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  • If there was any cartoon worthy of being one of the best of the 90s, this is definately it!

    Pinky and the Brain is definately on the top of my list for best cartoon shows ever. This not only delivered the wholesome enjoyment fans crave, but was educational, well-written and animated, not to mention extremely hilarious!

    I really appreciate the hard work the actors, writers and animators put into this wonderful series. The parodies, songs, and slap-stick humor made this show a classic for all-time. How can anyone forget, 'Just say narf?' Three seasons definately wasn't enough.

    Overall, this show definately recieves a 10. This is originality that will definately remain a classic for many many years to come.
  • This might just be the greatest show ever made.

    Pinky and the Brain premired on the equally amazing cartoon, Animaniacs. After two or three years, they were given their own series. At first, I didn't know what they were thinking. After I saw the first episode, though, I realized that it was a great idea. They needed half an hour for what they could achieve with these characters. It had the usual zany slapstick qualities of cartoons, and also tons of jokes that a child would never understand. They weren't dirty jokes, just things that no kid would know. Parents could enjoy this show just as much, if not more in some cases, as their children did. What other show would make a "Clutch Cargo" reference? The brilliant writing of this show will forever make it one of the top cartoons in history. Two lab mice trying to take over the world... Narf!
  • A great spinoff to a great show.

    Eversince Pinky and the Brain made their debut on Animaniacs on September 14, 1993, I have loved them. Their silly antics and insane attempts to take over the world have thrilled me for years growing up. In 1995, I was excited to see them have their own well-deserved series. In 1998, I was disappointed to see their show cancelled and replaced with the atrocity known as Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain. Let us remember Pinky and the Brain for their glory days at Acme Labs though, and hopefully Warner Bros. will have sense enough to release this legendary gem on DVD soon.
  • A classic cartoon show of the 90's.

    Pinky: Derranged, childlike & mentally unstable
    Brain: super genius bent on world domination

    An extremely hilarious pair that came from a beloved t.v. spin-off. It had a good run with many seasons. I believe it's one of the funniest shows of all time. The animation and voice actors were great. It had a quoe that was used by many others today. "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

    I wonder if Brain will ever succeed in "Taking over the world!"
  • The best of the Best

    Words cant describe how this show was fantastic, i watched it since it began at animaniacs; and when it got its own show, i couldnt stop watch it.

    A really original story and episodes, Brain's ideias was really crazy, funny and smart, i always thought "how he would take over the world now?"

    Absolutely fabulous, is the only stats that this show can get, because only a small number of Tv shows are good as this one.
  • Not a kids show

    Some people think that if it's animated it's for kids but this one is one of the best proofs that that's not truth.
    Indeed most likely a kid wouldn't understand most of the things in it, like Pinky being the most clear example of "Ignorance Is Bliss".
    Funny and smart. What else you want?
  • ya! i love it so.

    best theme song. when i was young [i'm 13 at the moment] i remember watching it with my BFF Lauren. recently last year we watched it again on Old School Nick and loved it! now we love the themem song! our favorite show next to spongebob. but Old School Nick took it away. why? what a waste of time slot.

  • Pinky and the Brain

    This show is like Animaniacs but it is a cartoon from Animaniacs in thier own show. This show is awesome and it is real funny. It is something to watch whenever there is nothing else to watch. I also like the other version of this show Pinky Elmyra and the Brain but this one will always be a classic.
  • You'd think I'd use this to say something like, "Egads, Brain! Brilliant!" Well, I won't. I more original than--wait a minute.

    Spun from Animaniacs into its own deserving half-hour program, Pinky and the Brain offered classic slapstick with enjoyable psuedo-antagonists seeking global conquest. It was always fun to watch Pinky get hurt, and it was okay if you didn't understand Brain (at any age)...because chances are no one did.

    Sometimes they'd throw a curveball like rival's for Brain's megalomania or deeper reason's for his machinations.

    Overall, the show didn't try to keep in step with political issues or tell you how you should vote when you become of age. It was just good, clean, healthy fun involving the ritualistic abuse of two lab mice. Or Pinky, at the very least.

    The only downside I saw was when they adding the infamous Tiny Toons character Elmyra, who seemed to have used her cameos on Animaniacs as a stepping stone to interfere with Pinky and Brain's plan to conquer the world with humor.

