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  • Bus rescue from scrapers help!

    Help! Staff are laughing at my son for dreaming of doing up a bus to tour around Europe with his friends!

    Trouble is the bus is 30 years old & after months of gutting it & getting the engine started, he's discovered the bottom of the bus is rotten & won't pass the

    Now the men at the yard are saying I told you so and it's going to the scrapers yard!

    Save his bus please!
  • 43 yo Femal in Iowa

    2001 Dodge Dakota, silver with a bad*** engine, needs to get her car pimped. This baby can fly and there is no one in my area with a pimped car/truck. I'm Puerto Rican raised half of the time in PR and the other half in Chicago and we need to bring a little fun to the people in Iowa. You can find me in Facebook by using the email address I used to sing up here. Thanks!!
  • pimp my sons toyota

    I have a 16 year old son who has worked very hard this year and managed to complete 3 grades in high school. His father which was also his best friend bought him a truck In 2013 and he slid on ice so now has some body work that needs done and painted. This truck mean the world to him for it was the last thing his father was able to purchase for him for he passed away 5 months after buying the truck. I am a widow now and trying hard to help him thru this but his smiles are so few and far between now. I would love to get this trucked fixed up real nice w a sticker in the back glass of rememberence of his father but my income now that my husband passed wont allow that. This lil guy has tried to b my rock even though of all the pain he was goin thru for he lost his father and his uncle within 2 months apart and he has tried to b a rock for his aunt also. He visits his fathers grave daily and keeps it mowed n cleaned. I would love to see the look on his face if his truck would be pimped out n have a in memory of his father on back glass. For as a mother we try to keep our children from pain but do to uncontrollable circumstances mine is one sad child. But he had a wonderful father who done every thing w him. Thank for taking time and reading this. Hope it made since for writing this and trying to keep it together was hard it will only b year that he passed july of 2014. sincerely mom of 1
  • 1993 Previa - Would be best one yet

    I have owned a 1993 toyota previa for 16 years. Never thought it would keep running, but it does. Paint is going, radio going, no a/c, interior fading, but the "beast" will run as long as the steel doesn't rot through. Gave the car to my boys who share it. No money to fix it, but our imaginations always run wild when we think of the possibilities of what we could do with this van. You could live in it if done right. Always talked about contacting you guys (LOVE YOUR SHOW!) and finally decided to write. If you guys pimped this, it would be the best episode yet!
  • pimp my sons Honda

    I'm writing to see if I can get my sons Honda pimped out, he is a hard working young man got married a year ago and just had a baby four months ago, so hopefully you would understand that he can't afford to fix his ride up. It's a nice car just needs to be pimped out buy you guys, I told him I was gonna write to you guys and he told me mom your crazy they don't really do that it's just a show. I told him it never hurts to try to ask you guys. Please pick him to pimp his ride
  • sonho

    Eu adoro o pimp my ride. O meu sonho um dia ter um gt500 Eleanor 1967. Mais sei que no tenho condies financeiras pra comprar um!!
  • pimp my friends porche

    Hey this guy is great, he's a disabled vet still young enough to enjoy it if it were pimped 10200849054612753&set=pcb.10200849093893735&type=1&theater

    He'd be in heaven in this car all pimped out...
  • Love the show and you guys ROCK!!!

    I inherited my dads 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible which has been sitting up for over 2 years when I got it--I have since put a new convertible top on it plus new radiator, fixed a major oil leak, new heat pump, air conditioner, ring seals, and some other stuff but no matter what I do it just seems to always want to keep me stranded I have already exhausted all my funds into this car. I know to many this car is not worth the money I have spent on it to get it to where it is today, but it is all I have left that belonged to by dad which passed away suddenly. We gave the car to my 17 year old son to drive on a day to day basics and this car is just leaving him stranded on the side of deserted county roads all the time, which as a mother leaves me worrying endlessly every time he leaves the house. I am a cancer survivor and I had to file bankrupt to pay the bills and can no longer fix this car. Xzibit PLEASE will you PIMP my sons ride before he goes into the military and for my peace of mind for his safety and in memory of my dad!!!

  • Love You!

    I really love watching your show. Here's my story, I meet my husband in 2001, his wife passed in 2000 & I was living with a friend that passed in 2001. We are both 61, well, he will be 62 Sept. 17th. Anyway, when I met him he was driving a 1968 Chevy pickup that sounded GREAT. Later I told him I fell in love with his truck before him! But I do love him dearly. We both enjoyed car shows, beer, rock n roll, mj & just hanging out together. We got married in 2006. We are both disabled now & living on welfare(which we both hate) & can no longer work. Over the years we went thru a lot of vehicles & now we are back to the chevy truck, which we are both glad of, but she needs a lot of work. He got her back on the road in June 2013, after replacing the motor with a surburban engine. He has been nit pickn to get things caught up on her due to lack of funds. I would be sooo grateful if you would consider helping us out & make our Miss Menke look like she did in her prime, since we are out of ours. Thank you for reading, again love the show, you're great!
  • pimp my ride Down Under

    My Dad has a 1971 Corvette Stingray since I was born, Arrived from California where dad spent countless hours putting in the original guards back on, the car looked like a Bat Mobile.

