The Pink Panther Show - Season 4

(ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Spark Plug Pink
    Episode 30
    The Pink Panther walks outside of his house and notices that the grass and weeds are almost up to his waist. He gets his mower out of his garage but it won't start. He decides the problem is a bad spark plug so he attempts to fix it ... with a few problems along the way.moreless
  • Pink Pull
    Episode 29
    The Pink Panther drops a coin in a sewer grate. He wants it back so badly that he gets a powerful magnet to try and retrieve it. The magnet causes more problems than it solves.
  • Pink in the Woods
    Episode 28
    The Pink Panther see a lumberjack wanted sign while walking through the woods and takes the job. The man who hires him begins having second thoughts when the panther get to work.
  • 4/12/79
    The Pink Panther is walking down the street reading a newspaper. When he stops he is standing on a piece of string. It pulls out from under him knocking him over. He tries to pick it up but then realizes that it is too long so he starts to follow it. It seems to be attached to everything from a flag to people's laundry. He follows it to an angry bulldog, a tennis court, through fences and even to a playground where he jumps rope with two girls. It even pulls him onto a small river where he water skies with it until he is pulled over a waterfall. He continues through a train tunnel and into the zoo. Will he ever find the end of this string?moreless
  • Pink Quackers
    Episode 26
    The Pink Panther is home seeping when his alarm clock goes off. He thinks it is his phone and when the clock continues to ring, he pulls the phone cord out of the wall. When he realizes it's the alarm, he shuts it off and gets out of bed. As he is walking down the street he comes across a man selling toy ducks that he thinks are real. He later sees one of these ducks out in traffic and goes to save it. He tries to return it to the salesman, but he has left. No matter where he goes the duck follows. He mails the duck off to Japan only to have it return. Will he ever get rid of this pesky duck?moreless
  • Toro Pink
    Episode 25
    Pink Panther and his adventures with a bull.
  • Pink Breakfast
    Episode 24
    The Pink Panther is hungry. All he wants is a pancake for breakfast. You would think this would be easy, but it's not.
  • Star Pink
    Episode 23
    The Pink Panther is running a gas station for spaceships. The panther has to hide when a group of aliens show up looking to give him trouble.
  • Pink Z-Z-Z
    Episode 22
    The Pink Panther is very tired but is being bothered by an alley cat. He brings the cat inside to try and quite it down but the cat continues to cause problems.
  • Pinktails for Two
    Episode 21
    The Pink Panther is in a flower shop wanting to buy a plant. The man tries to sell him a small plant but that panther wants a big one. The man pours some "Speedy Grow" on the plant and it instantly grows bigger than the panther, much to his delight. As he leaves the shop the Pink Panther knock over the "Speedy Grow" and his tail falls into it. The panther spends the rest of the episode dealing with a tail that's way too long.moreless
  • Pink Bananas
    Episode 20
    The Pink Panther is a Tarzan like character who gets into a battle with a gorilla after smashing into him while swinging from tree to tree on a vine. Who will win this battle of wits?
  • Pink in the Drink
    Episode 19
    The Pink Panther signs up for a 14 fun-filled day cruise at a "special bargain rate". The "cruise" is in-fact on an old tall sailing ship and the cruise director turns out to be a pirate captain. The captain has tricked the Pink Panther so he has a shipmate to cook and clean for him.moreless
  • The Pink of Bagdad
    Episode 18
    The Pink Panther finds a genie in a lamp who turns out to not be very friendly.
  • Pet Pink Pebbles
    Episode 17
    The Pink Panther gives the pet rock phenomenon a try.
  • Pink Press
    Episode 16
    The Pink Panther as a reporter for The Daily Blabbermouth. His assignment is no easy task. He is to interview recluse Howard Huge.
  • A Pink Christmas
    A Pink Christmas
    Episode 15
    It's Christmas. Everyone is enjoying the holiday except the Pink Panther who is very hungry. He tries to find food everywhere but can't get any. He goes to a mall where he causes much chaos. Will he get any food at all?
  • Yankee Doodle Pink
    Episode 14
    The Pink Panther as an American soldier helping Paul Revere in the Revolutionary War.
  • Pinkologist
    Episode 13
    A man with a big nose goes to see Dr. Shrinker, Psychiatrist. He starts talking about his childhood and then the Pink Panther pops into his head. He relives some of his worst experiences with the panther that we see as segments of past cartoons.
  • Pink and Shovel
    Episode 12
    The Pink Panther finds $5 on the ground. Worrying about it's safety, he decides to bury it in a box 100 paces away from his house. Unfortunately, a building is built on the $5 overnight. Can the Pink Panther find his money again?
  • Pink S.W.A.T.
    Episode 11
    The Pink Panther is resting at home, reading a book when a fly interrupts him. He tries to get rid of him but fails. The fly continues to cause problems for the panther. He eats his food, interrupts his violin practice and is a general nuisance. The panther even buys a frog suit in an attempt to scare this fly away once and for all. Who will win the battle?moreless
  • Pink Daddy
    Episode 10
    The stork is bringing a baby alligator to the zoo where his parents live, but accidentally brings him to Pink Panther's house. The Pink Panther has to take care of the baby who keeps biting him.
  • 11/18/78
    In a Pink Panther version of Jack and the Beanstalk, the Pink Panther trades his lazy cow to some magic beans. A beanstalk grows, the Pink Panther climbs up and gets chased by the giant.
  • Pink Lightning
    Episode 8
    Dr. Jekyll decides to sell his car. The Pink Panther buys it, but he is soon in danger, because Dr. Jekyll gave the Hyde formula to the car, causing it to transform into a wild car!
  • Pink U.F.O.
    Episode 7
    The Pink Panther is sitting at home looking at his butterfly collection when he sees one that he needs out the window. He rushes out to catch it but accidentally catches A UFO that looks like a bug instead. When he gets it home a battle ensues.
  • Dietetic Pink
    Episode 6
    The Pink Panther starts thinking he's fat after a man puts a heavy case on the weight machine he's on. He goes on a diet.
  • Sprinkle Me Pink
    Episode 5
    The Pink Panther goes to the park to have a picnic. As soon as he gets set up it starts to rain. He no sooner gets his stuff put away and it stops. Every time he tries to eat it starts raining and the rain clod follows him everywhere. Who will win this battle of panther vs. Mother Nature?moreless
  • Pink Trumpet
    Episode 4
    The Pink Panther and the pale man are in a hotel. Pink Panther gets annoyed by the music the pale man listens to in the next room so he starts playing trumpet to make him angry.
  • Pink Lemonade
    Episode 3
    The Pink Panther gets chased by the dogcatcher and then by a dog before he decides to go inside a house. A girl mistakes him for her doll. The Pink Panther is in even bigger trouble when the girl and her brother start fighting for him.
  • Pink Arcade
    Episode 2
    The Pink Panther gets lucky when he causes a weight machine to malfunction. When the machine spits out a lot of coins, he decides to take them to the arcade for some fun and games.
  • Pink Pictures
    Episode 1
    The Pink Panther goes to a park to take pictures of animals. The first one to catch his eye is a woodpecker. When he tries to takes his pictures, the woodpecker starts to peck him on his head. The woodpecker continues to give the Pink Panther problems and he may never get a picture taken. Who will win the battle?moreless