Pinky and the Brain

Season 3 Episode 8

Brain Storm

Aired Saturday Sep 19, 1997 on The WB



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    • This cartoon was first aired as part of episode 37. The gag credit for this episode is: Blue Nevus - A steel blue skin lump.

  • Allusions

    • Brain: Alas, poor Wally.

      The line that Brain uses when he picks up the scarecrow's head is an allusion to Shakespeare's Hamlet where Hamlet uses the line "Alas, poor Yorick".

    • Movie: The Wizard Of Oz

      At the end Pinky and Brain are sent to Oz via the tornado they attempted to control, much like Dorothy being sent to Oz the same way. In addition, Pinky and Brain were chased by flying monkeys. At the end when Pinky and Brain were walking dowm the yellow brick road towards emerald city, Pinky was wearing a flower around his neck like a main (making him look like the Cowardly Lion), they were also followed by their scarecrow driver Wally and their Verschimere Suit (who represented the Tin Man)

    • Movie: Twister

      Pinky and Brain's attempt to get their machine into a tornado is similar to the actions of the two protaganists of the movie Twister when they tried to get the machine into a tornado. The Tornado King parodies their rival tornado chaser.

    • Classical music allusion in the soundtrack: Beethoven, Piano Sonata Op. 31 No. 2, "The Tempest".