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  • all the episodes are pretty much the same, and the show, though mildly is scripted..

    The episodes themselves are pretty much the same. Xzibit suprises a young Southern California male or female who appears to be under twenty five years old and attempts to drive their raggedy car to West Coast Customs. Next we see the staff of West Coast Customs sit down in a meeting (a rep from the company said in FHM magazine that the meeting is strictly for the camera), and they determine just what tricked out things they are going to do to the car. So essentially, it is a total car makeover with special additions like shoe racks, e-mail hook-ups, video game systems, camera, video moniters and other hi tech additions.
  • Pimp my school bus, pimp my wheelchair, pimp my treehouse...

    Yeah, yeah, it’s a good auto shop-type show when it’s at its best, but sometimes I think it’s ridiculous to put six multiplex monitors on one side of your truck, and three X-boxes in your car. These “accessories” are so unnecessary. I’d rather take everything apart, throw my car away, and sell the stuff I don’t like on Ebay for fast pocket money. Yeesh, and who would put a hot tub or even their own washing machine in their van? Don’t they have one at home?! West Coast is wasting so much money on that type of crap. Digital gauges, MP4 Players, and limo partition is okay for me, but a widescreen monitor with 9 speakers, portable grill that can attach to your arm rest, and a PS2 with wireless controllers and three monitors in your trunk? Waste of thousands of dollars. But I guess it ain’t pimping if you have all that shit in your car.
  • Xzibit and the good people at West Coast Customs make people's cars go from dirt to pimped in this 30 minute series.Xzibit--Pimp Master of Ceremonies himself--will be pulling drivers off the road who are guilty of committing heinous vehicular style crimes

    I like this show. I also like what the West Coast do to the cars. If I $20,000 to $30,000 dollars I would like to get my car pimped.

    This season, the guys are back in full effect, transforming more rides and more lives. As usual, Xzibit--Pimp Master of Ceremonies himself--will be pulling drivers off the road who are guilty of committing heinous vehicular style crimes and giving their wheels the ultimate pimp-over.
  • A show that involves MTV having West Coast Customs take old, junkheaps of cars and repairing them to become some really pimped out rides.

    A pretty decent show showing MTV and Xhibit take someones ugly car and change it into a nice one. It involves a lot of repetitive patterns that every episode has. An example would be the guys at West Coast Customs sitting down at a large table and the foreman asking his workers what they can do this time. There is no change in the way the episode runs through. This show offers some great looking cars in the end. They install some very nice products into the cars. But, one downfall to this show is that it is only 30 minutes long and they don't give you a very in depth look into how they design and install products into these cars. Overall, it is very appealing and interesting. Would satisfy any car lover.
  • An excellent and interesting show that leaves you wanting more.

    This show is just plain excellent.They take a screwed up old car and turn it into the coolest machine youve ever seen.They some times do outrages and weird things to cars like the one time they put a fire place in the boot of the car.Xzibit is an excellent host for this show and fits in perfectly.Pimp My Ride UK on the other hand is very corny.The Host Tim Westwood sucks and tries to copy Xzibit but comes now where near him.You have to watch this show as I said before it is excellent and over the top and cool.
  • I think it's entertaining to watch them gettin their cars fixed. I never knew there are so many things you could put on ur car.

    When you think about it, after all it's still piece of crap. People often judge a book by its cover but cars are different. It's good to have dope gadgets inside ur car but whats really inside the car is still shit. Also If i see an oldass pimped up truck from some farm, it would make me cry because why would you spend fifty thousand dollars on a piece of crap. with that kinda money, you could fix my M3 to the point it's untouchable.

    I got a little off topic...anyway its a good show.
  • Great show and I watch it every chance I get. it so great what you do and the face of the people when they see there car is priceless.

