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  • stuff that actually happened one time

    i liked how the pink panther talked from 1993 to 1995 it was ahead of wrestling after how bad its been till batista turned back heel in 2009 originally
  • It truly is a classic

    This was one of the best old shows from when cartoons were actually decent. The show does`nt have subliminal advertising, it has no laugh track so it does`nt annoy us when there is a funny moment and it had a nice long run. What more could you ask for a good show?
  • Really cool show

    My mom loved this when she was small.This show is so much better than Scooby Doo,Fraggle Rock But no way better than Eureekas castle.BRING THIS SHOW BACK!
  • i love the pink panther. he's the greatest panther i have seen on tv.

    i love all the episodes on this show because i have seen all the plots like on psst pink the tire rolls everywhere when the pink panther parked his car, and at the end it was towed. very funny and LOLs on every episode. this show is deserved to have all the humor for the public to watch. i liked the pink panther more than crazy legs crane, and the inspector. i also liked ant and the aardvark, and this syndicated show is greater. i have never seen ant and the aardvark before i liked the pink panther there is.
  • The greatest animated show in history.

    Very few shows if any could ever compare to The Pink Panther, which was the show to watch in the 1960's and throughout the 70's also. Since 1979 there have been several attempts to bring back the lovable pink feline, but has had little success. This is due to the greatness of the show during that time, and for years after the last episode was made in 1979. I watched this show as a kid in the early 1990's and enjoyed every second of Pink Panther that I could get. I even have the Pink Panther complete series on DVD, which I can play whenever I want, wherever I want. This to this day remains the greatest animated show in television history, and I rank this above the longer running Simpsons, over the closest competition in Pokemon and the many Power Rangers series. Pink Panther will live on forever, and to celebrate the magnificent success, they are making another Pink Panther movie for 2009 that marks the 45th anniversary of the Pink Panther's beginning.
  • The Pink Panther is a show about a pink panther who gets himself into all sorts of trouble.

    This troublesome panther seems to always get the guy doing his job in trouble or angry somehow. In the episode "The Pink Phink" The Pink Panther paints this house pink while the worker paints it blue like he was ordered to. In the end after angering the worker beyond belief, the Pink panther finally moves into the pink house. and I sure that I am not the only person who has realized this but the worker/ other characters are most always the same people but with added/decrased facial hair. The Pink Panther is a work of art and should be known by all.
  • I love all of the adventure and mystery in this show.

    I love the concept and I saw one of the movies "The Pink Panther" and it is hysterical I just laughed till I dropped when I saw the movie. And back to this show I love the storyline and the storyboard and I think that the characters and well thought up don't you agree?. It's just to bad that this show is not still on today because it was such a well written show. This show is absolutely superb bring it back!. What network did it originally aired on? because the network air box says: "Syndicated". So I give this show two thumbs up.
  • Pink Panther is a pretty swizzle cat...

    Pink Panther is a timeless, classic cartoon. The whole bunch is just so nutty and you've got to love them. Pink Panther, Inspector, the Ant and the Anteater just make for an incredible animated cast. They show Pink Panther on Boomerang, now, and I'm loving it. Of course, they started showing some newer cartoons that shouldn't be there but that's beside the point. Pink Panther is such a loveable character and he manages to make me laugh without using any words. While the Inspector does use words, you just can't take away the comic value of these animated shorts. Thanks to Boomerang, it's now possible for Pink Panther lovers to view this carefree cartoon.
  • The Pink Panther is one cool cat. He can outsmart even highly trained detectives and has a variety show all his own replete with all sortsa' animals and nutjobs (you'd have to be nuts to believe in a "pink" panther.

    The Pink Panther had it's Hey Day many, many years ago - Disco was still the prevalent fad it was so long ago, roller blades hadn't been invented and folk still felt like zebra car seat covers were the "in" thing. On the Pink Panther animated variety show you could find and ant and an ardvark chasin' each other around and fighting over food stuffs (just like a Tom & Jerry episode), or a trench coated, mustachioed man trying to sleuth out the whereabouts of said infamous pink panther. If you've never seen this show before, one of the first things that will strike you is the fully orchestrated soundtrack, yes there were real instruments playing the sound effects and background music. I highly recommend this program for young audiences because there's no mean spirited action throughout the entire series and the plotlines are mostly very mild and funny.
  • One of the reminder of the golden age of cartoons

    This show both visually and humorously, show one of the best cartoon character of the Golden Age of Cartoons. The show is full of Spy vs Spy humor, full of suprises of jokes. Also have funny hidden adults jokes of achohol, sex, guns, and smoking, which we dont see much any more because its \"offensive\". Full of clever witty cartoony humor, one of the best soundtrack in tv history ever. Simple yet effective. Its true that they really dont make them as they used to.
  • I watch it alot when it's on. It's a great show. My mom would watch it when she was little and really liked it.

