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Pinks: All Out

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This show is an all-out, winner-takes-all racing competition. Cars are timed and then paired with a car that got a similar time in a sudden death race. 32 cars start the competition. Only one will come away with the $10,000 in prize money.

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AIRED ON 2/28/2011

Season 4 : Episode 13

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  • Pinks all Out is a great show, but why don't they get all the racers who won pinks all out to race each other on another Pinks All Out. I gurantee you will get more enthusiasim from your audience.PLEASE RETURN ALL WINNERS to race each othermoreless

    Pinks All Out is a great show, but to many repeats every week. They need a bigger vision for this show, by getting more individuals involved. The individuals came up with a great idea, where people can race legally and made it where this sport is introduced to the rest of the world, My idea would be for PINKS to bring all winners back to race each other for the grand prize and begin another Pinks All Out with 9 second cars, because you are only giving us 10 seconds or more cars. Just consider 9 second cars, Just a Thought and my wife and I really love your show, but she is losing intrest due to the reruns.moreless
  • a little longer glance at the old classic's at the start line ,a little less reruns on TV

    would like to have a longer look at the classic cars on the start line to see what they are and year,helps bring back the ol memories even more,and would like to see less reruns of pinks on the tube,great racing action,would like to see the racers having to stay with the time they dialed in and use that also in pinks,racing for pink slips,I see a whole lot of sandbaggers winning the race,and the car,keeping the dialed in time and the negotiating would be great,this show is very entertaining and sure brings back a lot of teenage memories of the old time drag racingmoreless
  • i attended pinks all out norwalk. i had a blast. it would have been even better if they picked my class. they picked another 10 second cars. i would do it again. all in all everyone should try to get in the show thanks pinks all outmoreless

    i guess you must have a 10 second car or faster. i still have not seen a slower than 11.20, you must be ashame to take 11.50 and slower cars money knowing you are not going to take because of the tv fans. slow cars like tv time also we put hard earn money in what we love doing, if i dont have a 10 second car i will not try to get in. why waste time and money if you are taking fast cars. nate's quick 8 love it. thanks pinks all out. keep up the great work. thank you , mikemoreless
  • This is what drag racing is all about what a show WOW you have to go

    I was at the Pinks All Out show at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio on the 6th and 7th of June. Wow what a show you simply must go when it comes to a town near you.

    Rich and the rest of the cast and crew were great.

    I had a chance to meet them all, get autographs and take pic's after the show. I also had the pleasure of talking with Kail on the midway during the show as he was walking around signing autographs and raising funds for the Quickest 8 which is a new show created by Nate. They were shooting the pilot show as well as Pinks All Out. There was over 500 cars entered plus jet cars top fuel dragsters and even nitro methane Harleys. We had seats on the starting line and were issued red cards to flash whenever the cars red lighted (left early prior to rich's arm drop) we were able to interact with Rich it was very exciting. Whether you are into drag racing or not you have to see this show.

    Rich is the coolest guy on the planet with the coolest job on the planet.moreless
  • Pinks All Out in San Antonio

    The Pinks All Out at San Antonio Raceway was great!

    The racers kept moving, the announcers kept the crowd involved and entertained. The competition was clean, straight and honest. And of course Chris Richardson was absolutely awesome!

    2 days of racing involved over 400 cars. It took a lot of work and the production crew did a great job. There wwere exhibition runs, extra race offs for money and the local mini dragsters for the kids was a favorite.

    The camera crew visited the whole crowd, not just the VIPs. The audience participated in the arm drop starts.

    Thank you PINKS for coming to San Antonio and making a great weekend for all of us.moreless
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