Pimp My Ride

Season 6 Episode 5

Spechelle's Mercedes-Benz 300SE

Aired Unknown May 03, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

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  • A 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300SE is transformed from clunking junker to "crunker" for Special, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Krunk".

    This has to be the absolutely worst episode of "Pimp My Ride" that I have ever seen. Most of the kids who appear on the show have some sort of redeeming quality (working with kids, taking care of family members, etc.) The girl in this episode, whose name happens to the "Special", is anything but. She's annoying, conceited, and a self-proclaimed "Queen of Krunk".

    For some reason, PMR and Special try to pass "krunk" off as a type of dance. Unfortunately, the primary definition of "crunk" - as defined by Urban Dictionary - means:

    - Originally derived from the two words: "crazy drunk".

    - Severe intoxication or getting drunk; a very fun or enjoyable time; also used to describe something cool, hip, or fashionable.

    "Special" is anything but cool, hip, or fashionable, and has no redeeming qualities mentioned. Why she was chosen to get her ride pimped is unknown, and I'm sure there were more deserving people.

    It should be noted that "Crunk" is also a type of underground hip hop music, originating in Memphis, Tennessee, in the early 1990s. Crunk is classified as a subdivision of Memphis rap, Dirty South, Southern rap, Miami bass and Electro music are its seeds. Traditionally, crunk meant a hoarse, harsh cry. However, the common urban term is often used in the rap community (and by it's listeners) as slang to mean highly intoxicated.

    Special says that when she drives her beater Benz, which she bought for $300 from a Police auction, she feels "...very sophisticated, because it's a Mercedes, and it's one-of-a-kind, just like me"...and her friends say "...oooh, girl, you drive a Benz, you sharp..." (The '91 MB 300SE is anything BUT one-of-a-kind, since it had a production run in 1991 of over 300,000 world-wide.) Special is seen driving her clunker, hunched over the steering wheel, her eyes scrunched up, trying to look "cool", but failing miserably.

    The '81 Mercedes-Benz 300SV PMR episode is quite possibly one of the worst car transformations they've done; the worst part IMHO is when the Benz hood emblem is replaced with a spinning "S" (in a circle) covered in crystals (as in faux diamonds.) The use of faux fur in the intertior only adds to the annoyance, and the trunk lid is made to jump up and down, which the show tries to say is "krunk". Special fancies herself to be "special", and perhaps she is - but only in the mentally challenged way.