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  • A Show That Nobody Could Hate:

    They take cars, and some of them are completely messed up, and once there was this truck that had stolen parts from it, and they fixed it.

    They add lots of things in the cars, and just about anything that they can find.... If it is there, and if it is possible to put it into a car, they will do it, and they have done it several times.

    I would love to have a car with TV(s) in it ( they usually put several TVs everywhere ) and computers, and with new.... everything. I allways like the cars that have TVs in them. They have giant vans that have them, and now they are in mini vans, and they make all these old cars have what the new cars have today, and they always make the paint colors different, and they add things like TVs, Computers, Refrigerators, iPods, Video Camera / Cell Phone / Pocket PC combos, lighting, satelite dishes, and many accesories and equipment. They change peoples lives with what they do, and some of them have never owned a computer get to have one for the first time.

    I like how they completely change the car and add more features to it and I like to have one of those giant vans with the TVs in them, and also make it solar powered.... without having to change the position of the steering wheel, or having to make it a flat racecar. You can just make the solar panels all over the surface of the car so it can look like a regular car, and they may do that eventually.

    But they do a great job with cars, and when every car has been 'pimped', they will start with people's houses.....
  • Finally, a reality show that makes sense.

    Instead of torturing contestants psychology in an isolated island or a new york boardroom, this show lifts spirits of teen agers by giving their cars an extreme makeover. This reality show makes sense, and is in fact a very positive show unlike The Apprentice or Survivor. MTV hit the jackpot with this. It\'s really cool watching West Coast Customs sprucing up a teen\'s busted second hand car and turning it into refurbished wonder. It\'s totally awesome. This is a watchable show and informative. Xzibit is an excellent host for this show. This half hour show is entertaining, I recomment it.
  • pimp

    Xzibit and the good people at West Coast Customs make people\'s cars go from dirt to pimped in this 30 minute series. A pimped out car is usually worth $20,000 to $30,000.

    \"Pimp My Ride,\" returns for an all-new season, with an all-new garage. Once again, rap superstar and car enthusiast Xzibit and car customization specialist Mad Mike take aim on the biggest clunkers on the road. Joining them for this new season, and giving a new spin on car customization, is GAS -- Galpin Auto Sports. Taking car customization to the next level, together Xzibit, Mad Mike and the crew at GAS create unheard of pimped out masterpieces.

    Calling all Pimp My Ride fans in AZ or NV.
    If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada and/or Arizona email us at PMRAZNV@mtvstaff.com.

    Theme Song Lyrics
    So you wanna be a playa?
    But your wheels ain\'t fly
    You gotta hit us up
    to get a pimped out ride

    You got to pimp my rideeee
    Damn right
    You got to pimp my rideeee

    Theme Music & Stings Composed by Jeff Cardoni
  • where they fix the cars

    this is a great show! where they fix other peopple \\\'s cars if they are mest up ! they are so FUNNY! they make the car so amazing and \\\"pimped OUT\\\"! they put big tvs in the car, paint great deisings and go over out for the person . Xzibit is kinda mean to the people but. . . .. i could under stand be cause they have very gross things in there car
  • love this show.

    Many people must get through the day with only a beat-up clunker to ferry them around. The paint doesn't match, the seats hurt and only a few lousy stations come in on the radio.

    Even the most brave of drivers will quake under the weight of automotive lousiness, however, and who hasn't dreamed of driving off in something that will turn heads?

    Enter the crew of this show. When X-zibit knocks at your door, it's better than Christmas and your birthday rolled into one. Time to bid goodbye to the old image of the piece-of-junk in your driveway, because they're going to give it a massive remake.
  • pimp my ride has lost its budget to the point where they have to find workers on the show that r not orginal with their jokes or their ideas.

    the first few seasons of pimp my ride were really good with the cast of the people who worked on the cars. they all had a different sense of humor. when they hired the new workers on the car for the new season, it went downhill with the ingenuity fo what is said on the show and how original the ideas are for the cars. another thing is it seems like the workers are not as enthusiastic as the first and second season characters were. the new workers also appear to over exaggerate their ideas and try to be really pumped and excited to work on the car when it shows that they dont really want to work on the car. overall, the show was excellent and it dropped down to watch it if there is absolutely nothing on.
  • x ta da z yo

    i love this show. of course i am a car guy, and just about anything auto based is my favorite type of tv. except for those two canadian idiots on speed channel. some of the stuff they put into the cars on this show is a little dumb, but hey it's all about pimpin yo!
  • Rapper X-zibit and his friends at the car shop grant the wishes of viewers to see their wheels go from messed-up to greatness.

