden bedenken die de show beoordelen.. snappiedatte? dat is dutch man, oethoofd, kutneger ga je eigen bak pimpen joh gay...(lord)
  • Pimp My Ride is a great show for car lovers. Basicly, A team of generous car mechanics \"Pimps\" someones ride who needs it. The cars almost always turn out looking spectacular!

    Are you a car fan? Than this is the show for you! The host, Xzibit Pimps peoples rides with the help of his team GAS. People send in tapes of there crappy cars and xzibit goes out and checks out the cars. Then he knocks on the door and BAM!!!! THe person that opens it has a heart attack or goes crazy or sumthin. Its pretty funny. They then go out and show xzibit the crappy features of there car. This part of the show isnt that suitable for kids under 13 . This is because Xzibit cusses like a drunk monkey. Then Xzibit takes it to the shop and the GAS team rads on the car. Then the planning begins. The GAS leader Ryan asks everyone what there gonna do to the car. THen the work begins. When the work is finished the lucky person getting his or her ride pimped comes in. They go crazy then Xzibit does his Trademark t-shirt Popping and gives the owner the keys. Then there off.

    I think the show is a little depressing knowing that you dont get the ride. But everything else is awsome. The format of the sho is pretty cool. They go from person to person showing them do there job on the car. A lot of times they even explain what there doin or how they do it. I give it 2 thumbs up!
  • Pimp My Ride is a programme where they take beaten up cars from people who haven't got the money to fix it or buy a new one and send it off to a garage. Each person's individual personality is also usually reflected in the car's finished design.

    Pimp My Ride has surprised me because I thought that by now they would have run out of ideas but they have kept the same high standard throughout all series. This may have been due to the fact that they have changed garages during the course of the show but luckily they kept Mad Mike. I have to say though that West Coast Customs are far better than Gas although they are starting to grow on me.

    In my opinion the UK version of Pimp My Ride was a major downer on the good reputation of the show. This hasn't really got anything to do with the garage but is all down to Westwood who is trying to be so much like Xzibit it's laughable! Also I have to admit that the international version of the show is a welcome addition with another new garage to get used to and two equally good presenters.
  • pimp my ride

    pimp my ride is about anyone that has a bad looking car or that is just not that good of a car makes a vidio and seends that vidiov to pimp my ride. Then after pimp my ride sees a realy bad looking car they come to pick it up. WHen they get the car they rip it apart and make it better. They put new tires,rims,doors,seats and alot more. THey also put like a plasma telivision or a waterbed or anything like that in the car. then after they changed the paint and alot more about the car the owner comes to pick it up and keeps it for free.
  • This is a fun reality show.

    The concept of the show will be nothing new to those of us lucky enough to live in the UK and have been bombarded by reality makeover shows on rooms, gardens, homes, diets, bodies etc, the only thing that is strange is why it took them so long to turn to vehicles as the subject of the show. Of course this is not a make over show in the traditional sense because it goes to silly extremes, making it a process with less value perhaps but making it quite engaging viewing.

    Overall this is just a trashy reality makeover show but the excesses, silliness and novelty value make it entertaining nevertheless. The promotion of the materialistic dream of money, cars, brand names etc is a bit off putting but thankfully this is put out of the mind by great presentation from Xzibit, who is as funny and charismatic as he is over the top!
  • My father is a very hard working man that has a crudy 1991 toyota corolla. This car has potential but we don\'t have the muny to fix it. he has given it to me and honestly it is imbarasing at school please help me out

    I think the show is great they really help people out. they do some awsome things it is crazy. what was it about a 45 in tv in a car dang but that is awsome. The show gives confidence to the young men and women. makes them fell like they are worth something. They have talented people working on crudy cars showing the potential in the vehicle. That volcswagen bus went from a piece of trash on the beach to a show stoper wow! ! ! ! I would love to have my car on it as would all people.
  • nice cars

    When young kids have no money and their cars are about to fall apart. Look no further than Xzibit to the rescue. He takes beat up cars and pimps em. From new interior, sound systems, and they even put in a waterfall in one of the cars! Mad mike, ish, and all the other guys are great people who can work on cars really well. Its cool to see someone smile when they thought their car was never gonna work. One girl had a "bubbly" personality and they made bubbles come out of her exhaust, one guy had surgery and had to drink a lot of water and they installed a mini water bottle in the back of his seat. One time they installed a photolab in the car and the picture came out of the arm rest. Its a great show watch it, It comes on Sunday at 9:30/8:30 central during the Sunday stew on MTV
  • It is inspiring to know there are still some selfless people in the world. I’m 26yrs old from Buff,NY and broke my neck while at work. I’m paralyzed from the chest down, but with hand controls I'll be able to drive..but I'm prayin it's not a mini-van..