    We have gone through a tough time over the most recent years as my Dad has a Tumour in his Head,

    Which has changed his focus in life, He has had 2 major Operations and just completed a 28 day treatment of Radiation, My 10 year old brother who sits in the car pretending to drive it, almost Died

    With a Staff infection to his Heart spending 14 weeks in hospital.

    It would be a dream come true for my brother and Dad for you guys to Pimp My car in the land down under in Australia, Sydney

  • New Ride

    My friend that is a disable veteran has a truck that he is trying to pimp out and I would like to see if you can help him out since his birthday is coming up how can I get him enter to get
  • Need My Whip Game Proper... PLEASSSE!!!

    Since 2005 or when Pimp My ride started to air. I thought not only how cool it was to make others happy by complete surprise, but how sick and really neat it was to restore and custom build the rides you do and have in previous seasons. Just out of kindness of heart and a way way of giving back is really just true, honest , and amazing. I have a 1980 Buick Century its really one of kind, it only has one side mirror, and now that I'm in a Community College in (Lafayette, IN) i will be ASE certified in Dec 2013, Ive put a little money in it since Ive had to keep it running for what I could afford. There's nothing I would dream for more that for you guys to pimp my ride. So X to the Z PLEASE PIMP MY RIDE
  • This Show is the best worldwide

    X i really admire your works and all you do but i really wish you could visit Ghana so some of us could have a feel of you. And possibly share in your experience. One love big bro you are the best. Thanks.
  • Help! Help! Help!

    can anyone tell me where I can write to to get my car pimped out? does anyone have an email address I can write to? thanks
  • Love The show

    To Pimp My Ride

    My name is Karen Watson. I am writing to you today because of my husband and his van. My husband while at work back in September 2011 was injured at his work place. They done similar work like you but only with car hauling rigs. He was a supervisor and had two trainees with him that day. While up on the trailer working with one of the new guys, the other new guy needed his help. So Tom started over to the other worker, when the worker that he had just left pulled the wrong hydraulic hose and tripped My husband causing him to fall and break his neck and back in several spots. Truck Tech Refurbishing refused to call him an ambulance, so they stuffed him into his little pickup truck. After about a half hour went by they finally said to the on worker to take me to the urgent care not the hospital. Urgent care refused to see them because of the neck injury. They sent them to the hospital. While at the hospital, Tom was fired from his job because Truck Tech was afraid of what this would do to their workers Comp Insurance. To this day, workers comp still haven't helped us in any way. My health insurance finally stepped in to help some. They had to operate ASAP. The doctor said than Tom should have never survived the fall. My husband is permanently disabled and in a wheelchair for the most part. As each day goes on he is losing more and more of his ability to use his legs. Throughout all of this, all the pain he is in and us losing everything that we had, Tom has managed to keep his Faith in the Lord, and keep his family together. Tom is now an Ordained Pastor and spreads the word of God. He is quite an amazing man. What concerns me is the van that we were able to get from a man after his father past a way. It is a 98 Dodge Ram B1500 conversation van. We picked it up and it had been setting for a very long time. Tom brought it home and even though he is in a wheel chair and in a ton of pain, he worked on his van in the driveway. The paint is very faded and there is a lot of rust at the bottom of the van. It isn't a true handicap van, it has the high doors on the side but not powered and it has a lift to take him and his wheelchair in the van. Tom rigged up the doors with some I bolts and some rope. He then took a fifth wheel puller so he can reach out hook the rope and shut his doors. With his legs starting to go, we are in desperate need of some help. We need to make the two side doors power doors, put in hand controls and a drivers seat that will slide back and swivel so that he can transfer from his wheelchair to the drivers seat. The van only has 80,000 miles on it and runs great. Tom is planning to start to travel the state going to the VA's and homeless shelters to help where ever he can. He has also rejoined the Civil Air Patrol and has asked to be the squadrons Moral Leaders Officer. The CAP is a division of the US Air Force. We have finally had some relief Tom's SSA has started to come. So now he can start to travel to the VA"s to help the vets adjust coming home. They really take to Tom, because he is also in a wheelchair. I would so much and be forever grateful if you would Pimp His Ride. He gives so much and didn't let the fall get the better of him. I love my husband and I don't know anyone who would deserve it more to have their ride Pimped out by the Masters. Pimp My Ride.

