The Pink Panther Show - Season 1

(ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Pink Paradise
    Episode 31
    The Pink Panther goes to an island. He notices that the pale man and his dog are there. He decides to hide from them. The dog notices him and accidentally hurts the pale man many times.
  • Jet Pink
    Jet Pink
    Episode 30
    The Pink Panther comes across an experimental aircraft proving ground housing the new X-13 jet. When he sees one fly by he begins to daydream about being a famous pilot. He hops into the jet and start throwing switches and quickly finds himself in big trouble.
  • In the Pink
    Episode 29
    The Pink Panther decides he needs to workout at the gymnasium because he's out of shape. He takes up shadow boxing with his shadow getting the best of him.
  • Pink of the Litter
    Pink of the Litter
    Episode 28
    The Pink Panther enters the city of Litterburg, USA (Population 5,000) to have lunch. After eating a banana he throws away he peel - right onto the nose of a police officer. He is taken to City Hall to see the judge who orders him to clean up the entire town. He is left with a pile of trash that he can't get rid of. He tries to burn it but is stopped due to a "no burning trash" ordinance. He next tries to dump it in a park, only to be stopped by a park ranger. Then he drops it into a hole that turns out to be the "Old Reliable Geyser." When the geyser erupts it shoots the trash back into the town. Will the panther ever be able to get rid of the trash?moreless
  • Pink Posies
    Episode 27
    A man is working in his garden and starts to plant some yellow posies. The Pink Panther is not happy about this so he follows behind the man replacing the yellow posies with pink ones. The panther even loads a shotgun with pink posy seeds so the he can plant them faster. Neither seems willing to give up ... who will win the battle of the posies?moreless
  • Pink Panic
    Pink Panic
    Episode 26
    The Pink Panther is walking along during a horrible thunderstorm. He strolls into the town of Dead Dog, population 0. Unfazed, he tries to check in to the Dead Dog Hotel. He tries to sign in at the desk only to get a face full of ink from the pen. He wipes his face on a sheet that is over a chair, only to find out it is a ghost. He jumps in the shower and unknowingly dries himself off with the ghost. He tries to go to bed only to find a skeleton in bed with him.moreless
  • Pinknic
    Episode 25

    The Pink Panther finds himself snowed in at a cabin in the middle of January with no food. There is a mouse in the cabin in the same shape. He tries to eat the Pink Panthers tail that sets off a battle for supremacy.

  • Rock-a-Bye Pinky
    Rock-a-Bye Pinky
    Episode 24
    The Pink Panther is trying to sleep in a tree. He keeps getting disturbed by the snoring of a camper.
  • Super Pink
    Episode 23
    The Pink Panther is reading a "Super Guy" comic book and decides that he wants to be a super hero. He steals some clothes off of a laundry line for a costume. He then tries doing good deeds for a little old lady with disastrous results.
  • 9/14/66
    The Pink Panther finds a magic lamp. When he rubs it he hears an advertisement to become a genie. He becomes a genie and must now find someone to rub the lamp and become the master.
  • Pink-a-Boo
    Episode 21
    The Pink Panther is sitting quietly in his house reading the paper when he is disturbed by a mouse. The mouse keeps stealing his food so he kicks him out of the house. When the mouse returns the Pink Panther resorts to calling in an exterminator. That quickly backfires and the battle is on to see who will prevail.moreless
  • Smile Pretty Say Pink
    A man is goes to Pink Stone National Park to take some photographs and shoot some film. he is upset when he sees a sign that there is a $1 camera fee. After kicking down the donation box (in whichthe Pink Panther is hiding) the Pink Panther is looking for revenge.moreless
  • Pink, Plunk, Plink
    Pink, Plunk, Plink
    Episode 19
    A conductor and the Pink Panther battle over what song to play at a concert.
  • The Pink Blue Print
    The Pink Blue Print
    Episode 18
    The Pink Panther switches the paper with the man's idea for his own with his idea of what the house should look like.
  • Vitamin Pink
    Episode 17
    The Pink Panther is selling "Dr. Phink's Vitamin Pink". Suddenly, a villain buys vitamins from him and robs the first, the second and the third national bank. The Pink Panther is made the sheriff and he has to catch the villain. When the villain needs more vitamins, Pink Panther gives anti-vitamin to him instead.moreless
  • Pink Pistons
    Episode 16
    The Pink Panther spray paints his newly purchased car pink. The car has a mind of his own and blows his fumes towards an elderly lady. What they don't know is that the lady is a drag racing champion.
  • Pink Punch
    Episode 15
    The Pink Panther tries to earn money. So he advertises his new drink called "Pink Punch." There is an asterisk on his sign that has its own mind and starts changing everything that comes near him green. The Pink panther tries to replace it with a pink asterisk but the green one comes back and kicks the pink one off of the sign. Who will win this battle?moreless
  • Bully for Pink
    Bully for Pink
    Episode 14
    The Pink Panther sees a poster advertising bullfighting and decides to give it a try. He finds a matador outfit but the cape falls apart. He needs a replacement cape so he takes one from a magician. As he uses it strange things begin to happen that he does not know how to control.

