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    Please help my 2003 Chevy Impala.. she has had more work done to her in the past year then any of my other cars that were A LOT older then her! See here is the deal.. my Nana bought me this car in 2009 because she thought my Paseo was going to take a shyt. Ive had this car since then and have had tons of issues with it and we put LOTS of money into the car. I have been looking for a truck to buy because I have had enough of this car and its problems. WELL.. Just last Sunday my Nana had passed away from Cancer that spread through her whole body =( Very sad since I worshiped the ground she walked on!! Now I cannot just sell this car.. its the one thing that was in her "Will" that she had given me. So with that said.. I REALLY need your help fixing my car.. I will do anything.. ANYTHING... even if that means I must drive my car to you whereever you are. I told my Nana that one day I would fix my car up and turn it into the "Ice Cream Paint Job" Song... Candy paint, white rims, dice.. the whole 9 yards.. I just NEED your help since I dont have the money to do all of this on my own.. please PLEASE help me to make my dream come true and to make my NANNYMO proud of me=))))) Would really REALLY mean the world to me!!! You are my only HOPE.... I love you NannyMo!!! <3 Ness
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