    SporkBot want P&tB DVD now (sans Elmyra, naturally)!
  • Im glad my 2 favorite characters from a really funny cartoon star in their own series. I think everyone should watch it. A classic which shouldn't be forgot by anyone.

    Pinky and the Brain on their own series a good idea. Despite it looking dated it is still enjoyed even now. I was 6 when I first saw it back in 1993 and I still enjoy it now I don't think its old or childish. It is really funny when they dress up as people to take over the world. I found Pinky a bit annoying because he talks alot and doesn't make any sense. Sometimes Brain ran into his enemy Snowball and had to stop him from taking over the world. Make no mistake watch it you won't regretit.
  • Unique, funny and original. What more could you want?

    I like Animaniacs, but I prefer this one myself. It was really good! Two mice trying to take over the world is a weird, yet cool plot which will appeal to a lot of people. Pinky loved to goof around while Brain was trying to cook up schemes, yet he never seems to suceed. I can't remember a lot about it though because I haven't seen it in ages, but I remember that it seriously rocked and the creators should have never have taken it off the air!
    Pinky and the Brain...I will miss you!
  • I love this show each night pinky and the brain try some hair brain scheme to try and take over the world , it was one of the best tv programs ever , it should be brought back

    I love this show , this show from the same people who did tiny toons and animanices comes pinky and the brain one of the best televison shows ever. Each night the dim witted pinky and the intellgent brain who lived in acme labs try each night to try and take over the world. This is full with lots of refernces to modren events , its a show both adults and kids will enjoy
  • Two laboratory mice, one a genius, the other insane, try to take over the world.

    Ok I thought it would count as an "Allusion" to write how Pinky's catch-phrase "Narf!" was also the name of the heroine in M. Night Shamalyan's "Lady in the Water," but evidently I can only write episode allusions, not entire show allusions, so I guess that doesn't apply. Regardless, growing up, I absolutely loved "Pinky and the Brain," as well as the whole Animaniacs crew. But Pinky and the Brain were just so amazing, so ahead of their time, not just mindless slapstick comedy, but true humor you had to think about, at least on Brain's behalf, and Pinky's genuine efforts to help take over the world. I absolutely love "Pinky and the Brain." Narf!
  • YES!!!!

    I am so happy that i got back into this show!! I watched it all the time when i was like three, and I haven't seen it until my dad bought the DVD. He used to laugh all the time, and I didn't understand most of it because it was adult humor, but now I can understand most of it. I love it! The voices of Pinky and Brain are brilliant! I am so happy that I got back into this show! Now, whenever im in the mood for a good laugh, I can just turn on Pinky and the Brain, and I will laugh for hours!
  • One WAs a genius and the other was insanely funny

    This was a really cute comedy series that aired in the late 90's. Brain was always up to some nefarious plot to 'rule the world' and pinky was his unwitting sidekick (and hilariously so). Egad brain and Narf were his famous saying. He was a lot crazy, but loveable at the same time.This cartoon was one of the last to be created that had even the semblance of old school charm (before things became Japanimation and weird hybrid cartoons took over).
  • One is a genius, the other's insane!

    I use to love watching this show on Nickelodeon. I have a DVD of it, and I am happy the DVD has the Cartoon Network version. The Nick version has the Nick logo replace alot of objects in the intro. They're dinky! They're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain! They're laboratory mice, their genes have beem spliced! I love that intro, and I can't get it out of my head. I only watched it on Nick awhile ago, and wished I watched in on Cartoon Network. I don't like the fact objects are Nick logos.
  • This was the second best cartoon WB ever had out in the late 90s.

    You people on here have brought back so many memories about me and this show. THis was actually my second favorite series in this era produced by WB. I don't understand why they cancelled it though. The last time I seen these mice were one or two years ago in a movie with all the classic Warner Brothers (most of them at least) characters in it, racing for some magical wish. However, I always liked the show just becuase of the plot. I liked how Brain had attempts everyday to take over the world and Pinky screws them up. Also, I like how at the end of every episode, how they would say that line, we will try to take over the world another day or something like that and Oinky would ask Brain at the beginning what's your plan today Brain or something like that. Anyway, this was actuallly a kid-friendly show with those two extras in the show. So it definently deserves to at least be reran. Time warner, start showing the reruns of this show and Animaniacs on CN again.
  • A brilliant show about two genetically enhanced lab mice. It follows Brain's plans to take over the world acompanied by his dimwitted sidekick Pinky. Every episode deals with a different plan, and what goes wrong to skrew it up.