    It is inspiring to know there are still some selfless people in the world. I’m 26yrs old from Buff, NY and broke my neck while at work just 2 yrs ago. I’m a licensed physical therapist, and a licensed massage therapist, but now I’m paralyzed from the chest down. With the use of hand controls I\'ll be able to drive…but I\'m praying it\'s not a mini-van. I used to drive a hot pick-up truck, but of course I had to sell it. I know I will need special modifications and a ramp to get in, but my insurance company won\'t pay for modifications on any vehicle other than a van that I would eventually have to purchase. I have seen some of the extraordinary things you have been able to do, so I wasn\'t sure there would be a way that something could be done for me. I’m sure you get overloaded with applicants, but I just really hope for something that looks cool, and not so handicapped. I can\'t wait until I get some of my independence back, and being able to drive around (hopefully with some style) is certainly going to help me to feel free again! I don\'t even know if this is the right way to apply, but my email is: nataliemarie33@hotmail.com . My phone number is (716) 480-9966. You guys certainly have a God-given talent…keep up your awesome work. Thanks…Natalie.
  • Recently my father passed on halloween day. I moved him in with me and cared for him for 3 months. My family was very supportive during this difficult time. On my father\\\'s death bed he told my little brother he wanted him to have his camaro.

    Recently my father passed on halloween day. I moved him in with me and cared for him for 3 months. My family was very supportive during this difficult time. On my father\\\'s death bed he told my little brother he wanted him to have his camaro. For healing my brother comes over every night to work on this old car. It is all he has left of our father. My little brother is 25 years old and never had a decent car so he is delighted with this old treasure from Dad. I would love it if you could have him on your show and pimp his new ride it would complete our family. This death was very sudden and we miss him terribily. My name is Lucinda Reames and my email is reamesc@ewashtenaw.org and my cell is 734-368-6029. Thank you for your time.
  • well my fiance has a 1998 toyota celica that is just not driveable and she would die for this car and her parents are about to put it in the junk yard and there is nothin that i can do to help her cause she lives in kentucky and i live in oklahoma.

    sup x please pimp out my fiances car cause she would do anythin to have that car back i think she loves the car more than me and i have been telling her that i would get it fixed for her but i live in oklahoma and she lives in kentucky and there is nothing that i can do to help and she would be devistated if her parents put it in the junk yard the car is in really bad shape she needs a new windsheild and the car is just totaled and that car is her pride and joy of her life so please x if there is anything you can do to help that would be awesome cause i really want to help her get her car back on the road and you was the only person that i could think of so please x pimp my fiances ride
  • Hey :) Well I'm thinking X to the Z Xzibit you can Pimp My Ride anytime :) How about coming Down Under and doing just that.

    Hey :) Well i'm thinking X to the Z Xzibit you can Pimp My Ride anytime:) How about coming Down Under and doing just that. Australia would put a smile on your face,but if you seen my car it would make you cry!I was just reading the reviews and one person said they wouldnt let them Pimp their ride if they were paid one million dollars, well hey you can Pimp mine for FREE :)I would love to see an International Pimp my Ride In Australia but of course mine would have to be Pimped pleeeeeeease Pimp My Ride
  • You got to Pimp my ride!!

    X to the Z has the coolest job. Making peoples dreams come true by taking there pieces of crap cars and totally pimping them out. These cars are crazy when they are done with them. They take cars that are worth like $500 and add thousands and thousands of dollars of stuff to them. I only wish that they had some type of reunion show where we could see the condition of the cars after a year or so. I have a feeling that most of them are trashed. But it is still cool. The new shop GAS is a bit of a change and the style that they are putting in the cars is a bit different but it is still a good show.
  • Basically X to the Z Xzibit goes around and makes peoples old ugly crap cars cool and awesome and stealable

    This show really isn't all that good aside from the reactions people give when they see Xzibit and seeing what they do to the cars. The cars go from wimp to pimp in 30 minutes...I wonder how long they actually keep the cars My favorite episode was the season premier for this current season. The took a car from the Desert and made t look kind of alien, glow in the dark paint job all of that, I also liked the episode with the girl who was an art student, they made it so that her car could paint the street...I would paint new lines in the street
  • I wouldn\\\'t let this guy Pimp My Ride even if he payed me a million dollars.

