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The Pink Panther Show

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In 1963, movie director Blake Edwards asked David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng (who had just opened their cartoon studio, DePatie-Freleng) to design a character for the opening titles of his movie, "The Pink Panther". Of many drawings, Edwards selected the cool design by Hawley Pratt. The opening of the movie became so famous that United Artists, the distributor of the movie, told them to make a cartoon series with the character. The cartoon series started in 1964 and became very successful, the first short called "The Pink Phink" won an Academy Award. After the success of the Pink Panther cartoons, DePatie and Freleng introduced other cartoon series like "The Inspector" and "Roland and Rattfink", however, none of them became as famous as their first creation. The last theatrically released Pink Panther cartoon, "Therapeutic Pink", was made in 1977. More cartoons were made in 1978-1979, for television distribution.

In 1984, DePatie-Freleng was already gone so Hanna-Barbera made a new cartoon series "The Pink Panther and Sons". It wasn't successful and it was cancelled soon. In September 1993, a new half-hour series made for syndication by MGM Television Animation premiered. It was simply called "The Pink Panther". In these new cartoons, Pink Panther spoke. He was voiced by Matt Frewer. In this show, two other classic DePatie-Freleng cartoons, The Ant and the Aardvark and The Dogfather were revived. New characters, Voodoo Man and Manly Man were introduced. This show ended in May 1995, after only two seasons.

This episode guide is for the original cartoons from the 60's and the 70's.moreless

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    • It truly is a classic

      This was one of the best old shows from when cartoons were actually decent. The show does`nt have subliminal advertising, it has no laugh track so it does`nt annoy us when there is a funny moment and it had a nice long run. What more could you ask for a good show?
    • Really cool show

      My mom loved this when she was small.This show is so much better than Scooby Doo,Fraggle Rock But no way better than Eureekas castle.BRING THIS SHOW BACK!
    • i love the pink panther. he's the greatest panther i have seen on tv.

      i love all the episodes on this show because i have seen all the plots like on psst pink the tire rolls everywhere when the pink panther parked his car, and at the end it was towed. very funny and LOLs on every episode. this show is deserved to have all the humor for the public to watch. i liked the pink panther more than crazy legs crane, and the inspector. i also liked ant and the aardvark, and this syndicated show is greater. i have never seen ant and the aardvark before i liked the pink panther there is.moreless
    • The greatest animated show in history.

      Very few shows if any could ever compare to The Pink Panther, which was the show to watch in the 1960's and throughout the 70's also. Since 1979 there have been several attempts to bring back the lovable pink feline, but has had little success. This is due to the greatness of the show during that time, and for years after the last episode was made in 1979. I watched this show as a kid in the early 1990's and enjoyed every second of Pink Panther that I could get. I even have the Pink Panther complete series on DVD, which I can play whenever I want, wherever I want. This to this day remains the greatest animated show in television history, and I rank this above the longer running Simpsons, over the closest competition in Pokemon and the many Power Rangers series. Pink Panther will live on forever, and to celebrate the magnificent success, they are making another Pink Panther movie for 2009 that marks the 45th anniversary of the Pink Panther's beginning.moreless
    • The Pink Panther is a show about a pink panther who gets himself into all sorts of trouble.

      This troublesome panther seems to always get the guy doing his job in trouble or angry somehow. In the episode "The Pink Phink" The Pink Panther paints this house pink while the worker paints it blue like he was ordered to. In the end after angering the worker beyond belief, the Pink panther finally moves into the pink house. and I sure that I am not the only person who has realized this but the worker/ other characters are most always the same people but with added/decrased facial hair. The Pink Panther is a work of art and should be known by all.moreless

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