Pink Lady and Jeff

NBC (ended 1980)


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Pink Lady and Jeff

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This short-lived variety series is generally regarded as one of television's all-time worst clunkers. The premise was simple and ill-conceived: take two Japanese pop-singers (Mie and Kei) who spoke virtually no English and pair them with an American comedian (Jeff Altman) and give them a variety show. The girls would perform their cover versions of Top 40 hits, and then do an opening monologue with the guy in the tuxedo. (The resemblance to The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour was purely intentional.) He would explain to them what American culture was like and they would mangle words and deliver lame jokes about Godzilla, for example. Pink Lady participated in a minor way in the sketches, with most of the work falling on Altman. He did his regular collection of characters from his stand-up act (a TV evangelist, a mixed-up boxer); plus what few impressions he did were shoe-horned into already out-of-date, hokey material. (Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Johnny Carson were impersonated.) Each show ended with the girls in bikinis in a hot tub and poor Jeff being pulled/pushed/thrown into the water while still in his tuxedo. Since the show was produced by Sid and Marty Kroft, it had the same look as their other variety series of that era. Like Donnie and Marie and The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, the sets were colorful, gaudy and glittery and the music leaned towards disco. The laugh and applause tracks were both highly exaggerated.moreless