    I really enjoy this show and
    i want to know if they will pimp my ride? my story is this the vehicle I would like to have pimp is my first puchase after my divorce after being married for 22 years. Of course because I knew nothing about buying a car, it was a lemon. within the first week I had to get a new starter.
    It\'s a 1989 chevy G20 Sport Van and It has grown on me,
    I have driven it 6 times to Florida and
    just about every part has been replace, the engine caught firer everything that could and can be replaced at one time was replaced. Everyone tell me it\'s too old but It growns on you and and I would like to see it retore.
    I just turn 50 years old on July 26 and I love to trip there is more to my story please let me know if you are interested in the rest.I truly ejoy the show, when I get a chance to see.
  • well all i can say is i wish i lived in america

    This show is unreal you have young and the older people who have these cars with a need of some attention,and the guys from west coast customs come and flip there machines around in a complet 360.
    The boost of confidence this gives these people would be unbelievable.
    I know if i lived in america i would love my car to be pimped by these guys who know not only what they are talking about but they can walk the walk when it comes to doing the work.
    You guys are unreal keep it up one day i\'ll move to america just to try and be pimped!
  • i would love to have my car pimped it would be sooo cool

    i think \'pimp my ride\' has got to bhe the best car restoration show ever, down at west coast customs they can do anything to your car that you want it to look like from spinning rims to as many tv screens as thay can fit. i cant believe that they can know what we want to see done to the cars in 30 minates they change an old banged up car in to a car with loads of tvs and up to date style. i also cant believe that they is only 9 people that do all this to the car. pimp my ride is the best.
  • I want my ride PIMP'D.

    Watching pimp my ride always gives me more ideas for my car. Xzibit i good host and knows his role. It feels genuine and the mechanics are great. The cars themselves are very pimp. Love this show cant wait for next season. It is cool to see the car at the end of the episode.
  • WOW I want my car pimped!

    Watching pimp my ride always gives me more ideas for my car. The only two things I wish they would change is that it is only in on the West Coast and my car is not on it. I would greatly approve of an east coast edition. Why wont thy Pimy my ride???
  • Rap star Xhibit takes crappy cars and pimps them out with the help of West Coast Customs.

    Pimp my Ride seems to be one big plug for xzibit and West Coast Customs. It is cool to see the car at the end of the episode. But all the wacky antics the crew performs are obviously fake and not verry funny. If you can only catch the last ten minutes of the show you are lucky because thats the only part that is really worth a damn.
  • The show is becoming ridiculous! Why would someone need a hottub in their car? Please tell me why!

    When this show first came out, it was great. Now its really starting to get old. The jokes arent that funny anymore and when X shows up to these peoples houses with those specail effects is becoming really cheezy. Like my thing is if they cant afford to fix their car, that usually means they don't live in the nicest place, so you're pasically just signing yourself up to get robbed. I heard that Nile (from the first episode) got killed so someone could get her car. So its really not a good thing to get your ride pimped anyway.
  • How do I go about getting a friend\'s car on pimp my ride...he really needs it. Corinne Diaz cdiaz33496@yahoo.com

    I love your show...some really amazing car reconstructing you do. I would love to have my friend\'s car in your tv show. I think he would be surprised and excited at the same time. It is a really nice show. I am sure you make a lot of people very happy.
  • A crap car becomes new agian as West Coast Customs Pimps their ride.

    This show is basicly fixing one lucky persons car into a pimped out ride with moniters, juice makers, and fish tanks. It is a good show for what it is and a good when to spend a half an hour when nothing better is on. It however, may get repetitive if watching the show for a long period of time. Over all however this show is a good and at times can even make you laugh and in the end wishing you had a pimped out ride.
  • The new seaons are great.

    I think the West cost customs team is doing great job. The new one\'s I have seen this season have been a lot cooler than the past especial the paint jobs. The mini van one is my favorite so far. Because of the assume paint job and the usability of the layout. It was functional and fashionable. GREAT JOB!! I would like to see them take a normal vehicle that is average condition and see them really pimp it out.

    How do I get them to PIMP MY RIDE!
  • Worst show i've ever seen!

    I had to watch the first few episodes because my friends wanted to see what it was about. The people who have the messed up cars probably destroyed them and then applied to the show just so they could get free stuff and an awesome redone car. I think the people on these shows who didn't destroy their cars just to get on the show and just akways had screwed up cars must be really lazy. They should get a descent job and work for a change, then mabye they'd have enough money to buy a new car.
  • The show is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cool.

    This is a cool show and it shows u how cool people's cars r after theyve been pimped and it is funny.The show is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cool.
  • Changing Rooms. For Cars. With an urban gritty theme and a loud hip hop "superstar". *yawn*

    As Pimp My Ride is unfortunately one of a kind, it's difficult to compare it against something else equally. Regardless, I think it would lose everytime, no matter what "makeover show" it went up against.

