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Pink Lipstick

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Pink Lipstick is a romantic drama TV series developed by MBC network that focuses on Yoo Ga-eun (Park Eun Hye) as she navigates her life after it flips upside with a devastating romantic betrayal. Ga-eun had grown up in the lap of luxury as the daughter of the Taeyang Apparel founder and despite the rich lifestyle, she turned into a very sweet and lovely woman. A few years after marrying her college sweetheart Park Jung-woo (Lee Joo Hyun) and adopting a young girl, Ga-eun’s blissfully happy life came to a crashing halt as she finds out a few harsh truths about her marriage. First, her charming husband has been having an affair with her best friend, Kim Mi-ran (Seo Yoo Jung), since even before they were married. Secondly, their adopted daughter Na Ri (Kim Soo Jung) is actually the product of that affair. Lastly, calculating Jung-woo uses the newly gained money of Mi-ran to take over Ga-eun’s fashion empire and then divorces her! As the saying goes, hell hath no fury than a woman scorned as Ga-eun plans her revenge by remarrying an even more powerful man, Maeng Ho-geol (Dok Go Young Jae), and sets out to make sure her ex-husband and her ex-best friend pay. Her new lease on revenge has just a slight hitch in the form of her new stepson’s friend, Ha Jae-beom (Park Kwang Hyun), a romantic and devoted man she falls in love with. Can Ga-eun go through with her plan to seek retribution or should she leave her past behind for a happy future with Jae-beom?moreless

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AIRED ON 12/9/2010

Season 1 : Episode 149

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secrets and lies, tale of revenge, Foreign Language, love triangle, fame and fortune