    Many people must get through the day with only a beat-up clunker to ferry them around. The paint doesn't match, the seats hurt and only a few lousy stations come in on the radio.

    Even the most brave of drivers will quake under the weight of automotive lousiness, however, and who hasn't dreamed of driving off in something that will turn heads?

    Enter the crew of this show. When X-zibit knocks at your door, it's better than Christmas and your birthday rolled into one. Time to bid goodbye to the old image of the piece-of-junk in your driveway, because they're going to give it a massive remake.

    Out go the junk parts, in come a new engine, replacement body panels, gleaming hubcaps, beautiful paint and finally a stereo system they can hear and see in space. You get a look at how auto crews actually design this stuff.

    Even novices to the car world will find plenty to enjoy here.
  • Agree - why hasn't anyone thought of it before?

    I am 30 years old now, and this (and Celebrity Death match) are the only things I watch on MTV. :)
    I love Pimp my Ride. Those cars... in the beginning of the show they are total wrecks, if you look at them you'd think they fall apart or not make it a single mile longer. And what these guys do with them... all those crazy ideas... totally out of their head, but that's awesome! It always surprises me what these guys can make out of a piece of junk. They are true masters of their craft and I am looking forward to many more shows!
  • whoever thought of this is a frikin genius

    this show is great and features many junked up cars who with the help of west coast costoms (or GAS in season 2) are tricked out with new seats, tires, electronics, sterios, paint, and TV monitors. X-zibit the fabulous actor is the host and he does a good job. some cars aren't thank junky some were probably purchased in the junkyark. the entire trcking out costs thounsands of dallors and their doing it for free, the show takes place in LA. well i don't know what else to say so i guees thats then end of my review thanks for reading it
  • The only show I'll actually watch on MTV.

    Lesse...MTV..."Music Television?" Bah, not anymore. MTV definately sucks now, but there's one show that's awesome, and that's "Pimp My Ride."

    The show's about a rapper named Xzibit and his crew at West Coast customs, who "pimp" up crappy old cars. Everything from an 80's Wonderwagon to an old 50's panel truck, Xzibit can pimp out any car.

    Waht makes this show so awesome are the nifty things they pimp out the cars with. They redo the interior, fill it with nifty gadgets, give it a pimpin' paint job, fix up the tires, and then trick it out with several assessories, like a couch or even a juice maker! And then Xzibit gives the owner of the "pimped out ride" a parting gift having to do with their interests, such as a waterproof camera, mp3 player, DVDs, and even a cat!

    All and all, this is actually the only good show on MTV. Way better then these reality shows and crap.
  • I give this show a 9.2 out of 10 score due to: keeping me entertained and constantly amazed at what new things are being done to vehicles this day in age. When is it my turn?

    By far, my favorite episode that I have seen, would be "Alice’s Chevy Suburban". From season two, episode number 19. Alice had a piece of junk; she carried everything around in it from trash to tires. I believe she was an “on-call” make up stylist, or someone of the sort. When X got a hold of her ride they made that Suburban the most beautiful 4X4 vehicle I have EVER seen. That was when I decided I need to have my car “Pimped.” Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion on the show.
    – J. Beam
  • Pimp my ride is a great show. I like to see how they take a care and in a couple of days it goes from a big piece of junk to a real pimped out car.

    My favorite thing about this show is to see the stuff in the middle like seeing how they fix things and how they do the stuff to fix the cars up. Its cool to see how they put the paint and speakers. Its also pretty cool watching what happens and what they find in the car sometimes. It would be cool if one day Xzibit came to my house one day to fix my car but that only happens in California and I like in Utah. Another really cool thing about the show is how when the person comes back to pick up they're car and when they see it they have this really crazy reaction.
  • Hey, pimp my ride too. And, while you're at it, pimp my house and everything else I've got.

