Ping-Pong Club

TBS (ended 1995)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Dandy Principal / The Drifters
      A new principal arrives and Maeno immediately embarrasses him. In retaliation, the principal shuts down the club. Takeda and Kino are immediately recruited to join the ruby team. The principal's daughter has a plan to get the club back, but Maeno wants nothing to do with her, at first.
    • Wanted
      Episode 25
      The club tries to recruit new members. But, due to Maeno and Izawa's antics, no one wants to sign up.
    • Fake Drunkard / Takeda Fondles
      Maeno watches old movies where the characters drink, so he pretends he’s been drinking as well. To get him to shut up, the club tries to force Maeno to actually drink some booze. Takeda and Kyoko are the only ones to arrive in the club room and they start to talk about their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Maeno, Izawa and Tanaka are stuck naked in the closet.moreless
    • I've Got Guts / A Dramatic Photo
      After watching a documentary on bravery, Maeno, Izawa and Tanaka challenge each other to see who has the most guts. After Mr. Shibizaki tries to take a team photo, the club describes the embarrassing photo’s they’d like to see.
    • The Invasion / Into the Big Sky
      Maeno, Izawa and Tanaka all decide to form The Delinquent Busters Surprise Sleepover Home Inspection, which means forcing Kino to let them have a sleepover at his house. While at Kino’s house, the three keep trying to peep at his sister.
    • Loan King / Flaming Perverts
      When Mr. Shibizaki arrives with the monthly budget of $2.50, Maeno and Izawa find out that they were supposed to get $150. The thief? Kyoko! Maeno and Izawa are given pills that should make the girls go wild sexually. They’re only supposed to get them to take one at a time, but Izawa decides to use all the pills on Kyoko and Kamiya.moreless
    • A River / Retirement
      Tanabe participates in an eating challenge, where if you eat a large sized gyoza, the meal is free. Afterwards, the guys see a boy who's fallen into a creek. Tanabe is pressured into rescuing him, but when he drowns instead, the guys have to decide on who's going to give him mouth-to-mouth! Izawa meets a girl he used to know, and she talks to him for the first time, which bugs Kamiya a little bit. But the girl still chuckles at the sight of Izawa's pointy hair. This prompts Izawa to get a haircut, courtesy of the club, who not only shave his head, but leave a special surprise in back.moreless
    • The Unfortunates / May I Have It?
      The couples tournament continues. Maeno meets a brother and sister duo with incredible bad luck. Then it’s Maeno & Soma vs Takeda & Kyoko.
    • Partner?
      Episode 18
      Maeno brings in a pamphlet advertising a couples tournament with the winners getting $5,000 and a trip to Guam.
    • Finds Happiness / Sheds His Skin
      Mr. Tachikawa returns with a new scheme to get rid of the club, and it involves getting Maeno to quit the club. Maeno quits the club, but since he’s done it so many times before, no one cares. Besides, they already have a replacement member.
    • Dr. Maeno
      Dr. Maeno
      Episode 16
      Maeno and Izawa cook up an elaborate scheme to examine and videotape all the students and faculty during the annual checkup.
    • The Outcast / Shorty
      Tired of all his pranks, everybody ignores Maeno. At first he decides not to care, until his guardian angel convinces him to be even worse until they explain why they were ignoring him in the first place. Maeno believes short people are bad a ping pong until Mr. Shibazaki introduces them to the son of his ping pong pal, Koda, an 8 year old prodigy. Tanaka becomes jealous because the gang thinks the boy is better than him.moreless
    • Saturday Hare / The Wimp
      Maeno tries to help Izawa impress a girl, but all his schemes backfire. After a fight with Kyoka, Takeda tries to prove he's not a wimp.
    • Friendship / Tsutomu
      Tanabe discovers that Tanaka has grabbed an envelope from Takeda's bag, and it turns out to be the club dues. He must make the hard decision about ratting out his friend, but it all changes when he starts following Tanaka around. Izawa and Maeno accidentally behead a ventriloquist's dummy Tsutomu, and now must make amends to its owner.moreless
    • Shibazaki's Plan / Survival
      Ordered by the principal to clean up the ping pong club's reputation, Mr. Shibazaki tells them to pick up the litter around campus. But with a possible romantic interlude with another teacher on the line, Shibazaki attempts to escalate the task. Shibazaki assigns the scary swimming teacher, Miss Kito, to handle the ping pong club while he's out. Kito assembles the entire team and Kyoko, and hauls them off to a remote campsite; the mission is to survive for three days. With not much cooking skills, they resort to trying their luck with wild mushrooms.moreless
    • Winning the Lottery
      After unintentionally saving a girl from a sexual assault, Izawa gets invited to the rich girl's mansion, and he brings along his buddy, Maeno. Izawa attempts to butter up the family by showing off good etiquette and manners, but the father and his two daughters take a liking to Maeno. Even with his sick habits and manners, Maeno charms the family, and they consider adopting him! In the second half of this double episode, Izawa takes his revenge by sabotaging Maeno's actions, but a wave of good luck keeps Maeno in the family's favor. Will Izawa have the final laugh? It may take a huge pile of poo to do so!moreless
    • Dress-Up Dolls / Ultra Tanabe
      The club handles the mass processing of Kinoshita's birthday presents from all the girls. While Maeno and Izawa screen for handmade presents, Izawa discovers that one of the girls, Kamiya, who wears glasses turns out to be extremely attractive, and he sequesters her to do some date training of his own. Although he smells whatever he goes, Tanabe is generally a good guy, but when the club members talk about him behind his back, he leaves the club. Then bad things start happening one-by-one to the club members.moreless
    • First Love / The Loser's Community
      Izawa and Maeno force Kinoshita to be made up and dressed into a woman. Kinoshita protests at first, but quickly becomes the new queen on campus, attracting even the love of little perv Tanaka. Tanaka gets some advice from a former schoolgirl and vows to win over the new girl with the daikon strategy. Maeno's class gets a new big-headed teacher when his original teacher goes on maternity leave. The new teacher starts to win the favor of the students, eroding Maeno's "Loser's Community" that he and the other hooligans have established. Maeno decides to wage war against the teacher but it may be a battle of attrition.moreless
    • Love and Comedy
      Love and Comedy
      Episode 8
      In this double episode, Takeda excuses himself from the club's weekend plans in order to go on a secret first date with Kyoko. The two visit the mall, the theater, and the department store. Izawa, Maeno, and the others spy along. But when Kyoko and Takeda notice their presence, they make a run for it. The series could become a romantic comedy, or just a comedic romance.moreless
    • Inachu vs. Kishichu / What ever happened to the sex ticket?
      The tournament begins! With some last minute strategery, the top player of Kishige's team doesn't get to play Takeda, but Maeno. When Izawa loses, the score is 2-2, and it's up to Maeno to win for the team to advance, but he is a completely different and serious person. With three players still eligible for Kyoko's ticket, the club continues their march to the finals. But the stakes for the ticket, plus some trickery of their opponents, threatens to undermine their play, except for Maeno, who continues to play strong. Could he be the lucky winner of Kyoko's ticket? Not if Izawa can help it, as he investigates Maeno's secret.moreless
    • 60 Years of Ping Pong Experience / The Burning Spirit
      The club decides to have some fun watching college girls at a public swimming pool when Mr. Shibazaki arrives on a bicycle and offers the boys a chance to play ping pong against "grown-up girls". The boys happily accept, but the Beauty Mamas are not quite the ping pong club the boys expected.

