Pinky and the Brain

The WB (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Das Mouse
      Episode 1
      Brain opens their cage by using a rocket, made out of a bottle of water. He hatches a plot to hypnotize people, but he needs white crab meat to succeed. In order to get the crab meat, he takes a submarine to the wreck of the Titanic. Unfortunately, the CIA spots his sub and orders its destruction.moreless
    • Of Mouse And Man
      Episode 2
      Brain plans to take over the world by creating a voice mail system that will tie up everyone on the planet long enough for him to take over. In order to do this he needs money. He decides to get it by getting a job and then staging an accident in order to sue the company.moreless
    • In "TOKYO GROWS," during the 1950s, The Brain creates monsters to scare Tokyo and then rescue it. Later, in "THAT SMARTS," The Brain decides that the key to his success is to make Pinky as smart as he is. Finally, in "BRAINSTEM!" Pinky and The Brain sing about the parts of the brain.moreless
    • In the 1930s, The Brain poses as The Fog and plans to broadcast his hypnotic voice over the radio in "PINKY AND THE FOG." Then, Pinky and The Brain alter the inscription on a space probe to go "WHERE NO MOUSE HAS GONE BEFORE." Later, in "CHEESE ROLL CALL," Pinky sings about cheeses.moreless
    • Brainania
      Episode 6
      The Brain hatches a plan to take over the world by using static electricity to shock the world into submission. Unfortunately he needs several billion dollars to build a giant clothes dryer. Pinky and the Brain head to Island X where they set up a fake country and hope to get a giant foreign aid loan from the United States.moreless
    • TV Or Not TV
      Episode 7
      Brain develops a special pair of dentures that can produce a smile that can hypnotize anyone who is not wearing a special pair of sunglasses. In order to take over the world, he needs people to see the mesmerizing smile. He figures that he needs to get on TV and in order to do that he has to become a celebrity.moreless
    • 11/26/95
      While France awaits Napoleon's triumphant return from Austria, Brain develops a recipe for exploding crepe-suzettes in an effort to conquer France. He uses the recipe in a cooking class and when the crepes explode, he is arrested. When he is taken to prison, however, his luck begins to change when people mistake him for Napoleon Bonaparte.moreless
    • 12/13/95
      Pinky and the Brain head to the North Pole. Pinky just wants to see Santa, but the Brain has a more sinister plan. He wants to pretend to be an elf so that he can mass produce a hypnotic doll named "Noddle Noggin" in Santa's workshop. He then hopes that Santa will distribute the toy all over the world as a ploy to take over the world.moreless
    • Snowball
      Episode 10
      Brain is busy preparing another plan, but a sudden arrival throws everything into doubt. He and Pinky are visited by Snowball, a hamster that was once Brain's friend back before both became intelligent. Those days are over, though, as Snowball is also a genius rodent with plans to takeover the world. Brain thinks he is in a race to beat Snowball to the punch. However, it quickly becomes evident that Snowball can outdo Brain at everything – including conquering the world.moreless
    • 2/3/96
      In Victorian England, The Brain realizes that he can take over the world by becoming the president of the "Pompous Explorers Club," as the position usually leads to the Prime Ministership of England. So if he is to become the president of the club, he must make it around the world in seventy-nine days.moreless
    • Fly
      Episode 12
      The Brain buys up every property in the world above the 39th floor, with plans to then control the Hubble Space Telescope to melt the ice caps, with the intended outcome to cause everyone to have to live in Brain's legally owned property.
    • Pinky and The Brain mechanize the Lincoln Memorial and convince the population that it's the reincarnated Lincoln in "AMBULATORY ABE." Then, The Brain tells the story of the "MOUSE OF LA MANCHA."
    • 1/1/95
      First, Pinky arrives in Vienna circa 1946 to search for his missing friend, The Brain, in "THE THIRD MOUSE." Next, in "THE VISIT," The Brain captures some ordinary field mice that are found to be his parents.
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