    Pinky and the Brain is a spinoff show of Animaniacs, but it is no less entertaining. Pinky and the Brain's unique, and opposite personality work so well together. It is filled with memorable quotes and moments that make you lagh and moments that make you cry. It amazingly keeps the same theme throughout the entire show, without it ever getting old, every episode is fresh. This show is not only entertaining but educational as well. It teaches about historical and literary characters, and also has morals in some episodes. It is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. It is a shame they don't make cartoons like this anymore. Pinky and the Brain may be one of Steven Speilberg's greatest masterpieces.
  • I miss this show soo much!!!!

    The Pinky And The Brain was one of the most bestest show ever!! It was one of my most favrite show on nickelodeon!!This show was really awsome and the characters were totaly cool!! It shouldn't have gone off the air, this show ended too soon and it was on for such a short time. I used 2 watch this show all the time with my neighbor and I miss this show!! They should of brought it back on nickelodeon again, that would have been really awsome and me and other fans of this show could have enjoyed it again!! :-/ It stinks not being able to watch it on tv anymore.
  • A show about two mice attempting to take over the world.

    Pinky and the Brain is a show I would describe as an intellectual comedy. This means that you have to think a bit to understand the jokes it has hidden in normal speech. The two mice attempting to take over the world plot is so versatile as it allows for a lot of interesting situations. The contrast between Pinky, the dumb mouse who says "Poit", and Brain, the smart mouse with plans to take over the world makes the show quite interesting to watch. I wish they would revamp this show so that new younger viewers would watch it. In addition, I reccommend this show to anyone who would appreciate good jokes.
  • 'Lets prepare for tommorow night' 'Why what are we going to do tommorow night Brain' 'The same thing we do every night Pinky try to take over the world!!'

    Oh my god, i think this show is so funny. The show starts off with two 'well one' mice who want to take over the world, and each episode starts the same.
    The way that Brain and Pinky are so differnt makes it quite funny and humerous for most of the family.
  • A great show that I liked.

    This show was a great one and I really liked it. The adventures Pinky and The Brain used to have were great and I liked them. Also this show I used to see it many years ago and it was one of my favorites and it was a great experience seeing this show. Also I grew with this show for being a funny one through many years that it aired.

    The storyline was great and they spent most of their time in Acme Labs in which I think it was a cool place.

    The characters were great and I really liked them because they were really funny and also smart.

    Pinky was a great character and he was the funniest of the show in my opinion and he used to do many things. Also the Brain was great and smart and he was my favorite character of the show and I liked his experiments and plans because they were really great.

    In conclusion for being such a great show I give it a 9.2 superb rating for this review.
  • Two lab mice attempt to take over the world time after time after time. Though they always fail, the attempts are always funny.

    This was a very good show. Pinky is a silly, happy-go-lucky, mindless mouse who has developed his own language (Narf, Poit, Zort, Troz to name a few words). Brain is a clever, ill-tempered, big-headed varmint. They make quite a pair, always attempting to rule the world, but to no avail. A few of my favorite episodes are "Brinky", "Napoleon Brainaparte" and "Brainwashed". To me, this series was great (I can see why WB couldn't contain it in Animaniacs). Though Pinky and Brain never succeded in taking over the world, it was funny to see them try and fail. Although I never really saw the final episode (with some t.v shows, it's hard to see where they begin and where they end), I have a feeling it was the episode "Brainwashed", (it would seem like a good episode to end with, with Snowball being turned back into a normal hamster, the lab being destroyed and rebuilt, and the entire world almost being enslaved, only to be saved by the same to mice who try to take it over). Though the series is over, it still a classic to t.v lovers around the world (even though Brain didn't take over the world, at least he won the admiration of many viewers).
  • Pinky and Brain are 2 lab rats in the acme labs that try to concoct super funny schemes to take over the world with Brain being the genious and Pinky being slightly insanely silly, Well let's just leave it at that a perfect formula!