      The boys seem to have lost hope of winning their upcoming tournament, but Kyoko offers them an incentive they can't ignore. Reinvigorated, the boys practice harder than ever. But when Maeno plays poorly against Kyoko, who is just a ping pong beginner, Kyoko accuses him of dragging the rest of the team down. Humiliated, Maeno decides to enlist the help of Mrs. Kishimoto.moreless
    • Training Camp / The Curse of Takeda
      Mr. Shibazaki brings the ping pong club to an inn in the mountains for their training camp. Takeda encounters a ghost at the inn.
    • The Purchase / Hot Summer
      The team discovers that Maeno has used the remainder of the club's new ping pong balls for a very non-ping-pong-related purpose. The team pools money to purchase new balls and uses paper-rock-scissors to select who will actually go and make the purchase. However, Izawa expresses concern as Maeno was the one randomly selected.

      It's the height of summer, and very hot. The club decides to go for a swim in the school pool. The coach of the girls swimming team lets them in, but has ulterior motives.moreless
    • The Maeno Germ / A Seductive Snob
      A girl suddenly comes to the training room asking for Maeno. She tells him that she likes him but Izawa, jealous of Maeno, ruins any hope of a relationship. Maeno vows revenge on Izawa. The next time a girl comes to the training room asking for Izawa, Maeno is ready for some revenge. Mr Shibazaki get a new manager for the club. It turns out to be a girl that Takeda knows from his childhood, Kyoko Iwashita. A few days later they get the news that they have to play against the favorite in the coming championship. Kyoko thinks of a plan to motivate the club.moreless
    • The Half Baked Men / Revenge of the Worms
      The boys, without a training room of their own, end up picking up trash in the schoolyard. Takeda and Kinoshita get invited to play with the girls but the other boys are left out. In the end Mr Tachikawa takes pity on them and lets the boys club play a match against the girl to win back their training room. After losing the game to win back their training room, the boys go about to find Mr. Tachikawa's weakness. After finding out that he has a crush on Miss Tachibana, the boys plan to make a sexy video of her so they can strike a deal with Mr. Tachikawa.moreless
    • The Six School Boys / The Wicked Teacher's Evil Plot
      This episode introduces the members of the Ping Pong Club. The teacher in charge of the girls ping pong club tries to take over the boys training room. The teacher of the girls ping pong club (Mr. Tachikawa) tricks the teacher of the boys club (Mr. Shibazaki) into giving the training room to the girls. The boys are not happy with this and fight back to reclaim the training room with some devious tricks of their own.moreless
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