Ping-Pong Club

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Ping-Pong Club

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Often considered the Japanese version of South Park but crudely drawn more like Beavis and Butthead, this irreverent comedy contains many explicit scenes inappropriate for television. You have been warned!. Takeda just wants to play ping pong for his junior high, but in order to meet the minimum standard of six players, he's ended up the leader of a bunch of extremely sick perverts, a guy with horrible body odor, and a guy who's popular with the ladies. The Ping Pong Club follows their silly escapades as they struggle to keep their clubroom intact, deal with crazy teachers, and their pretty but bossy student manager, Kyoko. Also known as: IKE! INA-CHUU TAKKYUUBU Let's Go! Inachu Ping Pong Club Number of Episodes: 26 Aired: April 5, 1995 - September 27, 1995 in Japan Rating: TV-MA, 16up (crude adult situations, cartoon nudity (both female and male), language) Animation Studio: Grouper Productions Production Company: Kitty Film (same folks who did Ranma 1/2), Tokyo Broadcast System (TBS) English dub: Software Sculptors Please note: This guide consists of about 47 episodes that fit in 26 half-hour parts. They will be listed by their half-hour episodes in this guide, and the production code will show the episode number of the 10-15 minute segment as posted on the DVD and during broadcast. DVD Volumes 1. Make way for the ping pong club (ep 1-4) 2. Love & Comedy, Die Die Die (ep 5-8) 3. Goes Too Far (ep 9-12) 4. Loser's Club (and Goes for Broke) (ep 13-19) 5. Rots in Hell (and Assorted Shorts) (ep 20-26) Contributing to this guide Do not detail the explicit adult content. For example, if there's an S&M scene, just say "S&M scene" and not what they did in it or who did what to whom. Exceptions may be made when it is essential to the plot. Do not submit Trivia and Allusions for adult products and references. You may submit edits to euphemize existing material that doesn't mess up the context. Quotes may be submitted if they are censored per standards. It'll be understood that they aired uncensored in Japan and on Video. Many of the voice actors are working under silly alias names. Until the alias had been made public by the voice actor or community, I ask that you respect their privacy. Please PM the editor if you have any questions.moreless