    Another Warner Brothers hit that they should not have canned. With legendary words like NARF and lines like What are you going to do this time Brain? Seriously WB did it again. Too bad they cancelled this one. Warner Brothers should seriously rethink they're choices... tsk tsk tsk... At least we have other shows right? rigghhhhttt?
  • Eh, take it or leave it, but I loved it.

    Pinky and the Brain is a show I know isn't going to appeal to everybody. I loved it. Pinky was hilarious and always off in his own world. Brain was darker and slightly more unsettling. Both of them together were fantastic. Always a new way to take over the world. Always! The writers were inventive and clever. The dialog was fun, but not great. The best part of the show was guessing how Pinky and the Brain would end up ruined this week.
    As a kid I loved it, but as an adult (same sense of humor, but more realistic) I have to ask "How did this spin off last 3 1/2 seasons?"
  • Awesome cartoon. I love it!!!

    I think this is a great show. I got my first glimpse of Pinky and the Brain while i was flicking through a load of channels on TV in July 2005. Since then I have been addicted. The show has such a good setup: one idiot with one genius. Together they have only one mission: to take over the world! Oh, and have i mention that they are mice, with spliced DNA in their body that makes them able to talk. Between Pinky and Brain, my favourite character is Pinky. I mean, you could never get tired of him. Ever. NARF!!!
  • Adore.

    This show is definitely underappreciated. At first glance, it seems that Brain is the 'smart' one and Pinky is the stupid one. But as you watch you'll see that Brain makes the most elaborate schemes which always fail..and Pinky has all these hidden talents, and the fact that he's totally entertaining. I truly love all his quirky little catch-phrases! Poit!! :) Ahh, also this show is so well written compared to other children's shows. They often have more grown-up references that only the parents of this kids could understand, which probably makes it much more watchable for them. Love the whole idea of the show, completely original.
  • Pinky and The Brain, yes Pinky and The Brain!

    OMG, I love Pinky and The Brain!!!!!!!!! It's so hysterical I laugh until tears come out of my eyes every time I watch it!!!!! Oh, we got these dead lab frogs in Science, and I named mine Pinky. A friend of mine named hers The Brain, so now we have Pinky and The Brain. This show is about two idiotic mice who try to take over the world. The Brain thinks he's smart, but when you get right down to it, he's just as stupid and naive as Pinky. Pinky's just more open about it. I also like when Pinky just shouts "NARF!" at random times. It makes me laugh. :P
  • Clever quips mixed with humorous slapstick and several jabs at celebrities and politicians make Pinky and the Brain an incredibly funny show.

    When I first watched this show about ten years ago, I was too young to really understand the in-depth jokes of the series. Now, ten years later, I look back at Pinky and the Brain and say, "Damn, this show was funny!"

    Starring two genetically altered lab mice, the show follows Pinky and Brain as the latter continually attempts to conquer mankind with ludicrous, yet ingenious schemes. Both characters are well-voiced and play to their roles extremely well; Brain is a highly sophisticated individual, whilst Pinky clearly has his lights on, yet no one home. The way the two interact is truly amusing, and I'd call you a liar if you said you didn't laugh while watching them.

    Though by today's standards its jokes might not be entirely valid, Pinky and the Brain took a big risk in making multiple insults toward celebrities and political figures, such as Bill Clinton, Paulie Shore, and various others. And you know what? It worked: the jokes are extremely clever and seem to be like a lightweight version of what would be shown in Southpark. These are mixed in with other clever jokes that are bound to put a smile on your face.

    If you're ever in need of a good laugh, try to find an episode of Pinky and the Brain to watch. You'll probably laugh yourself to tears.
  • Not as good as the Animaniacs..

    I loved the Animaniacs, and I really do think that Pinky and the Brain was one of the good parts of the show. However, I don't think it was worthy of its own show. I actually think there were other segments of the show that were better. I have to say that I think Pinky and the Brain were a bit over-rated, and that I never understood why they were so popular with everyone, and I don't think I ever will. I am still a die hard Animaniacs fan, but as for Pinky and the Brain.... them I can live without.
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