    Thank you so very much for your time Karen Watson

    Just incase he is the lucky person to be picked his number cell 517-304-5215 our home 517-672-4699

    Email is

  • Now that is stylish!

    Loving every second seeing this show. You guys really have humour and creativity. I swear when I get a car and I go to America I will let you gentlemen pimp my ride!
  • Scratched my husbands 1988 Cadillac Deville Trunk

    Can you help me? I scratch my husband's trunk and hood of his cadillac while he was at work. I thought I was helping him by cleaning his car off but sad too say I didn't. This car means a lot to him. It only has about 35,000 miles and it has one original owner. He is going to be 50 in August and it would be a great pesant for him if you could help with fixing this car up for him....

    Thank you


  • I really need you help please!....

    I just got a 1989 GT Mustang and didn't even have it 2 weeks and something under the hood caught it on fire, and the front end is gone a lot of the wiring is melted, and the fire company used the jaws of life to the hood, so it's really hard for us to even pay rent and utilities, and none to fix the car, so I can take my Granddaughter to school in the mornings. I beg of you, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!..



    Please help my 2003 Chevy Impala.. she has had more work done to her in the past year then any of my other cars that were A LOT older then her! See here is the deal.. my Nana bought me this car in 2009 because she thought my Paseo was going to take a shyt. Ive had this car since then and have had tons of issues with it and we put LOTS of money into the car. I have been looking for a truck to buy because I have had enough of this car and its problems. WELL.. Just last Sunday my Nana had passed away from Cancer that spread through her whole body =( Very sad since I worshiped the ground she walked on!! Now I cannot just sell this car.. its the one thing that was in her "Will" that she had given me. So with that said.. I REALLY need your help fixing my car.. I will do anything.. ANYTHING... even if that means I must drive my car to you whereever you are. I told my Nana that one day I would fix my car up and turn it into the "Ice Cream Paint Job" Song... Candy paint, white rims, dice.. the whole 9 yards.. I just NEED your help since I dont have the money to do all of this on my own.. please PLEASE help me to make my dream come true and to make my NANNYMO proud of me=))))) Would really REALLY mean the world to me!!! You are my only HOPE.... I love you NannyMo!!! <3 Ness
  • We need a safer ride for our grand children

    We have a 1988 Buick Park Avenue. It's an ok car, but it's breaking down on us and we cant afford to fix it!!! We use our car to take our 7 month old grand daughter to Doctor appts, and our kids to school. My husband has been out of work for 2 yrs now and I just got a job on jan 15, 2013!!! we dont pick up our 1 yr old grand daughter or our 2 month old grand son because we dont want to take the chance on our car breaking down!! Thank You from our grand children Amariana 1yrs old, Andrianna 7months old & Raymond 2 months old!! And Thank You from us also!!
  • It totally sucks that you are in America

    I have a 1997 Audi 2.8 Tiptronic in reasonable good condition if you don't take into account that there is oil in the waterbottle. Must be a blown headgasket or oil heater that's gone. I wish you guys were in South Africa so you could make my Audi look better than a Koenig conversion. All the great stuff happens in America, it sucks to be in South Africa.
  • Needin your help please

    So My friend has an older car, not sure of the year but it is a Chrysler sebring convertible, I think the motor mount is busted and rotors are warped, but other than that the paneling in the drivers side is gone, window doesnt work, interior is shot to heck, and the speaker are busted, I was hoping youd help as a late present to my friend her bday was on xmas and the car is terrible, messed up her bday and everything, and the tags expire end of january and theres no way itll pass inspection, i know itd be an amazing gift, she has no other way around and works two jobs also, PLEASE help and PIMP HER

  • Pimp my Senior Son's Car

    Help....we bought a car for my son for his senior year, a 2000 olds intrigue. We have had nothing but problems, and i know he is so embarrassed driving it, especially when it dies out at a stop, or has a hard time starting it up, no matter where he is, his friends usually have to get off the car and push it, or just pray that it starts. Our son has a big heart and gives to the community, is President of Forensics, and President of Drama. He has overcome so many life illnesses as well as the loss of his grandfathers 8 yrs ago and closest uncle 3 yrs ago. He just can't seem to catch a break, if anything, this is the one thing we were hoping would bring a smile to his face, but instead it has caused a big headache. And he is hoping to have a dependable car to go to college to study to be a cariologist. Can you help......pleasssssssse........cpadillagot90@gmail.com
  • poor college girl needs 2 want to drive grandma car!

