Pinky and the Brain

Season 1 Episode 8

Napoleon Brainaparte

Aired Saturday Nov 26, 1995 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Brain opens the French cookbook, the first two foods seen are French Toast and French Fries. Ironically, neither food originated in France; French Toast is believed to have been created in Italy, while French Fries are an American creation.

  • Quotes

    • (Pinky realizes something)
      Pinky: What happens when the real Napoleon shows up, Emperor Brain?
      Brain: A bit louder, Pinky. There's a truffle hunter outside Limoges who didn't quite hear you.
      Pinky: You mean Armand?
      Brain: Fear not, Pinky. This is not a detail I missed.
      (he pulls out a proclamation and unfurls it)
      Brain: This is a list of imperial decrees that I presented this morning. Buried among them is a decree banishing anyone over the height of eight inches from entering the country. By the time Napoleon arrives at the border, he won't be able to get in. Banished!
      Pinky: Genius, Emperor Brain!
      (he slaps Brain on the back and knocks him over)
      Brain: There are times, Pinky, that I question our friendship.

    • Pinky: Brain, where are you?
      Brain: I'm inside the crape suzzete.
      Pinky: Egad, Brain. Suit yourself
      Brain: The nutmeg, Pinky.
      Pinky: Right.
      (he grabs the nutmeg and sprinkles it on the crape)
      Brain: Don't add the nutmeg.
      Pinky: Don't?
      (the lab explodes)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Marlon Brando:

      Napoleon was a parody of famed actor Marlon Brando, who played Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1954 film Desirée. He also screams "Josephine!", a play on his famous yell of "Stella!" from the film A Streetcar Named Desire.

    • The title of this episode Napoleon Brainaparte is an allusion to the famous French general Napoleon Bonaparte.