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Pimped Bicycles

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There are two schools of low riders bicycles those that ride and those that show. We start with the show. Woody and Dago of Legions Bike Club start with Lady Death and get into the art of low rider show bikes – the time, the money and the dedication to making it different. Wood's signature bike is all-wood, from the fenders and frame to even the headlamp. Next, Thomas of UCE bike Club showing their art rides with "Sweet & Sour" taking the sickest, by far. We hand off from show to go when Omar introduces the two world of low bike to each other. Brothers, David (25) and Omar (16) founders of Westside Classics are riders. Made up of kids 8 to 16 Westside Classics builds bikes together with parts bought from cutting lawns and collecting cans. Omar rides with the club at Venice Beach talking about what the club is and what it means to these kids. We stop for some interviews along the way and end up at the sand hanging and drumming to the sunset.moreless
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