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Big Wheels

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Omar Cruz goes big wheel shopping with a friend to prove... Do the wheels make the man? Does size matter? Omar takes his homie, Rigo shopping for wheels. First, he gets updated wheels for his '64 Impala and drives by a busy outdoor café to measure the effect. With little reaction, the two return and get an earful from our salesperson, "G." "G" hooks them up with a '72 Impala "Donk," lifted with 26" wheels, to try them on for size. The second reactions from our crowd of homies, b-girls, and fashionistas are big: envy for the guys and sexy for the girls. Impressed, Omar take the two hottest girls and Rigo for a victory drive. Proving, at least for Rigo, that the wheels do make the man, and for wheel, size does matter.moreless
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