    This is the first show of this kind that I see. You take the worst car ever (I thin that some people actually break the car the day before sending the application, make some really bad photos and then fill it up with food to make it look messy, and then they say it has been like that for months...yeah yeah) and pump it...i mean pimp it.
    I really like the crew's and X's attitude, and their humor (they do not cross the line like on other shows). Something I kind of dislike is how almost every vechicle gets the same accesrioes: PS2, Sound sistem, kareoke machine, etc.
    And what I find really annoying is the way the owners (especially girls) act when they see it (they just do it for 15 mins of fame).
    All in all, a good show, and I hope they could pimp my ride.
  • Thank God MTV's bringing it back!

    I\'m actually glad that Pimp My Ride was back. It was the next best thing on MTV to Viva La Bam! This season (2006) we\'re gonna see a new chop shop, even more f-----ed up cars, and more comedy. I just don\'t know what else to say. I have nothing else to type but I gotta fill in 100 words. So, I\'ll make these words count. It is a funny, yet jaw-dropping (when you see how hot the cars look) reality show that at times is a blessing in disguise, if you know what I mean.....

    I give Pimp My Ride an 8.7.

    Manny Z
  • Kol show I loved the way they fixed up the cars. Hope it comes back one day. Loved the paint combinations and the rims. Not to sure bout some accessories that they used but installing tv's and camera's were fun.

    This show wasnt to bad altough it couldve been better im all about performance if they had more performance upgrades I wouldve watch the show more but they dont so I only watched the muscle cars that needed fixing. I loved that Bel Air episode i just wish they put some perforamcne mods in the car or at least an engine swap in some of the cars.
  • this waz one of tha best shows on mtv

    pimp my ride was a very good show i liked watching it because it taught me alot about cars and stuff like that and tha host xzibit was a very good host if thyey ever bring pimp my ride back xzibit should come back too and xzibit needs to come out wit a new cd i got his albem weapons of mass destruction and it is a tha best albem ive heard i listen to it almost every day i would like to meet xzibit jus to see what tha man is like
  • my mom needs her car pimped out please

    my name is corrinna i am 9 yrs old the oldest of 4 kids we live in beaverton or with our momma she is the worlds bestest mom with no money she needs to have her ride pimped out please thank you my mom takes care of all of us kids and she just got a 1997 neon lil black car needs to be pretty for my mom . she loves the color purple , white tigers , ying yangs , may be you could help her stereo sound real bad no antenna in the car and speakers are raddling when we play music in them.... thank you for your time
    corrinna 9yr
  • ok. . . .

    I like it alright I mean I love to see the outcome of the cars when they get done with them. And how miracles the change was but… I don’t know I sorta get tired of him [the host] having to use at least one cussword every episode (sometimes more). But over all it’s a pretty cute show and pretty entertaining… yep.
  • Big up to Xzibit and his show!! I love the concept, it totally add a new branch to reality TV.

    Man! They truly made miracles with all the cars they pimped so far. X and all the guys of West Coast Costum brought back to life vehicules that you couldn't believe there was something left to do with them. Those old-crap on wheels where given a new breath of life and luckily for the owners, they wouldn't have to be ashamed of their car no more. They even personalise the cars for the owners needs which is a great thing. I wish so much I could get my own ride pimped but I have to admit they are some others that need this more than me.
  • please pimp my ride

    i have a 1972 chevelle and a 70 cuda that i have always wanted to give it new life i watch pimp my ride and just dream of what you could do to mine dream dream dream but i guest the alabama just to far for you guys but i love the show and what you guys can do to a car thanks Rod
  • As Big Daddy Kane said, "Pimpin' ain't easy, but it sho' is fun!!" And this show proves that it can be a LOT of fun.

    Ok...first off, I will say that it bugs the hell out of me that "typical Mtv" only aims for the 21 and under crowd. So, you always see a bunch of kids on their getting their cars revamped..or pimped, so it is totally one sided on that.

    As for the show itself, Xzibit and the team at West Coast Customs makes this show awesome!! X's smart comments and wise cracks make it so amusing to see how he is going to react on these cars. The the lucky kid is showing him their broke down ride, the things he says is enough to make your spleen rupture, and its mainly funny because you are gonna sit their and say...I can't believe these people actually are doing these things. And then, the West Coast Customs team, them guys got some major skill. Its really kewl seeing how they are coming up with all the new designs and the tricks they use to get the car pimped to they way they want it.

