The Pink Panther Show - Season 2

(ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • The Pink Quarterback
  • Lucky Pink
    Lucky Pink
    Episode 43
  • G.I. Pink
    G.I. Pink
    Episode 42
  • The Pink Blueprint
    Episode 36
  • Pink Pranks
    Pink Pranks
    Episode 33
    Pink arrives at Nome instead of Rome, and meets a friendly seal.
  • Pinto Pink
    Pinto Pink
    Episode 32
  • 5/18/69
    The Pink Panther orders a cuckoo clock because he keeps missing work.
  • Slink Pink
    Slink Pink
    Episode 29
    The Pink Panther is sleeping on a park bench in the middle of Winter. He decides to look for warmer sleeping quarters. He discovers a house that looks empty and goes inside. He notices stuffed animal heads all over the wall and gets nervous. He takes the place of a stuffed panther but is discovered by the man's dog. The battle is now on between panther and dog ... who will win?

  • Think Before You Pink
    The Pink Panther has no clue how to go across the street without getting himself injured.
  • Pink Pest Control
    Pink Pest Control
    Episode 27
    A termite is destroying the Pink Panther's house and everything in it. He tries everything he can think of, including installing a steel door. The two continue to fight things out ... who will win?

  • Pink-A-Rella
    Episode 26
    A drunken witch drops her magic wand while flying home on night. The wand falls into a trashcan that the Pink Panther is walking by. He picks it up starts learn how to use it. He finds a very plain and sad blue girl that wants nothing more than to win a beauty contest for which the first prize is a date with Pelvis Parsley in Las Vegas. The panther decides to help and turns her into a Cinderella type character.

  • Pinkcome Tax
    Episode 25
    The tax collector throws the pale man to the prison, because he didn't have any money to pay the taxes. The Pink Panther tries to free him, but he gets thrown in the prison too. He tries to escape along with the pale man, but they always get caught.
  • 12/11/68
    The Pink Panther is walking down the street when a strange man offers him 10,000 kopeks to deliver a package to the Slobvanian Embassy. At first, the panther refuses. That is until the man insists at gunpoint that the panther delivery the ticking package by noon. When the panther looks at the clock click past 11:35 he decides he has no choice and goes running off toward the embassy. Once there he can't get anyone to answer the gate so he kicks it open. Unfortunately for the Pink Panther, there is a guard dog so he must now find a way in past the dog.moreless
  • 11/20/68
    The Pink Panther is put out of his hopes after receiving a job as a lumberjack. The cause: another lumberjack.
  • Pink Sphinx
    Episode 22
    The Pink Panther goes to Honest Abdul's Camel Lot to buy a camel. He likes many of the fancy models but only has enough money to buy the economy ompact. He tries to load up his camel with supplies to go digging for treasure, but the camel wants none of it. He finally gets to the spot on his treasure map and uncovers an ancient tomb. What will he find inside?moreless
  • Tickled Pink
    Episode 21
    The Pink Panther wishes he could rollerblade.
  • Little Beaux Pink
    Little Beaux Pink
    Episode 20
    The Pink Panther battles a cowboy while in Texas.
  • Pink in the Clink
    Pink in the Clink
    Episode 19
    The Pink Panther is working as a porter at the train station. A man calls the panther over to carry his bag. He makes him carry it to the Acme Manufacturing Company, put on a mask and help him steal something.
  • Prehistoric Pink
    Episode 18
    The Pink Panther and a caveman are trying to move a large, rectangular slab of rock across a prehistoric jungle. The Pink Panther realizes that the rock would be easier to move if it were round. So, he and the caveman chisel it into a sphere and roll it down a hill. It picks up speed and flattens the caveman repeatedly as it reaches hill bottom, rises on another hill, then re-descends, again and again. The Pink Panther and the caveman next have the idea of positioning another rectangular slab on a carriage and pulling it, and they invent a pair of wheels to put beneath the carriage. Then, when the panther and caveman envision the future for the wheel, including the Industrial Revolution, automobiles, urban blight, and pollution, they destroy the two wheels and go back to moving the slab by their original, clumsy pushing method.moreless
  • The Pink Pill
    Episode 17
    The Pink Panther takes and eats a banana from a fruit stand afterwards throwing the peel on the sidewalk. He begins walking again only to slip on the discarded peel. A mannequin from a used clothing store falls on top of him and when the ambulance comes, they take the mannequin with them leaving the panther. The panther gets to the hospital only to be bothered by a cranky patient in the next bed.moreless
  • Pink Valiant
    Pink Valiant
    Episode 16
    The Pink Panther goes to the queen of the castle on his horse.
  • 6/30/68
    An astronomer at the Star Peak Observatory is upset that the Pink Panther buys a nearby lot and builds a house that blocks his view with his telescope. At first the astronomer thinks that he has made some important discoveries because of what he sees in the panthers house. The two start a feud that isn't soon to end.moreless
  • The Pink Quarterback
    The Pink Panther has a quarter roll up beside him as he is walking down the street. He excitedly picks it up and then notices a hot dog stand. While at the hot dog stand he smell a nearby hamburger stand and races towards it then stops unable to make up his mind. He flips the quarter to decide and loses it down the subway entrance. He spends the rest of the episode trying to get it back.moreless
  • Lucky Pink
    Episode 13
    A bank robber finds a horseshoe as he is walking into City Bank to rob it. He thinks it will bring him good luck but once inside finds a group of police officers who chase him out. He throws the horseshoe away only to be found by the Pink Panther who wants nothing more than to return it. The crook keeps throwing it away and the panther keeps returning it. Who will win this battle of wits?moreless
  • G.I. Pink
    Episode 12
    The Pink Panther joins the army after seeing a recruiting poster. He has one bad experience after another with his drill sergeant. One of them has to go.
  • Put-Put, Pink
    Put-Put, Pink
    Episode 11
    The Pink Panther tries to build a motorcycle out of scrap parts.
  • Come on In! The Water's Pink
    The Pink Panther goes to the beach and sees this big strong guy impressing the women, so the Pink Panther uses some blown up muscle to draw the attention of the ladies to him. The man becomes infuriated and tries to retain his spot as big muscle guy.
  • Psychedelic Pink
    Psychedelic Pink
    Episode 9
    The Pink Panther is walking down the street when he notices the "Bizarre Book Shop." It has an eye on the door that winks at him and then hypnotizes him. A series of strange events occur once he is inside.
  • Pinkadilly Circus
    Pinkadilly Circus
    Episode 8
    A man pulls a thorn out of Pink Panther's paw. The panther becomes the man's servant in order to repay him. The man uses the Pink Panther to upset his wife by making messes only to have the panther clean them up. Things change when the panther gets a nail in his paw and the wife removes it.