    Yawn... What was I suppose to do, oh yeah, post a review about this show.... well, here is what I have to say, includes to much swearing it\'s horrible, and only watch if your a car geek. Yah, you heard me. I could only stand 5 minutes with this show, i can\'t belive my friend forced me to watch it. odviously, why would the make a show about chaning cars. I don\'t care how many people disaggree with my review, but I mean it, and I would give it a -1 if it was possible! I will never watch this show... again!
  • HI

    Hi this is my favorte show its great . I just have a question . Why dont you do a couple cars down in puerto rico. Sample of course my car needs some help(work). Its not so bad but it needs at least some paint . TAKE CARE and keep up the good work.
  • I watch this show every single day.

    I hope they keep making Pimp my ride. Xzibit was perfect for the show too I like the fact they have a rapper as a host of a car show. I also like the new garage by GAS motors. I just don't like all they new rock guys like the one guy with the weird hair. He is just annoying in the show. But I like the fact in this show they don't sit there and show you how the motor works they show them putting in the TV's and painting the car. I really like the finish of all the cars.
  • This show is great watch, I like to see all the cool things that are done to all the cars. just great.

    I watch this show all the time and looking at the before and after pictures on pimp are just great to watch, the way cars are transfored from one way to another. cars that look worthless are made up to look totally awesome. We cant wait to watch the the next show and the next. I have a few that are my own personal favorite. ok got to go now. some are funny some strange looking but all in all its i like to watch how the cars can be fixed up and be able to ride in it too.
  • "You've officially been pimped"

    What a great guilty pleasure this show is. I'm aware many people say it Jumped the Shark when they left West Coast Customs, but at least they brought Mad Mike along. I swear, he's gonna get his own show someday.

    Who knew Xzibit was so funny? He really seems like a good guy to hang around with. Cool gadgets, great-looking cars and the off-the-wall reactions of the car owners (one guy jumped around and his pants fell down) add up to a fun, mindless show.

    I watch it whenever I want to relax or unwind after work.
  • It is bout West coast custom Pimpin out a low rider trashy car, into a big-time rider pimp mobile. It shows the latest gears and electrontics and is host by rapper Xzibit.

    This show is prety cool. I love to watch how they give it a change and make it look good. What I like most about the show is when they show the new electronics. The new season is kinda funny, I can tell they also tried to make it funny to get better ratings. The bad thing about this show is that I won't watch a rerun, cause I already know whats gonna happen. I watch its once and say cool! I try to watch it a second time and I end up changing the channel. If you want a show that will entertain you once in a while this may be a the show.
  • Okay...

    Now, Season one was Good. Season two was GREAT! Season three was Outstanding! But, Why? Why? Why is seson 4, "Gas"

    Now my favorite episode was The one with the 1070 Volcks Wagon BUs. Thats my favorite car!

    It depends what episode you watch to like it or not. Some are good, or evan Great. But, some are Poor, evan horrible. It avverages out to a rating of seven point eight, but its a good show. It is not one of those, "Must cancell all plans to watch" show, but if its on, watch it. Not Awsome, it was great, but now its just, good. Just good.
  • Wow!

    It's awesome. I can't believe some of the things that they put inside the cars. They ahve Tv's, computers, and more. The paint jobs are hot. Who wouldn't wanna be on Pimp My Ride. They evn give you a free gift. XZibit is really funny when he inspects the cars. The stars make watching them redesign the cars fun.
  • A show for people who like to watch crappy cars get tuned to the max.

    When Pimp My Ride first aired in 2001, it was amazing, new and exiting. The show carried on for 4 seasons with the crew of West Coast Customs (WCC), and without a doubt that pact made between MTV and WCC has been favourable to both parties. WCC has risen to be \"KingZ of Customs\", but Pimp My Ride and WCC went their seperate ways. New season (no. 5) started with a new shop and new crew (with the exeption of Mad Mike and Adolf). Xzibit has hosted the show from the beginning and kept at it in the new season.

    Even thou\' most of the time the shop creates new ideas and so, the show has passed it\'s prime. The seasons 2 and 3 were awesome, but from that point on the show has went downhill. Season 4\'s first shows are OK, the last one\'s suck, and the new season has only a few good ones. The new shop (Galpin Auto Sports, GAS) is not close as entertaining as the one from WCC, and In my opinion the editing has also went in the wrong direction.

    I will continue to watch what kind of cars they will \"pimp\", but i doubt this show will be close as entertaining as it was.
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