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    My name is Karen Watson. I am writing to you today because of my husband and his van. My husband while at work back in September 2011 was injured at his work place. They done similar work like you but only with car hauling rigs. He was a supervisor and had two trainees with him that day. While up on the trailer working with one of the new guys, the other new guy needed his help. So Tom started over to the other worker, when the worker that he had just left pulled the wrong hydraulic hose and tripped My husband causing him to fall and break his neck and back in several spots. Truck Tech Refurbishing refused to call him an ambulance, so they stuffed him into his little pickup truck. After about a half hour went by they finally said to the on worker to take me to the urgent care not the hospital. Urgent care refused to see them because of the neck injury. They sent them to the hospital. While at the hospital, Tom was fired from his job because Truck Tech was afraid of what this would do to their workers Comp Insurance. To this day, workers comp still haven't helped us in any way. My health insurance finally stepped in to help some. They had to operate ASAP. The doctor said than Tom should have never survived the fall. My husband is permanently disabled and in a wheelchair for the most part. As each day goes on he is losing more and more of his ability to use his legs. Throughout all of this, all the pain he is in and us losing everything that we had, Tom has managed to keep his Faith in the Lord, and keep his family together. Tom is now an Ordained Pastor and spreads the word of God. He is quite an amazing man. What concerns me is the van that we were able to get from a man after his father past a way. It is a 98 Dodge Ram B1500 conversation van. We picked it up and it had been setting for a very long time. Tom brought it home and even though he is in a wheel chair and in a ton of pain, he worked on his van in the driveway. The paint is very faded and there is a lot of rust at the bottom of the van. It isn't a true handicap van, it has the high doors on the side but not powered and it has a lift to take him and his wheelchair in the van. Tom rigged up the doors with some I bolts and some rope. He then took a fifth wheel puller so he can reach out hook the rope and shut his doors. With his legs starting to go, we are in desperate need of some help. We need to make the two side doors power doors, put in hand controls and a drivers seat that will slide back and swivel so that he can transfer from his wheelchair to the drivers seat. The van only has 80,000 miles on it and runs great. Tom is planning to start to travel the state going to the VA's and homeless shelters to help where ever he can. He has also rejoined the Civil Air Patrol and has asked to be the squadrons Moral Leaders Officer. The CAP is a division of the US Air Force. We have finally had some relief Tom's SSA has started to come. So now he can start to travel to the VA"s to help the vets adjust coming home. They really take to Tom, because he is also in a wheelchair. I would so much and be forever grateful if you would Pimp His Ride. He gives so much and didn't let the fall get the better of him. I love my husband and I don't know anyone who would deserve it more to have their ride Pimped out by the Masters. Pimp My Ride.

    Thank you so very much for your time Karen Watson

    Just incase he is the lucky person to be picked his number cell 517-304-5215 our home 517-672-4699

    Email is