    I like this show. When only a bunch of crap is on i watch it. My favorite part is "The Inspector" (Is that spelt right?) This is next to Danny Phantom one of my favorite shows. Older shows are cool. the animation is different and the storys you can notice are different. A really good show.
  • Love this show.

    I could never get tired of this show. This is a cute and funny show. I especially like the pink Panther himself.
    I also like the Ant and Aardvark cartoons. I also like the Blue Racer cartoons. ( The blue snake chasing the Japanese beetle) In a way, I could deal without the Inspector cartoons. I get to watch it on Boomerang now. I wish they would show it more often.
  • this show rox

    have you seen the latest 'the pink panther',it totaly rocks.The Inspector Cleoso is so stupid.I am not very sure weather his french english is actually real.I can't believe he won the whatever of honour.The last part when he drove away with out noing that he was draging the inspector whatever.
  • Kicks ***.

    This show is da best. I'm just upset they cancelled it. I don't what they were thinking but the obviously didn't think well. This show was so freakin' awesome. The humor was so cool & hilarious. They really do need to bring this really cool show back on the air right now.
  • Never tire of this

    The Pink Panther is one cartoon show that I could watch for hours on end and never get tired of it. It is kind of fun to watch these as you can so much of the seventies in them. I would say my favorite cartoon short involved Pink Panther being sold a Pet Rock or as a Foirest Ranger getting revenge on a litter bug. The Ant and Aardvark is anoter favorite and wish theywould have made more of. Inspector Clouseau on the other hand is the one cartoon short I could do without. I always found these shorts to be rather boring and could not wait for them to end.
  • I love the cartoons

    I did not see many cartoons of Pink Panther.
    I even did not know that there are real-life comedy's. (until my dad did watch the movies pn tv)
    I did like the cartoons and i did buy a dvd-box with almost all the cartoons (it misses some cartoons).
    I also really like the intro's of the movies (the intro's are at the special features of the dvd-box)
    Great cartoons.
    I hope there are coming new cartoons of the Pink Panther.
  • Can't call it hilarious or perfect but it is a great show.

    The show is about a pink panther called the Pink Panther doing just random everyday human stuff. Sometimes he's dealing with a man and lemme tell you it's pretty funny for a silent show. If he's dealing with sheep, on a plane, or just painting a house he has to deal with problems and always wins by solving them. The show can have some dumb hurmor here and there, but overall it's a great show. The panther always has a peoblem in every episode and it's like every other cartoon: the background is the same over, and over, again. Well nothing much more to say about it but go watch it today.
  • Great cartoon series with cool designs and funny stories.

    Pink Panther is one of the greatest and most famous cartoons ever. He originally appeared in the opening sequence for Blake Edwards' movie The Pink Panther (1963) and because of its success, he was given his own series.

    Pink Panther cartoons have great stories. They are simple and they are often based on the Pink Panther getting chased by the pale man (designed after Friz Freleng, the producer of the series).

    The animation and the designs are great. The 78-79 episodes (made for television) aren't as great as the previous episodes, but they're still good.

    The cartoons don't usually have any voices, but they don't need them. The theme by Henry Mancini and the music scores by William Lava, Walter Greene, Doug Goodwin and (in the last cartoons) Steve DePatie are great.

    The Pink Panther is one of the best shows ever and if you want to see a great cartoon, it is a good choice.
  • my dads favorite show growing up and now its my favorite

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  • That made in 1960's but what a very cool character

    In my memory, The Pink Panther is the last really theatrical cartoon series. Created originally by Friz Freleng and David H. Depatie in 1963 for the Black Edward's feature, The Pink Panther are already a great hit worth that have his own cartoon series starting with the Academy Award Winning episode "The Pink Phink" and begin until 1980. Don't forget also The Inspector, Sergeant Deux-Deux, The Ant and the Aardvark, The Dogfather, Blue Racer and many others from the DFE library
  • The Pink Panther

    This has to be another really good cartoon that was around. It is really brilliant. I like all sorts of classic cartoons such as this, Looney Toons and of course Tom and Jerry but this one has to be one of the best. The animation was really good for it.
  • Gotta be the Pink!

    This Pink Panther remake had him talking instead of having him silent and it was a great cartoon animation. He encountered many adventures in every episode and had more meaningful plots. It has an addition of characters that interact with the Pink Panther in solving little mysteries and crimes. They were also fun to watch! The animations for the cartoon show are highly improved for its time. Matt Frewer’s voice as the Pink Panther is always amazing because it sounds soothing yet deep. Although I will always stay fan of the original version, and this remake was not half bad!