  • Sky Blue Pink
    Sky Blue Pink
    Episode 7
    The Pink Panther want to build and fly a kite. The panther has to rebuild his kite over and over as a series of events keep his kite from being able to fly. Once he finally gets it flying he starts annoying everyone around him.

  • 0.0
  • Pink Outs
    Pink Outs
    Episode 6
    This cartoon has the Pink Panther in a series of blackout gags. For example, he is so hungry that he decides to eat a wall. The gags don't end very well for him.
  • 12/20/67
    While looking for shelter for the winter, the Pink Panther finds Zammo the Great's house. The magician is not home but he discovers a rabbit that leads him through a series of troublesome events.
  • Prefabricated Pink
    Prefabricated Pink
    Episode 4
    The Pink Panther gets hired on a construction site. His inexperience causes a series of horrible disasters. He keeps slamming a door and repeatedly ruins another man's wall-plaster work as the plaster falls with the vibration. The Pink Panther then tries to move a steel girder that sets off a chain-reaction of collisions that destroys the entire building. The Pink Panther runs away from the enraged construction workers.moreless
  • Congratulations! It's Pink
    The Pink Panther is a pan handling in a National Park and comes across a baby that was left behind by some campers. He has to find a way of return the baby to its rightful family. He must take care of the baby while he looks and it keeps crawling away and getting into trouble.moreless
  • Pinto Pink
    Episode 2
    The Pink Panther is walking to Anaheim, California and still has 1,250 miles to go. He is trying to hitchhike but nobody is stopping. H notices a horse that is laughing at him for not being able to get a ride so the panther decides he will ride the horse instead. The horse doesn't like the idea so the battle is on.

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