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  • Need My Whip Game Proper... PLEASSSE!!!

    Since 2005 or when Pimp My ride started to air. I thought not only how cool it was to make others happy by complete surprise, but how sick and really neat it was to restore and custom build the rides you do and have in previous seasons. Just out of kindness of heart and a way way of giving back is really just true, honest , and amazing. I have a 1980 Buick Century its really one of kind, it only has one side mirror, and now that I'm in a Community College in (Lafayette, IN) i will be ASE certified in Dec 2013, Ive put a little money in it since Ive had to keep it running for what I could afford. There's nothing I would dream for more that for you guys to pimp my ride. So X to the Z PLEASE PIMP MY RIDE