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  • Not a kids show

    Some people think that if it's animated it's for kids but this one is one of the best proofs that that's not truth.
    Indeed most likely a kid wouldn't understand most of the things in it, like Pinky being the most clear example of "Ignorance Is Bliss".
    Funny and smart. What else you want?
  • The best of the Best

    Words cant describe how this show was fantastic, i watched it since it began at animaniacs; and when it got its own show, i couldnt stop watch it.

    A really original story and episodes, Brain's ideias was really crazy, funny and smart, i always thought "how he would take over the world now?"

    Absolutely fabulous, is the only stats that this show can get, because only a small number of Tv shows are good as this one.
  • A classic cartoon show of the 90's.

    Pinky: Derranged, childlike & mentally unstable
    Brain: super genius bent on world domination

    An extremely hilarious pair that came from a beloved t.v. spin-off. It had a good run with many seasons. I believe it's one of the funniest shows of all time. The animation and voice actors were great. It had a quoe that was used by many others today. "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

    I wonder if Brain will ever succeed in "Taking over the world!"
  • A great spinoff to a great show.

    Eversince Pinky and the Brain made their debut on Animaniacs on September 14, 1993, I have loved them. Their silly antics and insane attempts to take over the world have thrilled me for years growing up. In 1995, I was excited to see them have their own well-deserved series. In 1998, I was disappointed to see their show cancelled and replaced with the atrocity known as Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain. Let us remember Pinky and the Brain for their glory days at Acme Labs though, and hopefully Warner Bros. will have sense enough to release this legendary gem on DVD soon.
  • This might just be the greatest show ever made.

    Pinky and the Brain premired on the equally amazing cartoon, Animaniacs. After two or three years, they were given their own series. At first, I didn't know what they were thinking. After I saw the first episode, though, I realized that it was a great idea. They needed half an hour for what they could achieve with these characters. It had the usual zany slapstick qualities of cartoons, and also tons of jokes that a child would never understand. They weren't dirty jokes, just things that no kid would know. Parents could enjoy this show just as much, if not more in some cases, as their children did. What other show would make a "Clutch Cargo" reference? The brilliant writing of this show will forever make it one of the top cartoons in history. Two lab mice trying to take over the world... Narf!
  • If there was any cartoon worthy of being one of the best of the 90s, this is definately it!

    Pinky and the Brain is definately on the top of my list for best cartoon shows ever. This not only delivered the wholesome enjoyment fans crave, but was educational, well-written and animated, not to mention extremely hilarious!

    I really appreciate the hard work the actors, writers and animators put into this wonderful series. The parodies, songs, and slap-stick humor made this show a classic for all-time. How can anyone forget, 'Just say narf?' Three seasons definately wasn't enough.

    Overall, this show definately recieves a 10. This is originality that will definately remain a classic for many many years to come.
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