  • Reel Pink
    Reel Pink
    Episode 13
    The Pink Panther decide to go fishing. He stops at the bait shop to buy some worms (6 for 25¢). The man selling the bait blows a whistle to make the worms come out of a box. The Pink Panther becomes angry when only 5 worms come out. The salesman counts the worms in the bait can then pounds on the storage box to make the 6th worm come out. The sixth worm spends the rest of the episode causing trouble for the Pink Panther.moreless
  • An Ounce of Pink
    Episode 12
    The Pink Panther discovers a speaking weight machine that gives surprises, but you only can use it with money (coins).
  • Pink Panzer
    Pink Panzer
    Episode 11
    The narrator of this episode causes trouble between the Pink Panther and his neighbor. He keeps reminding each of them about things that really aren't problems until he brings them up. The problems keep escalating until they start building walls and go to war with each other.
  • The Pink Tail Fly
    The Pink Tail Fly
    Episode 10
    The Pink Panther is up late watch television and finally decides to go to bed when he can find nothing on that interests him. He changes out of his fur and into his pajamas. He is now too tired to get to sleep. He tries counting sheep and finally drifts off ... until the sheep in his mind start baaing. He gets back to sleep only to be awakened by a noisy mosquito. He smashes it and kicks it out of his house, but the mosquito comes back for revenge. Will the panther ever get the rest he needs?

  • Pink Ice
    Pink Ice
    Episode 9
    The Pink Panther is running the Panther Diamond Mines LTD. right next door to the De Boors Diamond Mines LTD. After digging up a giant diamond and placing it in his vault, he hears a noise from his vault. The diamond is gone. He first suspects gophers before deciding it is the miners next door.moreless
  • Pinkfinger
    Episode 8
    The Pink Panther pays homage to James Bond in the Goldfinger send off. The Pink Panther is studying to become a secret agent. He buys a hat and trench coat and goes off to work. The off-screen narrator keeps giving the panther suggestions that he would be better off without.
  • Shocking Pink
    Shocking Pink
    Episode 7
    The narrator pressures the Pink Panther to stop his relaxing in his hammock and doing something useful in the house.
  • Pickled Pink
    Pickled Pink
    Episode 6
    A drunk man brings the Pink Panther to his home.
  • Sink Pink
    Episode 5
    A man has built an ark to make his wife happy. He decides to fill the ark with animals, because "if it could be done before, it can be done now!" The last animal for him to find is a pink panther. He then notices one and decides to chase him. However, the Pink Panther decides to trick him.moreless
  • Dial 'P' for Pink
    Episode 4
    A safecracker is trying to rob a safe in a building, but he doesn't realize that the Pink Panther lives inside the safe. The safecracker tries to blow the safe open with explosives but the Pink Panther throws the thief's explosive devices back outright before they explode. The Pink Panther decides to let the safecracker have the safe but leaves a bomb in his place.moreless
  • We Give Pink Stamps
    The Pink Panther is living in Gambles Dept. Store. He wakes up when the store is closed to have some fun including test driving a go-cart. The night janitor is not very happy as he is forced to clean up one mess after another left by the panther. Who will win this battle of nerves?moreless
  • Pink Pajamas
    Episode 2
    It's 1:00 AM and the Pink Panther is dead tired. He comes across a flophouse and decides to crash there for the night but is quickly kicked out. As he continues his tired journey he finds a key that lets him inside a new house. He goes inside and makes himself at home. When the owner comes home drunk they are caught in a cat and mouse game of going to sleep as neither realizes that the other is there.moreless
  • The Pink Phink
    Episode 1
    The Pink Panther and a pale man battle over what color to paint a house. The man is painting it blue and the panther pink. When the man sees the panther's pawprints in the paint he thinks it's a giant mouse. He sets a giant mousetrap to catch it only to have it snap on him. The man finally sees the Pink Panther and blows his top. He retrieves his shotgun, which the Pink Panther then loads up with pink paint. When the man shoots at the panther he is actually painting the house pink. The man then buries the remainder of the pink paint that then causes the grass and flowers to all turn pink as well.moreless
  • Suspense Account
    This was the original pilot short for The Pink Panther. However, it was never released theatrically for some reason. It also has never appeared on TV or video.