Season 3 Episode 14

Cars and Girls

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Pimpeando will show that girls are into cars as much as guys are, and not just as a hood ornament. Omar interviews a number of models about their cars. Melinda, in her tribal painted black and purple tricked out Nissan Maxima rolls up. While she and Omar drive to go shopping for rims he digs into her obsession with her car, the details of her vision, and her reaction to guys and girls about it. Audrey, in her Playboy Bunny pink Dodge Intrepid meets Melinda and takes Omar for a ride. In the middle of the ride, Audrey is pulled over by cops and has her car impounded for not being street legal – Playboy Bunny Shaped tail lights, for starters. Audrey shows she'd rather get arrested than lose her car. The Model, the photographer, the Famous IndiCar racer, and the car club girls show us that cars are not just toys for the boys.moreless
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