    Its a very informative show if you enjoy working on cars, and its just plain fun.
  • What an awesome show. I'd like to buy a drink for the person at MTV that came up with the concept for this show.

    I caught two episodes of Pimp my Ride when I was on holidays in Brisbane at my Dad's place last October. My brothers had been telling me how awesome this show was, and I have to admit that they were right.

    The episodes were West's Ford Fairlane, and Nate's Ford Econovan.

    Needless to say I thought the show was that great that as soon as I got back home to Canberra, I went straight out and grabbed Season 1 on DVD.

    My wife was sceptical, until I made her watch a couple of episodes.

    As I dont have access to cable TV at home, I am waiting for more seasons to be released on DVD.

    Please MTV... (2 things)

    1. please make an Australian version of the show...


    2. PIMP more seasons to DVD.......
  • good

    this is a just a perfect show. this car its so funny and stiling...... wery good this is a just a perfect show. this car its so funny and stiling...... wery good this is a just a perfect show. this car its so funny and stiling...... wery good this is a just a perfect show. this car its so funny and stiling...... wery good
  • I love your show! wish I was closer so you could see my car and help it lol

    Love the show! I like what you do the cars, wish we had something around here like that. Some of the cars in our town r like really scary. But keep it comen I like what i see. The show rocks..... Like the work you do. hope to see lots more.
  • Hi, I am Michelle and my husband and six kids are all looking forward to seeing the new shows that are to come and still enjoy all the ones in the past. My family and I are all fans of the show and have been watching for a long time.

    My family and I all watch the show. This is one show that we can all watch together and enjoy as a family. I have six children and one very loving husband that provides for us right know while I am going to Collage to do medical insurance billing and coding and I have always wanted to do something great for him because he deserves it. He works long hours and still manages to take care of the kids when I am away for school. Your show is the one time during our hectic lives when we all get to sit down together. And every time I am always wishing that one-day I would have the chance to do something like that for him. You have a wonderful show and maybe one day we will get the chance to be on it to. Thank you for wonderful show and keep it up!
  • What I would really like to say is, Better every episode!

    This show is great! First of all because.... CARS!!!!!!!!!!! Second, they show you that it is possible to put a wide screen TV in the bed of a pick-up, and third of all, This show is great! did I mention i like this show and it is great?yeah I think I did. Well, My review is over!

  • Hi guys!

    Your show is the best on TV ever. Best thing is see the car owners faces when they see their new ride first time. X and West Coast Customs do great job to make people happy expecially when some guy or girl is some reason not able to pimp his/hers ride with own money. Well anybody can`t pimp own ride like West Coast Custom do,they are unrealistic and soo freaking cool after they do their job for "while". I wish we have here in Finland same kind of program in TV,i would call them as soon as possible and pray that they pimp my ride. Good luck all to you guys an keep on great job to make people happy. PS.Sorry my bad english,i`m from Finland and not so good to write in english.
  • pimp my ride is 1 of the programs that can entertain u and enlighten u about good fortunes that are happening to rides.i loved it, im still loving it and i will love it forever. if u are missing out i guess u are miss the best of the best

    if u havent watch or follow the pimp my ride program then u are missing out. cos pimp my ride is 1 of the programs that update u about the good fortune happening to rides of any knid. i feel pimp my ride had showed me and enlighten me lot about the accesories that can be put into a ride.
    hey exibit and west coast crews i wish u guys good luck cos without u and the good jobs u guy do out,there is no pimp my ride. men i feel i can b part of it cos it makes me feel cool. nobody does it better than west coast and exibit. i loved it and im still loving it and will love it forever
  • This show is my favorite show.That was the first show to make me think that there could be better show then animation.And it showed the beauty of cars. PLZ BRING IT BACK:(

    This show is my favorite show, or i say it was, becouse they dont have any more new pimp my ride lately. I wish mtv bring the show back becouse the show is a masterpiece. This show shoed me another reason to lieve in this hopeless earth. Is to have a pimped up ride. Wen i graduate collage swear that im going to have a very good. an pimped out ride. I think Xibit should come back to this show, or bilive me or not without this show xibit is wakhy, in another word he is not pimped. Plz bring this show back.
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