    First off the concept is horrible. A screwed up car that isnt visually appealing in the slightest get's "modded" out and equipped with fishtanks and glow in the dark furry dice, the car get's painted an insanely unnecessary loud colour, and the owner of said vehicle leaves happy. All in a half hour episode that seems like an eternity while watching.

    During the operations and design makeovers, presenter and once upon a time rapper Xzhibit runs around the garage shouting, all in front of some random backing hip hop music, making the show even less unwatchable than once previously.

    It's surely at that point the fans of the show have to question reasons for watching. Granted, im sure it would make for a grand old time in REAL life, but watching all this happen to someone else's car and then seeing them cruising at the end of the episode can't be too captivating, let alone interesting.

    But then, what else would you expect from the "new MTV"?
  • A good show.

    Yea, dis show pretty cool. Taking old beat up cars and fixing dem up. Who thought of that type of show deserves props. I love how the show is, from the begining song, to wen dey use special effects with Xzibit, to wen the lucky people see their ride and go crazy. But i cant help but think what goes on behind the scenes. Do they pay for what goes into the ride? Or do they rehearse some of the scenes wen they go crazy? I dunno and dont really care much. Its pretty entertaining to watch.
  • I think that your show is pimpin any time i get a chance to watch it, I enjoy every last second of it. I think more people should do what you do. but even if they did it would never compair to your show.

    Well i really dont know if this is the right place for this or not. I dont want to sound greaddy or anything but i would really like to ask a huge favor and have my ride on pimp my ride. I am a 26year old vetetin from the Iraq war and was kicked out of the army for medical reasons. sence then i have meet my blood sister that i have not seen nor did i know i had. i bought a 1992 ford explorer from her and have not quit spending money on it sence. it is always breaking down. i could have just bought a used car but i wanted to help her out and now im out $4,000. the head gasket resently blew on it and now im on foot. I can not afford to get it fixed. I was just hoping that maybe you would like to help a vet or know someone who would thank you for you time.
    Spc. Jerry Bohnet (U.S. Army retired)
  • Dont believe they are really someones car and not from some scrapyard.

    They have a similar show from Germany called Pimp my Farhad ( Bicycle ) that is soooo sad, they Pimp someones old bike, and another one where they get some crap Ford Taunus and go to the local scrap yard to fix it up, usually looks like something a 16 year old Chav would do....hugely funny and off the wall.
  • its an ok show i find it cool

    this si soo sick they took a guys two cars welded together and made it perty i love it it is soo cool it is such an amazing show and x-zibit is just amazing im taken my time to write all these out sooo w.e but yeah to my point i love this show it is cool and okk! ! !
  • It got old very fast...

    Pimp my ride was fun to watch at first but then it got really repetitive and boring. The shows formula is basically about teens that have really bad cars and so they send a video into MTV asking them to "pimp" their ride. Then Xzibit, a rapper, comes and knocks on their door. The teen usually screams and gets all excited and then Xzibit makes a few jokes about their vehicle and takes it to West Coast Customs to get "pimped". While at West Coast Customs they put some cool stuff in the car like TV's, Jacuzzis, coffee machines, and give it a new paintjob, new rims, etc. While it was interesting at first to see the cool things that could be done to peoples cars the shows formula got really boring and so I would only recommend watching maybe 4 episodes.
  • If you have a crappy car they fix the stupid thing up.

    Its great for people with a hunk a junk car, because all you have to do is send in a video and it might get accepted. They make your car 100 times better than it was before. I was thinking of when I get a car scratching it up and maybe running into couple of walls then hope they pimp my ride.
  • They can Pimp My Ride any day!

    Our local San Francisco tv critic had favorably reviewed Pimp My Ride, but I figured just another MTV show. I happened upon it one night not so long ago while channel surfing. I love this show. What I love about Pimp My Ride is that it shows everyone in their best light, unlike about every other unreality show I can think of. The kids are excited and happy. X to the Z is excited and happy that the kids are excited and happy. The guys at West Coast Custom are excited and happy to working on the cars. I like all the bleeping swearing too. They kept it real. Not to criticize, but I find the least interesting aspect of the show to be the actual customization of the cars. Afaic it's the McGuffin to X and the kids. Anyway, that's the opinion of one much to old to have his ride pimped or his (bra) strap snapped. West Coast! X To The Z Power To The People Right Now!
  • This is basically the only show I watch that has the concept of cars in it.

