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    Hi. My husband and I have a 1993 GMC 2500 Vandura only because we could not afford a "new" vehicle.

    You see, my husband and I have three former preemie babies with the oldest of three who is 4 years old. She was born at 25 weeks 1 pound and 11 ounce. Each pregnancy I was out of work for three months so I borrow money to pay for bills. Our youngest is almost 6 months so what we needed was a vehicle with BIG room.

    We had a single cab Ford Ranger but with all the chaos of having our babies early my husband had an accident with the Ford Ranger and it was total while I was at the hosptial 3 hundred miles away with our youngest baby.

    Everyday we keep faith and as long as our kids are well we are happy and hoping for something good. We have relatives and friends who did minor repairs here in there, like replace the water heater, fixing the heater. We barely had money to replace the tires two at a time because we were told the van needs special tires and they come $100 something a tire.

    Between Diapers, formula, food and everyday basic needs we probably would have about $40 between us to pay for gas until next payday.

    I work at a school as a security officer and as I walk around I try to motivate our students to finish school and go on to higher education or work to be a good citizen. At times it becomes difficult but just seeing the kids happy and looking forward to tomorrow is rewarding. There are kids who are not even related in any way but call me "Mommy". I'm there to help "My kids" and support them to make better choice in life. But In the last four years I did not get a chance to see "My kids" graduate but when I see them I get overwhelmed with joy to hear they have "move on" with their lives.

    The kids I work with I treat with the same respect I give my older kids I raised and are working and moving on to higher education. I tell them to spread their wings and they will take them a long ways. My daughter hears it so much from the students that she also calls me "Mommy Nora" LOL Thank you so much. "Mommy" Nora

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