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  • Love You!

    I really love watching your show. Here's my story, I meet my husband in 2001, his wife passed in 2000 & I was living with a friend that passed in 2001. We are both 61, well, he will be 62 Sept. 17th. Anyway, when I met him he was driving a 1968 Chevy pickup that sounded GREAT. Later I told him I fell in love with his truck before him! But I do love him dearly. We both enjoyed car shows, beer, rock n roll, mj & just hanging out together. We got married in 2006. We are both disabled now & living on welfare(which we both hate) & can no longer work. Over the years we went thru a lot of vehicles & now we are back to the chevy truck, which we are both glad of, but she needs a lot of work. He got her back on the road in June 2013, after replacing the motor with a surburban engine. He has been nit pickn to get things caught up on her due to lack of funds. I would be sooo grateful if you would consider helping us out & make our Miss Menke look like she did in her prime, since we are out of ours. Thank you for reading, again love the show, you're great!