    Pimp My Ride is a show that takes a broken down car, and changes it into a beautiful custom car(or "pimps" it out). It's not the concept of cars that get's me watching the show, it's the humor -- and my envy for those cars. Pimp My Ride has it's funny moments, whether it's Xzibit (did I spell that right?) making a quick funny remark, or the pathetic quality of the broken down cars. The show is addictive for some wierd reason. You want to see more transformed cars for some reason. Maybe you find it entertaining. Or maybe you want one of those cars. Whatever special reason you have, you'll keep watching this show. For me, this is pretty much a show I watch when there's nothing else on that I can watch. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna ride my car off a bridge and send it to Pimp My Ride.
  • Some kid has a crappy-ass car, and hates it. So, Xzibit comes to pimp his ride.

    Sometimes, you have nothing to do, and you just start flipping channels, over and over. Then, ususally by mistake, you happen to be watching MTV. A couple minutes later, you see this old, piece of crap car. Then, you see a car that looks like it's owned by god.

    The part of this show that actually grapples you in is the,usually lame(in the form of Mad Mike), humor. When the dude gettin his ride pimped is showing it to Xzibit, X tends to pop a few funny jokes. To further my claim, the guys at WCC are kinda funny in what they are doing while they are pimping the car.

    Regardless, this is an Xcellent show, and you should watch it. Every day. Of every week.
  • ..what?

    The show starts off the same everytime - someone begging X to pimp their ride. They show their car to the camera, showing/telling everyone whats wrong with it. Sometimes it cuts to the person's relations or friends, saying how good said person is, and how much they derserve it. After that, along comes X, usually after a few waste of time camera tricks. X then goes to the driveway, pokes fun at the car, laughs with his nasty laugh, and goes to the person's door.

    Enter pseudo person, jumping around/squealing/screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S XZIBIT!".. sometimes all three and more, if you're lucky. It's funny how the person always answers the door, and not anybody else in the house.

    X drives the car to West Coast Customs, where the car will be pimped. The first time WCC see the car, they put their hands to their face, sometimes bang their head against a wall, and say something along the lines of "Oh my God, look at this ****", as if they expected a perfect car to arrive. What? I thought that was the whole point of the show? They fix up crappy looking cars? No? Weird. They should know that of all people.

    WCC then gather around a table, discussing what will be fixed, and how it will be fixed. Most times, if not every single time, totally unnecessary things will be fixed into a car, such as a pool table, a jacuzzi, 6 track DVD changer, a ping-pong table, etc. Are they trying to encourage gaming whilst driving, increasing the chances of crashing? Obviously.

    At the end of the show, the person comes to collect their car. WCC show the person whats new in their car. Enter more pseudo squealing. And have you ever noticed that at least once on every show, on a new TV installed in the car it's playing a video of X doing his thing? Is this to remind us of why he's famous?

    The last things we see are the person driving off in their car, after being told that they've been "pimped". Camera cuts to morphing of the car, showing what it was like and what it's like now. The sound it makes gets annoying after a while. The person drives to their house, where all their friends are. Last shots are the friends saying how good it looked, how they'd never be seen dead in the car before, but now everything's changed. Very last shot, is the person posing with their car.

    Although it's samey, and a waste of time, I occasionally can't help but waste 30 minutes of my life watching this. Only if there's nothing else on, of course.
  • I love Pimp My Ride!

    Pimp My Ride is the awesome! The first few shows they were making the cars look ookkkaayy, but then they started making awesome cars! See the shows is about teenagers who submit their trashy looking car somewhere. Then, when they least expect it, Xzibit (the host) comes knocking on their door saying he's gonna Pimp Their Ride! At the end is the best when you get to see all the cool things they put in some people's cars and you get to see the owner of the car's reaction! Most of the time, the crew that works on the car puts flat screen TV's in their cars! And once they put in a jacuzzi in some guys van! I can't wait to see what they put in the next person's car!
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