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  • Love the show and you guys ROCK!!!

    I inherited my dads 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible which has been sitting up for over 2 years when I got it--I have since put a new convertible top on it plus new radiator, fixed a major oil leak, new heat pump, air conditioner, ring seals, and some other stuff but no matter what I do it just seems to always want to keep me stranded I have already exhausted all my funds into this car. I know to many this car is not worth the money I have spent on it to get it to where it is today, but it is all I have left that belonged to by dad which passed away suddenly. We gave the car to my 17 year old son to drive on a day to day basics and this car is just leaving him stranded on the side of deserted county roads all the time, which as a mother leaves me worrying endlessly every time he leaves the house. I am a cancer survivor and I had to file bankrupt to pay the bills and can no longer fix this car. Xzibit PLEASE will you PIMP my sons ride before he goes into the military and for my peace of mind for his safety and in memory of my dad!!!

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