    help... my daughters in 1st yr college. she inherited grandmas 1990 caddy. 82,000 origional miles. she wont drive it cause its a gas pig. i want her to once again want grandmas car...no rips or rust,, just a pig. if it was pimped out she could overlook gas prices maby! awsome student 4.0 gpa.. i think it would be an awsome gift. we cant afford anything else as her daddy is an amputee and no longer works. btw.. almost a new car... it sat so many years it dry rotted.. i have 7000.00 in it.. and now she wont drive it..im out big.. cant get my money back. awsome shape now tho. thnx... salonandbarber@ymail.com

    This car has been my BABY, i am a 21 yr old single mom to my 3yr old. and also a full time college student. this car DESERVES to be around for more than just a few more years. its not completely destroyed and needs that TLC it deserves. i have done as much as i can to make it the best car it can be. as much as i can afford. please PIMP MY RIDE. i love this car too much for it to go to car heaven :(
  • The shoemakers wife is the last one to get shoes

    We own a a struggling body shop my husband drives around with rust and creeks in the front and back you can hear him coming down the street..this is his baby he loves his bronco but with all of our money being put in the business we dont have the extra to fix up his horse I feel really bad he works so hard to make sure everyone else cars look amazing mean while he is the last one to get his shoes I'd love to see him ride in something he is proud of and not have to do any of the work himself!
  • In need of Pimp My Ride

    Hi. My husband and I have a 1993 GMC 2500 Vandura only because we could not afford a "new" vehicle.

    You see, my husband and I have three former preemie babies with the oldest of three who is 4 years old. She was born at 25 weeks 1 pound and 11 ounce. Each pregnancy I was out of work for three months so I borrow money to pay for bills. Our youngest is almost 6 months so what we needed was a vehicle with BIG room.

    We had a single cab Ford Ranger but with all the chaos of having our babies early my husband had an accident with the Ford Ranger and it was total while I was at the hosptial 3 hundred miles away with our youngest baby.

    Everyday we keep faith and as long as our kids are well we are happy and hoping for something good. We have relatives and friends who did minor repairs here in there, like replace the water heater, fixing the heater. We barely had money to replace the tires two at a time because we were told the van needs special tires and they come $100 something a tire.

    Between Diapers, formula, food and everyday basic needs we probably would have about $40 between us to pay for gas until next payday.

    I work at a school as a security officer and as I walk around I try to motivate our students to finish school and go on to higher education or work to be a good citizen. At times it becomes difficult but just seeing the kids happy and looking forward to tomorrow is rewarding. There are kids who are not even related in any way but call me "Mommy". I'm there to help "My kids" and support them to make better choice in life. But In the last four years I did not get a chance to see "My kids" graduate but when I see them I get overwhelmed with joy to hear they have "move on" with their lives.

    The kids I work with I treat with the same respect I give my older kids I raised and are working and moving on to higher education. I tell them to spread their wings and they will take them a long ways. My daughter hears it so much from the students that she also calls me "Mommy Nora" LOL Thank you so much. "Mommy" Nora

  • in need of a makeover

    xzibit, does your company come to haverhill, massachusetts? was wondering my fiancee is in need of a makeover he has spent 11 years in prison and now trying to get on his feet he works part time and still cant get by . we are struggling so hard we have 12 children he has 8 of his own and trying to make ends meet and was looking into this to see what can ahppen he loves the incrediable hulk and his dream was to make his truck look 3d with the hulks fist on the sides and his horn to sound like the hulk when he is mad. if you can help please get abck to me and let me know it would be his dream for this to come true.....
  • tired of liveing paycheck to paycheck

    my fiance is disabled n i lost my jod the only ride we have needs major work done to it and we cant afford it. it needs engine work done along with body work can yall please help us out
  • Vietnam Vets American Dream...

    My Best friend is in need of a Harley davidson Trike kit makeover, he's sang with Elvis, Richard Burton, had a car repair and restoration shop at one time, untill his health started declining.. he's served our country well, and due to major disabilities from serving in Agent Orange, which has taken a major part of his vitality from him; hasnt deterred his hopes and its his wish to be able to ride his Harley once again to enjoy his American God given freedom for the time lhe has left; disabilities have greatly affected his health, but his dreams are to restore a few more vehicles on his land and enjoy the outdoors; Agent Orange has caused many mobility problems, but his indomitable spirit still soars, and he is a well liked kinda guy who will have you rolling with laughter, an experience not soon forgotten,... Not to mention; the man had a great singing voice; one song he wrote is in the Rock a Billy Hall Of fame; its about Elvis's passing... I heard it on the radio a few times myself.. its a great song... Please can you help make my Dearest Friends Dreams come true...???? Lynn :)
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